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By: R Koster, Rob Koster
Jul 20 2020 12:00pm

Many people wanted Containment Priest to be printed into Modern, and they finally got their wish granted. It immediately saw play as well; it showed up in Death and Taxes together with its old-time Legacy friend Thalia, Guardian of Thraben. Completing the party is their friend Eldrazi Displacer. The list I found runs Green, which I did not know was a thing, but this looks sweet to play. For those of you wondering, yes, Eldrazi Displacer and Containment Priest work together in the way you want them to.


I was in doubt about yet another version of Teferi making it into Modern. But Wizards always make sure that Teferi's in all shapes and forms are powerful enough to make it. Teferi, Master of Time has made it into multiple control decks. ZXRogue even played a list with a few other M21 cards in it.

I had never thought about it, but Teferi Tribal is probably the best Tribal deck you can play in Modern. This deck features a bunch of M21 cards in See the Truth, Frantic Inventory and the already mentioned Teferi, Master of Time. If you are a big fan of Teferi, this is where I would start!

Not going to lie, this card was not even close to being on my radar. But at this point, it has been quite universally adopted by EldraziTron players. After I saw it, I first didn't realize why, but that deck always wants more cards and has a ton of Mana lying around. Gaining 4 with Burn as an everlasting tier 1 deck in the format is never a problem either. For those of you who don't know, EldraziTron has a lousy Burn matchup. That's just a thing that comes with sleeving up Tron lands.

EldraziTron won one of the Challenges that happened since Mazemind Tome became available.

Once Stormwing Entity got spoiled, I talked with a bunch of my friends about it being playable in Modern. They laughed at me. I thought they were probably right. I ended up being right, and now I get to tell them all about it. It doesn't see a ton of play by any means, but Spiderspace managed to get a 5-0 with it in the leagues.

The goal here is the same as it has always been for the Prowess decks. But now they get a big flyer as a reward. Blue also gets them Of One Mind, when Red Aggro decks start splashing for card draw, things usually get scary so I wouldn't be surprised at all to see something like this get a big finish outside of the leagues.

Ok, this one might not be seeing a ton of play. But I am playing a ton of it. I've been trying this one out with Young Pyromancer, with (Monastary Mentor), with Gravecrawler and all sorts of nonsense. Maybe I should be trying to build around it entirely instead of just jamming it in Dredgevine and Mardu Pyromancer trying to revive those decks. Village Rites on a Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger, while the escape trigger is on the stack is very nice.

This is the one that everyone has been talking about. I saw people on Reddit talking about a Boggart Harbinger ban for some reason. I don't know what's going on there. But that would be not great. I have played against the deck a few times now, and even though I usually sleeve up pile-of-removal.dec, the deck looked very powerful and impressive. I won't be surprised if we have a new tribal deck at the top of the mountain. With Spirits and Merfolk having fallen by the wayside at this point, having a Goblins deck near the top would be very fun. I just enjoy Tribal decks.

For those of you who don't know. Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker on top of your deck with (Conspicuous Snoop) in play means that it can make infinite copies of itself. It's like a weird Splinter Twin deck that plays an actual deck instead of 3 mana ¼ creatures and Remand.

Quirion Dryad

I used to play this card a ton when Gitaxian Probe was still legal. And no, it wasn't because I was too poor for Tarmogoyf. I regularly got it to be a 10/10. The deck kind of died with the Probe banning and Fatal Push being printed. But I would love for it to be back, just jamming a ton of spells with weird triggers in play is so much fun. We even have Temur Battle Rage around these days for a combo-kill. Even talking about it makes me want to build some sort of Temur Prowess deck again.

I've been playing this one in Elfball myself. However, I'm probably the only one on the planet running the very combo-esque Elfball version of Elves these days. It's just a pet-peeve deck of mine that I love playing. Here is my current list.

First off: Do not take this exact list to anything more significant than an FNM; you will regret it. This deck does a lot of losing in its current iteration, and there is not a soul in sight that isn't prepared for a 1/1 on turn 1 in Modern. If, however, you are looking for something sweet to play, this is a great bet. You draw a ton of cards, do a ton of things, and still might lose! Can it get any more exciting than that? Elves is also seen as the newbie deck, so people won't hate on you taking forever to combo off. They'll probably even help by telling you all sorts of bad lines that won't work. It'll be like having your own Twitch chat! All jokes aside, this deck is a heap of fun, and I couldn't recommend it higher on the fun scale. Just pretend that Plague Engineer has not been printed, and no one knows what a Wrath of God is, and you'll be fine.

Those are the cards that I could find that made it into the format. Did I miss any? Leave a comment and let me know! With the B&R update happening later today, there might be a few more that make it into Modern. Let's hope so because there are still some sweet cards in the set.

For those of you wondering what I hope will happen in the B&R update, just check out a few of my previous articles. I've mentioned it multiple times in those with the reasons why I want those changes to the format.