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By: Nitti, Frank Colvin
Feb 27 2007 1:00am
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     I tend to spend most of my time in multiplayer on MTGO, not only playing games, but also observing new and creative decks that are being brought to the table. I have to say...I've seen ALOT of madness goin on lately. Heh, I thought I was one of the few running around with a madness deck. However,  the more I'm around,  the more I am noticing that I highly underestimated  how many players are kickin it old school madness style!  There are many colors that floss madness in an abundance. With Planar Chaos going online as of yesterday, there are even some new cards to join the madness!
     I have a madness deck of my own that I only recently purchased to join in the fray of abusing this great ability. I actually had this decklist for about a month before I was able to make it a reality for myself.  I'm not gonna lie folks. This deck ran me about 50 tixs to build, but it was worth every single penny I spent on it! Read on and I will show you why.

          First, let's get this decklist out of the way:

UG Madness


4x's Aquamoeba

4x's Arrogant Wurm

4x's Basking Rootwalla

4x's Wild Mongrel

2x's Wonder

Other spell:

4x's Brainstorm

4x's Careful Study

4x's Circular Logic

4x's Deep Analysis

4x's Roar of the Wurm



13 Forest

9 Island


2x's Merfolk Looter

1 Nantuko Blightcutter

1 Acorn Harvest

4x's AEther Burst

4x's Naturalize

2x's Quiet Speculation

1 Ray of Revelation

Circular Logic

     The reason I added Brainstorm and Circular Logic as pics above is to show why this deck is as expensive as it is. Circular Logic is running about 4 bucks a pop and Brainstorm is currently about 2. You can get this deck cheaper if you are able to pay for it using paypal. Now I must admit, the sideboard could be better. However, I am a budget player, hence the budget type build. If one has never experienced before the wonder of what a madness deck can do, you will simply be amazed by its capability  to consistently knock player after player down on turn 5 or 6 wins. I have ran this deck in both, casual, and quite a bit in 2HG.
     Note: This is a classic deck. The reason being is simply because of Brainstorm. However, this a fundamental card in making this deck what it is. The ability to draw for cards you need and place lands from your hand back on top of your libary is very useful indeed.  Since you can only play one per turn, this card  makes it all worthwhile dealing with this being a classic deck!



     Now for those of you whom aren't aware of the madness ability, madness allows you to discard cards and then play them for a lesser casting cost than you would originally have to pay. This is an awesome ability folks! Strategizing when you choose to discard and abuse madness, allows you bring up surprise blockers and sucker opponets into attacking with creatures they normally wouldn't if you had simply hardcasted the creature on your turn. Madness also allows you to not have to chance getting a creature burned off or removed before you even get to use it!
     In my beliefs, this is truly one of the best cards in this deck. Wild Mongrel is a cheap creature as you can see. It allows you to not only; discard a card giving it a +1 +1 counter until end of turn, but also change its color to protect youself from people running creatures with color protection abilities! I don't know about you, but I certainly love the concept of making this creature a "Ninja"  and keepin those color protected crits from bloodying my nose!


 Wild Mongrel

     It should be obvious, that with any kind of deck where you are running discard to make your deck come alive (Example; Threshold), you're also gonna need to be able to put cards in your hand as well. So for draw power; you have Brainstorm, Deep Analysis, and Careful Study. These are excellent draw power cards. Deep Analysis has flashback so you can either, discard it straight to the graveyard and still be able to use it, or you can simply play the spell twice before it is removed from the game! Careful Study allows you to draw and abuse madness to put your powerhouses on the field. It is also a way to get that Wonder in your graveyard to give all your creatures flying! That's a very tough thing to deal with if you are running few or no flyers in your deck as an opposing player!
     The object of this deck should be apparent by now. Discard what you don't need to boost creatures power, discard Deep Analysis to play it for a cheaper casting cost (if you find yourself being mana screwed), and abuse the madness abilities of Arrogant Wurm and Basking Rootwalla to get some heavy damage in quick. You can also discard Roar of the Wurm to play it considerably cheaper than hardcasting it. When I first began using this deck, I found myself holding back on discarding cards I "thought" I needed to keep in my hand. Pffft, I learned my lesson there pretty quickly in a couple games where it cost me my pride in a new deck and the smackdown I love so much to give! Don't be afraid to discard people! This deck is awesome about bringing those powerhouses on the field to kick your opponet's teeth in!
     One last card I feel I should discuss with all of you is Circular Logic. One may ask, "Why would I need this card in an aggro deck?" To put it as simply as I can, it can save your butt in a pinch! And with being able to play it for it's madness ability, you can utilize the most out of your mana for draw and crits. It also tends to trick your opponets into playin something big that you get to smack right back down! My two favorites words with this card: "No Sir!"

                I thoroughy enjoy taking this deck online and playin people with other classic decks. I used to think to myself constantly "Why the hell would I wanna play classic? I don't wanna use that old crap!" But this deck has given me a love for the format I had never forseen online and I hope it will you too. Till next time my friends, keep on keepin on (ROFL! I just couldn't leave without a Ricky Bobby quote!)

















Reckless wurm by Nitti at Thu, 03/08/2007 - 16:07
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Yes as a matter of fact, I have been considering splashing red in the deck to include reckless wurm. It's a fine madness card! And it would be able to be run as an ext deck, that's true. But to be honest, I have no qualms in confidence or the abilities of the deck as is to continue to run it classic for now. One thing I find surprising that not one person has managed to comment on is that this deck doesn't even flaunt one single rare in the main deck! And for the guy who commented that noone plays classic...well you know that is a false statement. ANf fix to see a huge amount of ppl playing classic when 7th rotates out cuz I don't see many ppl losing interest in counterspells! And I for one am most certainly not gonna scrap my wheel and deal deck just because of a rotation of cards....

by The Matador (Unregistered) (not verified) at Thu, 03/08/2007 - 11:53
The Matador (Unregistered)'s picture

Ever thought about going into red with the red arrogant wurm and fiery temper. seems solid enough, imma try to do something with madness in std. you could cut the brainstorms and make an ext version with the red arrogant worm.

good by jenny69 (Unregistered) (not verified) at Wed, 03/07/2007 - 17:08
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well frank for your frist time i think you did a very good job keep up the good work <3

I'm not convinced... by Anonymous (Unregistered) (not verified) at Wed, 03/07/2007 - 17:45
Anonymous (Unregistered)'s picture

" In 1 vs. 1, this deck holds at least a 95% win rate."

There is no way your holding onto a 95% win rate against other classic decks. ALOT is two words btw.

The "Poor" comment... by Nitti at Wed, 03/07/2007 - 10:10
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I have a pretty good idea who did that already Heath. It's fixing to get dealt with too. Funny Amd...You shoulda kept clan matters in the clan, not tryin to put someone down for an honest effort....

Not Bad... by dragonmage65 at Sun, 03/04/2007 - 10:37
dragonmage65's picture

I would have like to have seen a little strategy section on how to play the deck in multiplayer; other than that it looks pretty good. Maybe try something a little more creative next time, but that's just my inner Johnny speaking. Seems like everyone but me talks the language of netdecks ; )

by Nitti at Sun, 03/04/2007 - 12:15
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Wow lol It's here! Anyways...yeah I didn't even think about doing a strategy section for multiplayer. I will remember that in the future. I currently have a couple ideas I'm mulling over in my head for my next article. I don't always plan to write just about decks because my involvement in the community has been pretty heavy for some time now as I'm sure you can remember. But thanks for the input :)

Netdecks. by Dreager_Ex at Sun, 03/04/2007 - 15:50
Dreager_Ex's picture

You can take all but the most rediculous strategies and say they are a net-deck...

I think he did a good job, yah I now that I think of it I would have liked to see a strategy section... Im not sure if brainstorm is worth going into classic for either =/

by Nitti at Tue, 03/06/2007 - 15:14
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Yes...that's true you can take any deck from online and claim it to be a netdeck really unless it's just built that poorly lol Dreager, I did have some concerns myself abot running this deck classic at first, but after using it some, I found it very much worth the risk! In 1 vs. 1, this deck holds at least a 95% win rate.

The deck by Anonymous (Unregistered) (not verified) at Tue, 03/06/2007 - 22:51
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It does not seem like a good deck. And no one plays classic.

RE: The deck by mtgotraders at Tue, 03/06/2007 - 23:29
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If your going to post something like that please go into further detail and don't hide behind the anonymous post like that.

love Commander by RileySavage at Wed, 11/02/2022 - 00:20
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I love Commander and love Draft, but the voting is my least favorite feature ever implemented in spin the wheel an MTGO format.