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Jan 14 2019 5:59pm

I'd say "sharpen your pencils," but this is all digital, so dust off your optical mouse sensors—it's time for some Magic Trivia & Puzzles by your host Cotton Rhetoric! Answers at the bottom.


Wintry Art Swap

Brrrr! These ten winter-themed cards are so delirious from the cold, they've forgotten which art is theirs. Can you match the pictures to their owners?


Commas or Not?

Following are the titles of ten legendary creatures. Five have had their commas removed; five are rightfully missing commas. Which are which?

Arcades the Strategist Arcanis the Omnipotent
Ashling the Extinguisher  Ashling the Pilgrim 
 Ayumi the Last Visitor Azor the Lawbringer 
Balthor the Defiled  Balthor the Stout 
 Baldewing the Risen Dromar the Banisher 


Vowels Only

Following are card titles with only the vowels visible. Can you identify each?

1. _ _ U E E' _      _ O Y

2. _ I _ _ _ E      O _      _ _ O _ E _ _ I O N:      _ _ U E

3. E _ A _ U A _ I O _

4. _ I _ I A _ A      O _      _ _ E      _ E I _

5. _ I _–_ Û _' _      _ A U _ _

6. _ A E A' _      A _ E _ _ E _

7. O _


Mark Twain Awards

Like Mark Twain, some people are highly quotable. Can you sort these 8 orators from most frequently to least frequently cited on Magic cards' flavor texts?

Bible, The ♦ Emily Dickinson ♦ Friedrich Nietzsche ♦ Gerrard ♦

Love Song of Night and Day ♦ Lovisa Coldeyes ♦ Mark Twain ♦ William Shakespeare

And a separate category for these 8 planeswalkers:

Ajani ♦ Chandra ♦ Garruk ♦ Jace ♦ Jaya ♦ Liliana ♦ Teferi ♦ Urza



Each of these 4 cards is one half of an infinite combo. With no third support piece beyond what's needed for their initial casting costs, they might create infinite mana, infinite life, infinite damage, or infinite something else. Can you name each card's missing partner? Some cards may have more than one solution.

Auriok Salvagers   Guilty Conscience   Wake Thrasher   Mikaeus, the Unhallowed


Color Wheel

Of these 10 color words, only 3 do not currently appear in a card title. Which are they?

Azure ♦ Cobalt ♦ Dun ♦ Hazel ♦ Hoar ♦ Indigo ♦ Malachite ♦ Russet ♦ Turquoise ♦ Verdigris



There are currently 25 creatures with Minotaur Warrior on the card type. One of them is also named Minotaur Warrior.

4 of the below 8 warriors are also spokespeople: their card name exactly matches their Oracle type, displayed for your convenience. Which are the 4?


Compound or Not?

Five of these ten card names appear on their card as they do below: a single compound word. The other five appear on their card as two separate words. Which are which?

Torchsong Angelsong
Songstitcher Coldsnap
Morningtide Glazefiend
Arcmage Imagecrafter
Sparkmage Mindslicer


Which is More?

For each pair, which does Magic currently have more of?

  1. Planeswalkers or Swampwalkers?
  2. Draw 7's or Draw 3's?
  3. "You win the game" or "You lose the game"?
  4. Ante cards or Anti- cards? (cards with "Anti-__" in the title)
  5. 3/3s for 3 or 4/4s for 4?
  6. 4/5s or 5/4s?
  7. Instants or Sorceries?
  8. Arcane matters or Legendary matters?


Time's up; put your mouses down! Unless you need them to keep scrolling.




— ♦ — Answers — ♦ —

Wintry Art Swap

Blizzard: A
Hallowed Ground: F
Karplusan Forest: I
Nature's Wrath: B
Snowblind: D
Snowfall: G
Whiteout: E
Winter Blast: J
Winter's Chill: H
Winter's Night: C

  Hallowed Ground  

nature's wrath      Whiteout

Winter Blast    Winter's Night


Commas Or Not?

Only these five should have commas:
Arcades, the Strategist
Ashling, the Extinguisher
Ayumi, the Last Visitor
Azor, the Lawbringer
Dromar, the Banisher.


Vowels Only

  1. Squee's Toy
  2. Circle of Protection: Blue
  3. Evacuation
  4. Liliana of the Veil
  5. Lim-Dûl's Vault
  6. Gaea's Avenger
  7. Ow


Mark Twain Awards

As of this article's printing in January 2019:

Gerrard (45); William Shakespeare (25); Lovisa Coldeyes (21); Love Song of Night and Day (17); The Bible (3); Emily Dickinson (2); Mark Twain (1); Friedrich Nietzsche (0)

And the planeswalkers:

Jace (34); Liliana (33); Jaya (25); Teferi (23); Urza (20); Chandra (16); Garruk (15); Ajani (14)




Color Wheel

Dun, Hazel, and Turquoise are not in any card titles as of January 2019. Some of them, such as Malachite, appear in exactly one card title. One of them, Verdigris, IS a card title! (And it's not too likely a reprint candidate, given the power creep that effect has had since 1997.)



Yes: Lizard WarriorHomarid WarriorOgre Warrior; Viashino Warrior

No: "Cat Warrior" is Elite Cat Warrior; "Illusion Warrior" is Phantom Warrior; "Snake Warrior" is Serpent Warrior; "Angel Warrior" is Warrior Angel. So close.


Compound or Not?

Two words: Torch SongCold Snap, Glaze Fiend, Arc Mage, Spark Mage

Compound words: Angelsong, Songstitcher, Morningtide, Imagecrafter, Mindslicer


Which is More?

  1. Planeswalkers (133) > Swampwalkers (54).
  2. Draw 3's (83) > Draw 7's (33)
  3. You win (26) > You Lose (20)
  4. Ante (8) > "Anti-__" (1)
  5. 3/3's for 3 (125) > 4/4's for 4 (112)
  6. 5/4's (124) > 4/5's (115)
  7. Instants (2,299) > Sorceries (2,057)
  8. Arcane matters (87) > Legendary matters (86) (Cards with Arcane in the title, such as Arcane Spyglass, were excluded from the search, as all 5 of them containing the word Arcane in their rules text are not referring to Arcane cards.) A one-card difference! I'm guessing that Legendary-matters cards will soon take the lead.