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By: ScionOfJustice, Evan Anderson
Oct 27 2014 11:00am
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My favorite format is pauper and in this article I will be writing about my favorite deck in the format, MBC. I've been running this deck for four months but since I made some updates about a month ago, I've gotten better results. This deck has won PCT which is a Player Run Event sponsored by MTGOTraders and hosted by LongTimeGone three weeks in a row. Without further ado, here is my list: 


So now I'll discuss all of the card choices.



Useful for casting black spells.

Barren Moor

Also useful for casting black spells, comes into play tapped so it will set you back on tempo and it does add to your swamp count for Tendrils of Corruption or Corrupt but you can cycle it so it helps to prevent mana floods.

Undying Evil

This is a one of but with a ton of 187 creatures in the deck it works great. The idea target for this is Gary but any creature other than the witches has a 187 ability. For one black mana at instant speed, this card can change the game. By only running one of them it also makes it more difficult for your opponent to want to play around it.

Chainer's Edict

Before VMA I was running other edict effects such as Geth's Verdict, Diabolic Edict and Devour Flesh but the ability to flash this back for seven mana outweighs the lack of instant speed, one life loss to your opponent, or the ability to devour your own guy for life.

Cuombajj Witches

These witches are fantastic. For two black mana you get a 1/3 which can be a great blocker versus goblins and can block ninja of the deep hours but the real important part of the card is its pinging ability. This two drop has the ability to kill Cloud of Faeries, Spellstutter Sprite, tons of different goblins, elves, and white weenie creatures, all while providing two devotion to black.

Sign in Blood

This card really speaks for itself. For two mana and two life you get to draw two cards. Simple card advantage and if the life loss is going to be an issue in the match up like against burn, you can side some or all out.

Wrench Mind

It's no Hymn to Tourach but the Hymn is so great it even sees play in legacy. If your opponent isn't playing artifacts you will often get a simple two for one with this and if you time it right you can get some of their best cards. This card is great against burn if you get it early and that is why we have another in the sideboard.

Crypt Rats

This guy along with his brother Pestilence are great at creating blowouts. If you are playing against a deck that has the strategy of swarm the battlefield like goblins, elves and white weenie, this is the card you are looking to draw. The only downside to that strategy is that is damages you as well, but you can still use this card versus control as a 1/1 that if you gain the life advantage against your opponent, can turn into a fireball.

Phyrexian Rager

A three mana 2/2 that draws you a card for one life. Because it only provides one mana to your devotion and the one life loss can certainly matter in pauper, this is only a three of while we run 4 Chittering Rats, but still, any creature that draws you a card when it comes into play is pretty good.

Chittering Rats

Our other three mana 2/2. This one doesn't draw you a card but makes your opponent effectively not draw their next card, provided that they have cards in hand. If your opponent has no creatures in play and cards in hand, this can effectively read; put a 2/2 rat in play, take an extra turn after this. He also provides two devotion to black and doesn't make you lose life, so we play four of him. When you get a card that can be a time walk, a 2/2 and provides two devotion to black all for three mana, that is a pretty good thing to have in pauper.

Liliana's Specter

This was one of my later additions to the deck due to its anti-synergy with the witches, but it has proved its usefulness. Another three drop that provides two devotion to black, with another 187 ability on it and a 2/1 flying body. This card doesn't play well with the witches but does enable Okiba-Gang Shinobi's Ninjutsu ability being the only creature in the main deck with evasion. This creature is largely in here because of how great it matches up in the meta game, particularly against Delver. This card can block any creature delver plays and trade with them provided they are not called Spire Golem but its ability to make an opponent discard a card makes this a great card versus burn where you want to attack their hand fast.


Oubliette is in here for spot removal that will add devotion. The ideal targets for Oubliette will be creature like Loyal Cathar and Stormbound Geist since exiling it prevents you from having to kill the same creature twice.

Tendrils of Corruption

Removal that gains you life, really good as the games go long and you can kill a Spire Golem and gain eight life. Can be good versus goblins or mediocre versus goblins, depending on whether or not they have a sac outlet. Sometimes you find when you cast this spell, your opponent fearing your lifegain, will expend a removal spell of their own on their own guy, thus a two for one. Also will be used on your own creatures versus burn.


This guy complements our Crypt Rats but adds two devotion, doesn't die to creature removal, doesn't kill itself when used if you have a Gray Merchant of Asphodel in play to avoid having to sacrifice it and can be used to attrition life totals. It is a little slower than the Crypt Rats which is why I went for a one and one split when most other people either run two Crypt Rats or zero.

Gray Merchant of Asphodel

This is the guy that really makes the deck tier 1.  I'm not sure exactly what kind of items this merchant sells and how the people of Asphodel economically interact with a zombie. Anyways everyone who plays against MBC knows that when the MBC player gets to five mana, expect a visit from Gary who will come in and drain your life.  Playing a Gray Merchant is often draining your opponent for six and can totally change the mood of the game.  Being a 2/4 means he is also a great blocker in Pauper and out of lightning bolt range.  Being a zombie means he is immune to Victim of Night

Okiba-Gang Shinobi

The sole ninja in the deck, rat number six.  I used to run two of these guys but with a ninjutsu cost of four and a casting cost of five he can be a little slow.  The triggered ability upon combat damage when he hits is absolutely devastating, especially if you get ninjutsu him in versus a blue player without removal and then just keep turning him sideways while they discard their counters.  Similar things can happen with against Hexproof or Eye Candy if you can kill all of their creatures and they are stuck with their support cards in hand.  His ninjutsu ability also synergizes with your 187 creatures since you'll get to play them again.


This is also a card I used to run more of but having a CMC of six is pretty high and this is a card you want to top deck after the game has gone long and you have a ton of swamps in play.  Great finisher and great at putting some games out of reach for your opponent.


Relic of Progenitus

This card comes in for any deck that abuses the graveyard, but you didn't need me to tell you that.  It can also come in if you want to take a card out but don't know what to put in because you can just cycle it.


This comes in versus delver, eye candy, elves and goblins.  For one mana it kills anything in the delver list except Spire Golem at instant speed.  It can hit a Ninja of the Deep Hours before it hits you after being ninjutsued in, and it can screw with delvers faerie count for their Spellstutter Sprite shenanigans.  Against Eye Candy it can kill their delvers and Kiln Fiend but not their Nivix Cyclops, at least assuming you cast it when they are tapped out.  Against elves and goblins, well you kill a elf or goblin and slow the game down, which is just what you want to do in those matchups.


I bring this in against burn in the hope that I see it in my opener and can get a burn spell out of their hand quickly.  I will also bring it in against teachings to pull any of their threats out or at least make them counter it.  Sometimes I'll bring it in against delver, depending on the build and if I think I can grab a counter with it or not.

child of night

This little guy is largly to come in against burn as it is a two mana must kill for them.  I'll also bring him in if I just want another body as opposed to a spell.

Font of Return

This card has been fantastic.  I bring this in for the grindy matchups, that being Teachings, Izzet Control and the mirror.  Since so many of the creatures are two for ones, this card bring back three creatures is typically enough for shift those long grindy games in your favor.


This card comes in against your swarm creature decks and delver.  Decks that overcommit to the board can get smashed by this and it can also kill Order of Leitbur which otherwise can cause problems. 

Geth's Verdict

More edicts come in against Eye Candy or Hexproof.  Removal that doesn't target is great against those decks, better against Eye Candy but still great against Hexproof.

Cuombajj Witches

The fourth witch is in the board and comes in when she has good targets, so decks running a lot of x/1s.  It is great when you get to kill one of their cards like a faerie and only have to use up the one life that they ping you with.  These ladies often bring delvers tempo to a stall.

Wrench Mind

I'll bring in the third Wrench Mind if I'm going up against a deck like burn where I want to hit as many cards out of their hand before they can cast them or if I'm going up against a control deck where they will have to discard two cards or counter expend a counter on it.

Stinkweed Imp

I bring in the Imp against Delver because a 1/2 flier can eat all of their faeries, and can trade with any creature in their deck because of its combat damage triggered ability.  It is also resilient to counters as you can dredge him back.  If white weenie decks are playing a flying build like some of them do, I'll bring this guy in too.

Choking Sands

I'll bring this in for Ravnica bounce lands and Tron.

Basic Strategy

The basic stratagy of playing MBC in pauper is to neutralize your opponents threats with all of your creature kill and discard, play a bunch of two for ones, gain some life, and finish your opponent off via attacking with creatures, Gray Merchant of Asphodel draining, or a big corrupt.

 I think the best matchup is Eye Candy because we have more creature kill than they have creatures and edicts don't target so their blessings won't save them from edicts.  The worst matchup is probably White Weenie because they can flood the board with tons of creatures that are really two for one creatures like Loyal Cathar, Doomed Traveler and Squadron Hawk and they also have creatures with protection like Order of Leitbur and Guardian of the Guildpact.  I've thought about changing the sideboard to add some Unmakes to it to help out with the Guardians, but I'm not sure what I'd cut. 

Games: On to the Dailies! 

Round 1:

Round 2:

 Round 3:

 Round 4:


And at no additional cost to you, a second Daily!!

Round 1: 

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:


So these were the daily events from Saturday and Sunday.  As you can see I went 3-1 in each, losing to Hexproof and Tron.  I did play in the daily on Friday when I wasn't recording and went 4-0 and took first place.  I do believe that MBC is the strongest deck in the format right now and the results it puts up would confirm that.  I would love to hear your thoughts on the deck, the article and the games and I look forward to making more articles and videos for you in the future. 



Evan Anderson


MuBC by Zero_Protagonist at Mon, 10/27/2014 - 13:44
Zero_Protagonist's picture


I'm so pleased you did this article; I've shamelessly netdecked you for a while!

I saw your results with splashing Blue for Treasure Cruise this past weekend and wondered if you might do a write up for that deck?

I made my own copy of your deck (shamelessly) and hit the tournament practice rooms. I liked it quite a bit, but I felt like I wasn't filling my yard up quickly enough to take advantage of Treasure Cruise.

Thanks for your time.

I did record the tournament by ScionOfJustice at Mon, 10/27/2014 - 18:32
ScionOfJustice's picture

I did record the tournament with Treasure Cruise which I 4-0ed and posted the videos on youtube. In that entire tournament I only cast Cruise in one game and was siding it out in most match-ups. I then slightly changed the deck by lowering the Cruises to three for another mulldrifter, and preceded to go 0-3 the next day. I do like the idea of added some blue to the deck and had been thinking about it for a long time because Mulldrifter is one of the best cards in pauper, Ghostly Flicker has great synergy with all of the 187 creatures, and Cruise is such a good card that is warping all formats and is responsible for the $15 loss in Goyf's value. I will be tinkering with B/u for a while to try and find the optimal version. After I have a version that I think is worthy of an article, I'll probably write one.

Sign in blood to burn by The Milk Man at Mon, 10/27/2014 - 22:51
The Milk Man's picture

Have you ever used your Sign in Bloods to burn your opponent out?

Yes, if I draw them late. by ScionOfJustice at Mon, 10/27/2014 - 22:52
ScionOfJustice's picture

Yes, if I draw them late.

If you want to go fringe by longtimegone at Tue, 10/28/2014 - 05:53
longtimegone's picture

Talking about corner cases, I was milled out via 2 back to back sign in blood in a daily this past weekend after an MBCu control mirror went wrong.