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By: Mikey K159, Michael
Dec 02 2011 7:45am
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Match 1 – The mirror (kind of)

I’m not going to give myself much credit. I honestly don’t think I outplayed my opponent in this match, but I do think I made some mistakes during it. I honestly believe I just drew better than my opponent and that’s what a majority of my mirror matches have been like honestly.


Match 2 – Mono Black Control

This match is a hairy one to deal with, as they have a lot of hand disruption and with cards like Sign in Blood, Unearth (or in this case, grim discovery), Tendrils of Corruption and a big burn spell in Corrupt,  it’s just not that good of a match. It also doesn’t help that they have much more removal then you have answers for. Let’s also mention that all of their creatures either draws them cards or rips your hand apart.


Match 3 – Goblin Deck Wins

This match really isn’t that bad. You have better creatures and plenty of counterspells and bounce spells to get by. After board, between Hydroblast, Piracy Charm and Echoing truth, the match actually becomes a tiny bit easier. You just have to watch out for pyroblast, because a timed blast can blow you out.


Cards to highlight

Stitched Drake – It’s as amazing as I thought it would be. A 3 power flyer with 4 toughness in this format will carry you such a long way; I wouldn’t cut him for anything.

Force Spike – I’m done with this card and I’m leaving it out of the deck for a good long time. I’m sorry but I just don’t like it and it never does enough for me.

Phantasmal Bear – I actually did like this card, it didn’t get to shine as well as I had hoped it would, but I will keep trying this card, as I think it has great potential.

Vapor snag – I’m going to keep testing this card, as it seems like the nuts for this deck.  A bounce spell that makes your opponent lose 1 life after going turn 1 delver flip, or turn 1 bear, seems pretty darn good.


Cards I wish I had in the deck

Daze – I really wish I had this in the deck, but sadly it is almost 40 bucks for a set and I just said no.

Gush – I would love to buy these and put them in the deck but sadly, as I said, everyone is sold out of them.

Cards I considered

Serrated arrows – I like this card a lot for the mirror and poison match. But I just didn’t feel I needed it, and it’s just so slow. I will probably try this card in the future, but for now I don’t think I need it.

Weather seed faeries – If burn was popular, I would probably put 3 of these in my sideboard. They are also good in the UR Cloudpost match, but I’ve been able to beat it without them, so I don’t think I need them all that much.

My Final Thoughts

I Love this deck a lot. Best part is, you can go so many ways about building it and it’s just so powerful. If you want to start grinding the dailies, I suggest 2 things. Pick this deck up, or learn how to beat it.


Well that’s all for now. See you guys next week!


*Tear* by apaulogy at Fri, 12/02/2011 - 14:30
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I love that this is viable. I am also happy that Daze has already gone down to about 6 tix since Masques is going to be released....This kind of deck makes.me.so.happy.

I might actually join a DE with this....

Thanks again, Mikey.

I love facing that deck. It by deluxeicoff at Fri, 12/02/2011 - 20:33
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I love facing that deck. It totally rolls over and plays dead to anything with access to instant 1 damage capabilities..(see lavadart/s.spray and the like). Delver is new, and that is why it's popular...good card, but in my opinion is a TERRIBLE choice over the ALWAYS superior Pestermite...which you can't name a scenerio where you don't want it.. Delver is an awful topdeck turns 2 till the endgame, and is very likely to just stay at a silly Fugitive Wizard in a format that eats those for lunch. This build is great vs. some decks, but most come at the ready, and Echoing Truth is no answer for ETW vs. a good pilot...who will just kill fae/tokens in response.

Hope you don’t mind a by deluxeicoff at Fri, 12/02/2011 - 20:36
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Hope you don’t mind a critique – but by playing with unmatching lands (different artists) and/or foil/nonfoil/diff.art permanents… you’re putting your opponent at a big advantage. Anytime you bounce a permanent, or play something different that what was revealed…it’s as if I get a free duress.

I'm pretty sure you said that by greyes3 at Fri, 12/02/2011 - 20:52
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I'm pretty sure you said that last time he posted vids.

exactly...still valid. I by deluxeicoff at Sat, 12/03/2011 - 04:44
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exactly...still valid. I copy/paste that as so many make the error, over and OVER...