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By: Mikey K159, Michael
Apr 07 2014 12:00pm
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There really isn't much to add with what I have already said in the Deck Tech. Slivers is pretty much what it seems, an aggressive and fast GW aggro deck, when left unchecked, it can be one of the deadliest archetypes in Pauper. Let's check out the matches.


Match 1 vs. The Green One


This match can be a bit interesting because of cards like Skarrgan Pit-Skulk.  They also have all the pump spells!  They can either grind you out with the spells or they can kill you fast with them.  After board you have the advantage with Standard Bearer. Make sure you play around Hornet Sting as well.


Match 2 vs. Perilous Affinity


I can't add too much because I pretty much said it all in the video. But again, this matchup is a grind and they usually come out on top because of the amount of cards their deck is drawing. You have Sidewinder Sliver to help you in combat, but it’s usually not hard for them to play around it.


Match 3 vs. GW Hexproof


Game 1 is just simply a race, whoever wins first wins,(obviously!) there isn't all that much beyond that honestly.  Standard Bearers out of the sideboard, you should be fine, that card makes it awfully hard for them to get value out of their auras. Again, remember to play around Hornet Sting.


Final Thoughts and Updated Deck List.

I will be honest with you all and say that I am not the biggest fan of this deck. I don't think its bad, but I think that other decks in the format such has The Green One and Affinity, basically do what this deck does, but they are more resilient and they can win faster than Slivers can. They also have ways of grinding out their opponents. Since these videos, I have updated the deck list. Let's check them out. 



I didn't make any changes to the main deck because I like it still. If I was going to make any changes it to maybe take out Gods Willing for Thrill of the Hunt, but I still want to try out Gods Willing and see if it is actually good enough.


In the sideboard I added one more Temporal Isolation for just a little more removal and I might even add the fourth one soon. I added a fourth Standard Bearer as well, since The Green One and Hexproof are gaining popularity again.  It at least seems that way after a few more days of testing off camera and I believe they are crucial for these matches. To make these changes I cut Circle of Protection: Red from the sideboard because it seemed like the weakest card.

Well that's all for now. See you guys next time!