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By: Mikey K159, Michael
May 01 2014 11:00am
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My love for this deck probably comes from the fact that I love Zoo decks. It holds its own, though what it lacks in reach from the absence of burn spells, it makes up for with equipment in the form of Bonesplitter and Flayer Husk. Flayer Husk has 2 roles in this deck, serving as another 1 drop creature and also pumping the equipped creature’s toughness, and that can be a big deal in a good number of aggro matches.


Its weakness in my opinion is its lack of a good long game. You're mostly living off the top of the deck, and with only 4 removal spells in the main, you are relying on the combat step to do the work for you. This can be a problem if your opponent has tricks or bigger creatures then you do. All talk aside,   we should check out the matchups!


Match 1 vs BR Tortured Existence

I said in the video, the match is pretty straight forward. If they have Tortured Existence, you are gonna have a bad time, but if they don't, you can be so aggressive that they can't really come back. The problem for Tortured Existence is that all of their creatures are weaker than yours, and without an Existence in play, they can't get card advantage over you.


You have two ways to combat this match.  1 of the ways is to try and make sure they don't have a Tortured Existence in play, so having some Disenchants is a good idea. The other way is you will have to be aggressive, the longer the game goes, the more favored they are because of how good of a late game they have.  Their deck is good at grinding you out. You also don't have much removal, so use it wisely!  They don't have just 1 creature in particular to watch out for, so make sure you use your removal wisely.


Match 2 vs Big Burn

Burn is a tricky matchup because it's basically whoever deals 20 damage to their opponent first.  Honestly they are usually a bit better at it. After board it becomes a bit harder as well because of how your deck is designed, Smash to Smithereens becomes useful and it's both a removal and burn spell, and this can be back breaking. Martyr of Ashes is also a huge problem because it's a Wrath of God which is pretty hard to play around. If you're not playing out creatures, you're not killing your opponent quickly, so you have to play into the Martyr.


If you are going to beat burn, you will need cards such as Circle of Protection: Red in your sideboard, but with such a low number of lands, it's not easy to use it while casting spells. Life gain and damage prevention is also a good idea though, using cards such as Aven Riftwatcher or even just using Prismatic Strands as well. But if you're using cards like Prismatic Strands, watch out for Flaring Pain.  Of course you should watch out for Flaring Pain if you are relying on Cop: Red as well!


Match 3 vs GW Hexproof

Coming in to this match, I was actually a bit scared of facing Hexproof.  I didn't have much to face it. Game 1 against Hexproof is usually in their favor, but your deck is so aggressive that it's possible to race, unless they land an Armadillo Cloak.  You probably have a huge chance of losing because outracing the lifelink is almost impossible.


In the sideboard games however, you have enchantment destruction which can usually just win the game on the spot. You saw in game 2 how the deck can just go oops I win with a couple of enchantments and 2 Ethereal Armor.  You just end up dead. I feel I was the one who lost because I got trigger happy with Patrician's Scorn and I ended up casting it way earlier than I should have. If it wasn't for my mistake, I probably would have ended up being the winner.


Final Thoughts and Updated decklist

I'll be honest with you, I really like this deck. It's aggressive, resilient and because it plays so little land it doesn't usually flood out, which makes it hard for your opponent to win when you are just constantly top decking spells.  A big problem is it falls prey to cards like Smash to Smithereens and Gorilla shaman because your reliant on your artifacts to help win the game,  The deck makes up for it in how aggressive it can be and how fast it can win before the artifact destruction becomes a big factor. Since these recordings I have edited the list, let's have a look.




I didn't change the main deck at all and that's because I feel that the main deck is correct as it is. I feel the numbers are good and the curve is good and I don't think I am really missing anything. A card I did consider to play though was Sunlance because it's a 1 mana removal spell that is good on the curve, but white weenie type decks have been popping up recently and so I am unsure as to how good it will be.


In the sideboard I added Standard Bearer over Patrician's Scorn and 1 Guardian of the Guildpact. I think Standard Bearer is just a better card overall and is much better in a lot of other matches you're going to run into.  It is good against Stompy and The Green one, these decks can be pretty scary without Standard Bearer to help you out. I don't think 4 Guardian of the Guildpact is needed since you only ever need 1 in the end and with 8 equipment, you can end up doing a Voltron scenario and ride 1 Guardian to victory. I also took out Pay no Heed in favor of Prismatic Strands because I believe that Prismatic Strands is just more powerful and even though it costs a bit more mana, the power level should give it the priority.


Well that's all for now, see you guys next time!