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By: romellos, A. Atasoy
Feb 27 2014 1:00pm
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I have started to write about the rogue decks in the Modern nearly one and a half year ago. And my debut at the first Modern Days article was about my journey playing with a Mono Green Stompy deck in the Modern PREs. I’m a huge fan of Mono Green type decks since the beginning and I was wondering about what is the chance of the Mono Green type decks in the Modern format. A casual or they can be ever competitive?                 

Then, Wizards reprints Rancor in the M13 Core set and everything changed for the future of Mono Green decks. At least, I was so thrilled about the Rancor and I have started to brew & test it immediately. And I have found more than what I have expected from that kind of semi-casual deck. As in its core, it is just a simple Beatdown deck without any extra shenanigans. Week followed another week and weeks become months. When I have decided to write about it, nearly Five months have been passed since then.

For a while, everything was all right. Then the winds of change blew stronger with the coming of Return to Ravnica set. And that success rate dropped immediately. More precisely, only one card from the RtR crippled this deck and its name is Deathrite Shaman.

                                                                            Deathrite Shaman

Deathrite Shaman was single-handedly neutralized the combat efficiency of Kitchen Finks & Young Wolf & Strangleroot Geist and even worsen the situation with an extra 2 Life gain over this. And he was nearly everywhere. Now, he is no more and this changes everything.

Once again, I have found myself brewing Modern Stompy decks with some new additions & new approaches, I have got on my mind since the last time. And today, I will review not one, but two Mono Green Stompy decks variants with different interpretations at the CMC curve.

My first deck is basically embraced the philosophy of the old school Stompy decks; cheap & fast.


The CMC curve is mostly concentrated in the One CMC range with the support of few Two & Three CMC cards.

Llanowar Elves  Elvish Mystic

Llanowar Elves and Elvish Mystic are our base ramp up accelerators for the early turns.  In later turns, they can join the ranks with the support of Pendelhaven or Rancor as the expendables.  At the beginning, I was thinking to proceed with Noble Hierarch in this spot. Then, my test games showed me that these 1/1 Mana elves can benefit more than the Old Lady on the aggressive side. 

Experiment One  Nettle Sentinel

Experiment One started his career as a Wild Nacatl wannabe. At some point, he even managed to exceed her in the GRuul Zoo decks. Now, Wild Nacatl is back in show and we’ll see how the things will go for the Experiment One.

Nettle Sentinel is one of the new additions in this deck based on his indispensable place on the Pauper Stompy decks. We have lots of cheap Green spell options, so his restriction won’t be an issue for us.

Dryad Militant  Young Wolf

This deck has some main deck graveyard hate options that we can rely on in this current meta. And Dryad Militant is one of them, with her extra hate to stop the re-utilization of any Instants & Sorceries that went to the graveyard.

Young Wolf is another really effective One CMC creature with its Undying pop up. Just enchant Young Wolf with a Rancor and attack aggressively as a Spark Elemental without any care.

Strangleroot Geist  Scavenging Ooze

Strangleroot Geist is a superior creature with its Haste & Undying abilities at the Two CMC curve. It will provide us the aggressive continuum, we seek in the matter of Power &Tempo. 

I believe that Scavenging Ooze will become one of the key cards in the future environment. As, Scavenging Ooze has a very similar ability as Deathrite Shaman has, against the graveyard manipulations. And this joker answer will be always handy to solve many of the existing questions.

Scryb Ranger  Slaughterhorn

I know, Scryb Ranger is not a Quirion Ranger, but will present very similar outcome, with an extra Flash, Flying and Pro. Blue. There is no harm to try Scryb Ranger as a silver bullet in this deck.

Slaughterhorn is one of the best representatives of the Bloodrush mechanic together with the Ghor-Clan Rampager. As a creature, Slaughterhorn is mediocre. But, its One Mana Bloodrush ability for a +3/+2 boost is quite effective. And also we can always hard cast & utilize Slaughterhorn as a creature, whenever we need it.

Rancor  Vines of Vastwood

Rancor is still the best Green Aura spells that ever printed, and the glue factor for any kind of Stompy decks.

Vines of Vastwood is here to provide us some extra protection against unwanted spot removal spells or pump our creatures with an aggressive edge.

Dryad Arbor  Pendelhaven

Dryad Arbor is basically another Llanowar Elves variant creature under the Land shell. We are used to see the combination play of Dryad Arbor & Green Sun's Zenith. But this doesn't mean that, it won't be useful in any other decks. There are bunches of alternative ways to bring it into play, like; Fetchlands or Knight of the Reliquary. On this deck, Dryad Arbor will follow the same game plan of LE and EM. 

Pendelhaven is another new option that I'm testing in my both Stompy decks. I saw how good Pendelhaven was on the Infect type decks and I wanted to get similar extra value for the combat with its +1/+2 boost for our 1/1 creatures.  We have wide 1/1 creature selection that can get this benefit most of the times. 



My second Stompy deck brew is lightly sliding to the Green Midrange side with a higher CMC curve than the first version. This deck is also using the same fundamental creature base at the One & Two CMC range with some slight adjustments to increase the ramp up factor.

Noble Hierarch  Llanowar Elves

Noble Hierarch will continue in her role as a ramp up provider as it was in the previous version of this deck. Actually, Noble Hierarch is not a must card in this spot, as we also have access to Llanowar Elves & Elvish Mystic that can easily replace her. The only merit of Noble Hierarch, is her Exalted trigger to provide some extra buffs during the early turns.

Normally, Noble Hierarch should be enough to provide a satisfying Mana accelerator. But, there is a risk that we can face, a bottle neck situation at the Three CMC range. So, I include two Llanowar Elves as an extra Mana guy to increase our chances.

Kitchen Finks  Boon Satyr
Kitchen Finks is a staple card in this second Stompy version to provide longevity and board consistency.

I was eagerly awaiting for a chance to test Boon Satyr in a proper Stompy deck, since it has been spoiled. At first sight, Boon Satyr may not seem that much fascinating as a choice for Three CMC spot. Competition in this range is really strong and there are attractive options, like; Groundbreaker, Dungrove Elder, Leatherback Baloth, Troll AsceticPredator Ooze or Great Sable Stag.
Even that, I’m %100 behind this card as Boon Satyr has really aggressive body for a fair price with the element of surprise factor. I believe that, his true value comes from the Bestow. When we use it at the right time & on the right creature (with Rancor on it), this can be a game changer with its boon for +4/+2 as a Flash. And, we can easily utilize his Bestow for Five Mana most of the times with our well enough resources.

Boggart Ram-Gang  Groundbreaker
I could clearly say that, to choose Boggart Ram-Gang wasn’t an easy call for me as it was for the Boon Satyr. I was in a dilemma, whether to choose Boggart Ram-Gang or Groundbreaker. Then, I decided to follow the consistency path. In my previous versions, I was using Dungrove Elder to be effective even during the late game stages. And it was amazing with its Forest synergy. This time, I want to see the contribution of Haste factor to the Stompy decks at the general point of view.

Garruk Relentless  Garruk, the Veil-Cursed
I always like to have some board control options in the Mono Green decks. And Garruk Relentless is a very good asset in that regard with his Fight & Token summoning abilities. Even, his Ultimate can be a superior Overrun in such decks like this one.


My Sideboard choices are mostly against the top decks of the current meta, without much answers for enchantments or artifacts.

Ulvenwald Tracker  Dismember

Ulvenwald Tracker is a cheap option that will help us to maintain the board control with his repeatable Fight ability.

Dismember is another board control option that we can rely on as a spot removal. Normally, 4 life drawback could cause us some game threatening issues. But, this time I'm also running two Overgrown Tomb on the main deck to utilize my Black sideboard cards without any concerns.  

Relic of Progenitus  Surgical Extraction

Together, Relic of Progenitus and Surgical Extraction will provide us a huge advantage against any kind of decks that embraced the graveyard based strategies.  

Defense Grid  Damping Matrix

I always like to rely on general sideboard options for my different decks and the artifact based ones are the best in that regard. Damping Matrix can be very useful against the Pod,  Affinity or Tron type decks with its global locking effect. While, Defense Grid provides quite wide answer against the majority of the rest control type decks that equipped with Counterspell type permission strategies or spot removal & damage effects.



It was fun and a little nostalgia to play with the Mono Green Stompy decks again after a year. I always loved this archetype and I will definitely re-visit it again, time to time. 

I will return with a Red deck within the Snows. See you next time in the Modern Days...


I see you're re-oriented by Kumagoro42 at Thu, 02/27/2014 - 16:09
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I see you're re-oriented yourself towards the lower part of the curve. Good, because I'll have a 5-color midrange feast coming up tomorrow :) (5 colors as in 5 different monocolored decks).

And you didn't mention it, but Boggart Ram-Gang is relevant these days because of those GGG (or RRR) in its cost.

I find that Dungrove Elder in real game scenarios is rarely as amazing as one would think. Considering 1/4 of your lands in that builds aren't forests, how big would the Elder be when you drop it? Probably a 2/2, becoming a 3/3 or 4/4 in late game. To me it's only worth it in builds with all forests and some way to accelerate into more land drops.