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By: romellos, A. Atasoy
Apr 02 2014 12:00pm
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      Hello everyone. For quite some time, I wanted to brew a full throttle Death and Taxes deck for Modern with much more taxing options. I have tested some versions with different creature card variations and results were satisfyingly same. So far, so good for a Death & Taxes deck. But that wasn't the point that I wanted to reach. As I was looking for something more aggressive in the matter of taxing side. So, I have decided to change the core engine of this deck type by removing AEther Vial and main deck Suppression Field instead.

                                               Æther Vial    Suppression Field

AEther Vial is a great card that is providing huge tempo boost with a Flash advantage, which current Modern Death & Taxes decks are heavily utilizing with flickering creatures.

Yet, Suppression Field is all that I was looking for, regardless of its tempo drawback. As Suppression Field will make it up with its extra taxing effect for all activated abilities. At first sight, this may not seem much, but believe me, it is. This card will single-handedly help us to slow our opponents, who are playing with various of Fetchlands or it will hose some of the top contenders like; Melira Pod, Kiki Pod, Affinity, Splinter Twin or Tron decks. And we also have some other elements in this deck that perfectly unison with the Suppression Field.

Today, I will review two versions of this deck that differentiate at the budget criteria. Here is my first version without any budget restrictions...


Suppression Field is our first brick in this wall that is followed by many other creatures with taxing effects. I wanted to fully utilize this concept and include some underrated options that we don't see much in Modern environment.

Phyrexian Revoker  Grand Abolisher

Yes, Phyrexian Revoker is a walking Pithing Needle, that will basically shine against the Pod, Splinter, Affinity decks. Yet, who knows when we are going to need its pinpoint locking against some other rogue builds too.  

I'm still not %100 sure about Grand Abolisher as a main deck option as his importance may vary based on what deck we are playing against. Grand Abolisher will be most effective against the Control or RDW type decks. Overall, this is another underrated card that easily can see some plays as a SB card. 

Thalia, Guardian of Thraben  Glowrider 

Thalia, Guardian of Thraben is the Queen of this deck. I have played with Thalia in Legacy, Classic, Modern and Standard and never get disappointed. This card is obviously pushed as an improved Glowrider. Perfect card for such any Hate decks. She is the living nightmare of Pyromancer Ascension & Control decks.

Leonin Arbiter  Aven Mindcensor 

Leonin Arbiter is another major taxing corner of this deck that neutralizes the Library search effects, unless pay two more extra mana per Leonin Arbiter in the play. And imagine this perfect Storm, when its combined with the global taxing lock effects of Aven Mindcensor and Suppression Field. Is that all we can do? Of course not.  

Tectonic Edge  Ghost Quarter

We also got full playsets of Tectonic Edge and Ghost Quarter on the main deck to Wasteland or Strip Mine our opponent's lands. Just, don't forget that their land destruction abilities will also cost more due to the Suppression Field. It will worth it.

Blade Splicer  Kitchen Finks

Nearly all the creatures with Taxing effects have one major common point that they are mostly sucks at the combat. They will do their jobs, but this won't be enough to win the games. As, we also need beaters or at least aggressive options that will provide very similar results.

In that matter, this deck will also utilize some midrange creatures with ETB effects that we can abuse several times with Restoration Angel or Flickerwisp. Blade Splicer will provide us extra muscle, while Kitchen Finks contribute to keep us alive.

Brimaz, King of Oreskos

Brimaz, King of Oreskos is indeed a true Lion King that will provide an undeniable aggressive edge with his Vigilance & token summoning at both attack and defense phases. Huge value for just a Three CMC.

Restoration Angel  Linvala, Keeper of Silence

Restoration Angel is the heart of this deck as she will help us to protect our creatures or will re-utilize the ETB effects of Blade Splicer & Kitchen Finks duo with her Flash bonus. Regardless of these advantages, Restoration Angel is still one of our main beaters as a 3/4 creature with Flying.

Linvala, Keeper of Silence will deliver the final blow with her unconditional lock for all the activated abilities of creatures that our opponent controls. Another wind in the storm.


And, here is the second version of this deck that is shaped based on the budget criteria.


This version is also following the same footsteps as the first one. There are only a few minor adjustments at the creature base.

Dryad Militant  Flickerwisp

Dryad Militant was actually in my first deck list for a while. As, she is providing direct graveyard hate options against the Control or Pyromancer Ascension type decks.

Flickerwisp may not be a Restoration Angel, yet it is something that very close to it. It is a very common thing to see this duo together in the Modern Death & Taxes decks.



Finally, here are my Sideboard options against various of the common threats that we could mostly face.

Kataki, War's Wage  Stony Silence  Patrician's Scorn

Affinity and Tron decks are heavily utilizing artifact strategies and in that matter Kataki, War's Wage and Stony Silence will be key solutions against them as combined or separately.

We get used to the artifact menace for some quite time. But, these days enchantment based decks are also in favour that can catch us off guard. I think, it's time to get prepared for them and Patrician's Scorn is an excellent option in that regard with its free spell possibility. 

Blind Obedience  Imposing Sovereign  Rest in Peace

Recently, I have included Blind Obedience to the SB section of my Kiki-Pod deck against the mirror games. And I can clearly say that, I have amazed how Blind Obedience is effective versus Splinter Twin or Kiki strategies, that completely shuts them down. It is also useful against the Aggressive, RDW or Control decks with Extort mechanic & Kismet effect. As a creature equivalent, you can also try Imposing Sovereign in this spot.

Rest in Peace is a very solid option to stop any kind of graveyard shenanigans. It's already become a format staple. 

Ethersworn Canonist  Rule of Law  Mirran Crusader

Ethersworn Canonist is here as another direct hoser card against the Pyromancer Ascension decks. I mostly prefer to run Ethersworn Canonist as a creature option, instead of Rule of Law.

Mirran Crusader will be effective SB substitution against the aggressive Naya, Jund or Rock type decks, which are running lots of Green and Black creatures.




                                                  Mother of Runes   Mother of Runes

Currently, Combo type decks are the most dominant decks in the Modern environment, that are followed by the Control decks. And this dominance continued, even after the un-banning of Wild Nacatl and Bitterblossom.

Solution of whatever the aggressive decks or at least the aggressive decks with W/x needs may present itself in the future. Or, the obvious answer may lie in the past. This happened before, with the reprint of Rancor in the M13 Core set. So, even as a slight dream, I dare to hope for a reprint possibility of Mother of Runes in the Standard. One day, when everything is ready...

See you next time in the Modern Days with a rogue Mono Black Pod deck that corruptNykthos with its devotions to Black...