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By: romellos, A. Atasoy
May 08 2014 12:00pm
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     Hello everyone and welcome back. Workshop type artifact decks are part of MTG for a long time. We all have faced these kinds of decks at some point of our lives that are powered with various of cheap and broken acceleration or taxing effects that are carrying on Mishra's legacy to these very days.

    Mishra's Workshop  Mana Vault  Sphere of Resistance  Tangle Wire

Artifact themed decks are especially continuing to be dominant in the Eternal formats, maybe except in Legacy, where any kind of wildest dream can come true. But what about Modern?

Currently there is only Affinity deck as a proud representative of Artifact themed decks in the Modern environment, which is also quite competitive in the matter of Modern meta.

Today, I'm going to review a midrange rogue artifact deck for Modern format that follows the footsteps of workshop type decks. Here is my Forgemaster deck...


We have several creature based mana acceleration factors that will work to support or reduce the huge CMC requirements of our artificial army.

Vedalken Engineer  Etherium Sculptor 

Vedalken Engineer is actually quite amazing as a walking Mishra's Workshop for two mana for any artifact spells or abilities. Vedalken Engineer is one of the core members of this deck.

Etherium Sculptor is another interesting fellow as a pseudo lord for artifacts to reduce their CMC by one colorless mana per Etherium Sculptor in play. And it will become fantastic when in unison with Grand Architect's mana ability to hit two birds with a one stone.

Apprentice Wizard  Grand Architect  Soldevi Machinist

Normally, Blue color pie doesn't get any kind of mana acceleration ability very often and when it gets, it will be mostly for the Artificers to get their trinkets. And this makes Grand Architect one of the Blue color's unique lords that grants an Honor of the Pure effect for Blue creatures we control and also provides two colorless mana per tapped blue creature for the artifact spells or abilities. This guy is simply amazing in such a dedicated deck!

Myr Superion  Precursor Golem

Myr Superion is our budget Tarmogoyf.  It is here to provide us protection and some aggression for the early turns. We can easily bring it into play with the help of Vedalken Engineer, Etherium Sculptor or Grand Architect, but it won't be sooner than turn three or forward.

Precursor Golem will bring us nine power with just a five mana investment. I know, one Lightning Bolt can ruin our plans, but the gains outweigh this risk. Also, Precursor Golem is quite crucial to our Forgemaster plan.

Kuldotha Forgemaster  Myr Battlesphere

Kuldotha Forgemaster is the main engine of this deck.  It will help us fetch an artifact from our library. Its fetch ability can be handy with its toolbox potential to get the right option for any kind of situation scenarios. Kuldotha Forgemaster is perfectly operates with the Precursor Golem or Myr tokens without any significant loss.

Myr Battlesphere is another win-win card with its huge body and Myr companions.  We can either go big with the Battlesphere, or we can sacrifice to the Forgemaster to bring more colossal resources into play.

Steel Hellkite  Wurmcoil Engine

Scars of Mirrodin block brought us lots of powerful artifact creatures. For some reason, most of those creatures are still under the radar.  They see no play or in some cases have fringe applications in the casual rooms.  Steel Hellkite is one of those underdogs, still.

Personally, I really like to play with this steel dragon as it can be a quite bomb with its one sided Engineered Explosives ability.  Time and time again I have used this effect to great profit against our opponent's board.

We all know what Wurmcoil Engine can do as the phantom sixth member of the Titan generation. Basically, it is perfect.

Sundering Titan  Blightsteel Colossus

Sundering Titan is here as a killer card against the multicolored Pod, Zoo or Control decks to slow or ruin their progress.   The best part is that we can use this semi-Armageddon trigger twice with our Forgemaster engine!

Blightsteel Colossus is our ultimate win condition!  We will only need one strike to finish the game. Blightsteel Colossus will reach to its inner perfection when we manage to combine it with Lightning Greaves.

Chalice of the Void  Lightning Greaves  Fabricate

One of the main weaknesses of this deck is to preserve the board against the aggressive decks during the early turns.  In that regard, Chalice of the Void will help us to stop any kind of these strategies permanently. 

Lightning Greaves is here to protect our engine cards or grant Haste to our colossal finishers.

Fabricate will help us minimize the bad luck factor. It will ensure we get what we want whenever we want it.

Finally, here are my colorless Sideboard options against the most common threats that we can face.

Relic of Progenitus  Grafdigger's Cage  Batterskull

I always find it safe to have some answers against the graveyard themed decks. Relic of Progenitus can be an effective global solution against those strategies with a cantrip bonus. Otherwise Grafdigger's Cage is another excellent option that we can utilize in this spot.

Batterskull will support us as a little brother of Wurmcoil Engine against the aggressive decks.  Lifelink & Vigilance are huge here as it allows us to attack, gain life, and stay back to block. Virtually, its Germ token is immortal, but the reality is a different animal. Most of the times Batterskull will be a 4/4 creature that will leave an equipment behind when it dies.

Damping Matrix  Torpor Orb

Damping Matrix is effective against Pod, Splinter Twin, Tron or Affinity decks.  Its locking effect will also cripple our Forgemaster plan.  Use it with caution.

Torpor Orb will be effective against any deck that heavily depends on the ETB effects such as Pod, Splinter Twin or WUR Control decks.

Defense Grid  Thorn of Amethyst

Defense Grid will earn us the time we need with its taxing effect against the Instants & creatures with Flash ability that will pop up during our turns.

Thorn of Amethyst will give us another edge against the Pyromancer Ascension based combo deck.  It will also help out against Control decks with its taxing effect for any noncreature spells. 


Modern Days will be on hiatus for a time being as lots of exciting things are happening and I would like to focus on Standard for the next few weeks.   I would like to take a look at my Standard Budget series.

Until then, see you next time in the Modern Days...