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By: TugaChampion, Guilherme Carmona Alexandrino
Apr 09 2015 12:00pm
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Playing the same list as the previous one:



I played Visions keeping Leak on top and sending a land to the bottom. He Thoughtseized me and took Izzet Charm leaving me with lands and Mana Leak. I Leaked his Scavenging Ooze and his Liliana. We both played nothing but lands for a few turns as I had drawn only lands and Scapeshift. He destroyed one of my lands with Tectonic Edge and even after finding white mana, he didn't even play it untapped. He drew Liliana when I had 5 lands in play and 2 more in hand alongside Scapeshift so I was in a bad spot now. I drew Remand and played my land. He simply upped Liliana and passed and I drew a land which would be enough to win but as it was the sixth Mountain, I could only deal 12 to him. I still think I had to do it because when Liliana reaches the ultimate it's game over in this situation. At this point I just had to find a Bolt or Electrolyze before he could kill me. I drew Visions which got me a useless Remand but saw another Visions and Snapcaster. He put Liliana to 7 and I discarded Remand. I played Visions drawing Snapcaster and putting 2 useless card on the bottom. I played Snapcaster right away to flashback Visions but I think I should have waited. In the worst case he draws a removal spell and when I respond to him activating Liliana by playing Snapcaster, he kills it. But if he doesn't draw removal or if he draws something like Rhino, it's much better as I win right there, just like I win if he draws nothing. As I did it, he could simply make me sacrifice Snapcaster with Liliana. Visions drew me a land and sent 2 more useless cards to the bottom. On his turn he ultimated Liliana and put Snapcaster plus 3 Stomping Ground in one pile, which was the one I kept in play. I drew an Island and he had Path to survive. Since I had an Island in hand I shouldn't have searched for a land as it shuffled back all the cards I put on the bottom with Scry. A couple turns later of both drawing lands, I drew Bolt and won.



I saw a hand with lands and Snapcaster which is not good enough and kept 4 lands, Search and Baloth. He took Search with Thoughtseize and I drew a land. He played Tarmogoyf and I drew Cryptic. He attacked for 2 and passed without playing a land. I drew Scapeshift, played a land and passed. He drew his third land and played Fulminator Mage killing one of my lands. I drew another Scapeshift and had to pass again. He played Lingering Souls and put me down to 13. I drew and played Sakura and passed. He played another Lingering Souls, attacked and I blocked Goyf and got a land. I drew Harvest Pyre and passed my turn. He played Inquisition which I decided to Cryptic to counter and tap. He also had a Thoughtseize that took a Scapeshift. I drew a land and killed Goyf with Pyre. I also played Baloth but I probably shouldn't have because if he had Liliana I most likely lose the game and if he played land and flashbacked both Lingering Souls I could draw a land and win but if I didn't draw a land I would just play Baloth to survive one turn. He only had yet another Lingering Souls and attacked me down to 10. I drew a second Scapeshift and attacked with Baloth, which he blocked. He put me to 5 and flashbacked Souls but I drew Sakura and that was enough to win.



He started with a turn 1 Faithless Looting discarding Bloodghast and Vengevine. Visions drew me Sakura and I put land on bottom and Cryptic on top. He played a land getting back Bloodghast and played Satyr Wayfinder getting a land and dumping nothing relevant in the graveyard. I played Sakura and passed. He attacked, I blocked Bloodghast and searched for a land. He flashbacked Looting discarding Golgari Grave-Troll and Darkblast. I played another Sakura and passed with Remand up. He dredged Troll putting 2 Bloodghast in the graveyard and played Lotleth Troll which I didn't want to Remand because it would get him Vengevine back if he had another land. He attacked and again I put Sakura in front of Bloodghast and got a land. After combat he played another land getting back 2 more Bloodghasts and passed. I drew Electrolyze and passed. At my end step he discarded Grave-Troll to his other Troll and dredged it on his draw step getting a Looting in the graveyard. He discarded Troll again and flashbacked Looting but I Remanded that. He attacked with everything and I killed two for his 2/1s just to prevent 4 damage and draw a card. For some reason the replay only shows one Bloodghast dying. He played a land and passed. I had found Scapeshift so I played it and won. The replay got messed up so it doesn't show me actually winning and that's probably because it was already broken after Electrolyze went wrong.



He started with Thoughtseize and took Sower over Cryptic and Leak. He played land and Gravecrawler. I played land and passed after drawing Baloth. He attacked, played Looting which I Leaked and played a land. I drew Scapeshift and passed after playing a land. He played Vengevine and attacked. I drew Harvest Pyre and played Baloth. He flashbacked Looting and attacked with Vengevine which I didn't block. He played Thoughtseize taking my Cryptic and passed. I drew and played Peer which found Cryptic and since he was at 10 I attacked him. He attacked and I killed his Vengevine with Pyre, although maybe I should have allowed it to live and save Pyre for an Angler which I thought he had because he discarded one in the previous turn. He did have the Angler but he also had Pulse to kill my Baloth. I drew Search but I didn't want to play it because I wouldn't be able to have Cryptic on his turn and I didn't want to suspend it either as that prevents me from winning if one of my next two draws is a land. I tapped his creatures with Cryptic and found a land there so on my turn I played land, Search and Scapeshift for the win.



I started with Visions which drew me a land and saw Mountain and Peer and kept both. He played Gitaxian Probe, land and Glistener Elf. I played land and passed. He played Blighted Agent which I Remanded. I used Remand instead of Leak there because Remand is the worst counter against them as everything is very cheap and countering his 2 mana creature on turn 2 is probably the best it's going to be, except maybe against a Become Immense. He played Agent again which I Leaked leaving Mountain up. He played Mutagenic Growth paying life on his Elf and put me to 4 poison. I drew a blue source but I didn't want to start using Cryptic yet and I needed to build my mana so I played Sakura and passed. However he had Distortion Strike and Might of Old Krosa to kill me.



He played Glistener Elf which I Bolted on my turn. He played Spellskite. I played a land and passed and he played Wild Defiance which I countered with Izzet Charm. I drew Electrolyze which was perfect on his turn because he played another Elf and Agent and I killed them both as Spellskite doesn't do anything when Electrolyze has two targets. But, as usual, Electrolyze messes up the replay and his Elf didn't die on the replay. After that everything is messed up. I know he played another Spellskite and I used Pyroclasm to kill at least one creature plus the token from Swan Song. Eventually I was able to win with Scapeshift.



He played Elf on turn 1 and I suspended Search. He had Spellskite on turn 2 and I drew another Search and passed the turn playing only a land. He played Noble Hierarch and Distortion Strike putting me to 4 poison. I resolved Search, played Visions drawing Cryptic and seeing Explosives and land on top. Sadly I couldn't play Explosives for one on that turn and I ended up losing to him seeing my hand with Probe playing Might of Old Krosa. I think I played this game really poorly. I should have started by playing Visions on turn 1 and another on turn 2 as well as suspended Search. I'm not even sure I should keep this hand but if I do I need to play Visions first as he's faster than me and if I survive I'll probably have time to play the ramp spells later.



He started with Delver and flipped it right away with Visions. However he did not find a land after playing Visions and Probe. I passed with Leak up and he still couldn't find a land. He Bolted me at my end step and attacked me down to 8. At my end step he played Thought Scour milling Murderous Cut, showing he's also playing black. He finally found a land, attacked and passed. I tried to bounce his Delver with Cryptic but he had Deprive. I played land and Sakura and passed with Leak up. He replayed his land and attacked me down to 2. I sacrificed Sakura and on my turn played land, tapped all my mana and played Scapeshift. He used Thought Scour to draw a card and allowed Scapeshift to resolve and I won.



He played land and passed while I suspended Search on turn 1. On his second turn he Probed and passed without playing anything else. I played Sakura and passed. He still played nothing and I sacrificed Sakura. Search also resolved and after playing my land I just needed two more to win. He drew a land and played Snapcaster to flashback Probe. I drew another Scapeshift so I used my own Snapcaster to flashback Search. He played Blood Moon and attacked. I traded and on my turn I drew a land. I played Explosives for 3 and passed. He played Young Pyromancer which I Bolted on his end step and I also cracked Explosives. On my turn I played Scapeshift, he tried to Deprive but I had Izzet Charm and won. I didn't really expect Blood Moon out of a Grixis Delver but in the future I'll keep in mind they can also play it. I had the Explosives so I was fine but it could have turned an easy game into a difficult one or even a loss.

I was able to 3-1 this one. I had two close games against Junk that I was able to win, despite making 1 misplay each game, and round 2 was probably the easiest one. I lost against Infect which I think is one of my worst match ups. The games on the draw are really hard and it didn't help that I played the last game very badly. And I won the last round against a Grixis Delver that was mana screwed the whole match. I do think the match up against Delver decks is favourable to me but obviously it would have been harder if we had played real games. I think game 1 he was unlucky but game 2 he kept a bad hand. I hope you enjoyed this.