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By: TugaChampion, Guilherme Carmona Alexandrino
Apr 23 2015 12:00pm
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Still with the same list from the last one:



We played draw go for a while and I saw that I was playing against UWR control. I used a fetch on the end of his third turn and he played Shadow of Doubt which I Leaked. He Bolted me at my end step. On the following turn, he played Tectonic Edge and destroyed my only green source right away but in response I tapped it to cast Peer taking a Cryptic over 2 Remand and a Bolt. We resumed the draw go until he played Mantis Rider. I Remanded it and he tried to Remand his own Mantis Rider but I Leaked his Remand. I was doing well in keeping him without a threat but I had no green mana or Scapeshift so I was far away from winning. I did find one green source soon and he played Restoration Angel at my end step. I used Cryptic to counter it and he Helixed me. In his turn he played Rider attacking me down to 10 and I drew Sakura which I played. He attacked for 3 and I sacrificed Sakura getting a Forest and used Cryptic to bounce his guy at his end step. I drew Visions which found Search and saw Pyre and Bolt. I left the Bolt on top to deal with his flier. He used Helix to put me to 4 and played Rider. I played Snapcaster to try to Remand it but he had his own Remand. I played Electrolyze on him drawing Bolt which I used to kill the Rider. The replay once again shows that Electrolyze is too good because it deals about 1000 damage. I was able to find Scapeshift soon and won the game.



I played Sakura on turn 2 and he Bolted me on my end step so in response I sacrificed Sakura. I drew Visions and played it drawing a land and putting two more on the bottom. He played Snapcaster to Bolt me again and I killed his creature with my own Bolt. He played a land and passed and I drew and played Search. He Bolted me again. He played Tectonic Edge and we kept playing draw go. He didn't have a sixth land while I had only lands and Scapeshift. I drew Cryptic Command and he played and flashbacked Think Twice on my end step. He found a land and passed and I drew yet another land. He played Restoration Angel at the end of my turn. I tried to Cryptic it but he Remanded his own Angel. He passed and I drew Mana Leak and he played his Angel with 3 mana up. I drew 2 Sakura in a row and I was at 5 life already so I decided to go for it not feeling very confidant. I tapped all my mana and he Remanded. I replayed it and it resolved to my surprise and I won.



He played Delver and I suspended Search. Delver didn't flip and he played Visions so it would likely flip the following turn. I paid 2 with Steam Vents to keep Remand up and passed. Delver didn't flip again and he played Snapcaster to flashback Visions. I Remanded the Visions and on my turn I killed both his creatures with Electrolyze. The replay messed up and one of them survived but I easily won this game without ever being in danger of losing.



My first hand had only two lands, no green mana and nothing to help find some so I went to 6. He played Young Pyromancer on turn 2 and I killed it with Izzet Charm on my turn. He passed turns 3 and 4 without any land or play and I tried to Peer at his end step which met a Remand. This allowed me to resolve a Baloth. He found a third land and played Vendilion Clique taking my Snapcaster over Peer and Visions. I drew Leak and Scapeshift and played Peer taking Electrolyze. I attacked and passed. He attacked back and passed without doing anything else. I drew Sakura, attacked and passed. He Bolted me and on his upkeep I played Electrolyze on Vendilion and him. He had Remand but my Leak allowed Electrolyze to resolve. He played a land and passed. I attacked, played 2 Visions making my land drop and played Sakura as well. He Bolted me again but had nothing on his turn and passed. The replay is messed up because Electrolyze should have put him on one less life so I had 5 power attacking with him on 5 life. He played Snapcaster, targeted Bolt and blocked Baloth. After combat I sacrificed Sakura, played Scapeshift and it was enough to win.



I suspended Search on turn 1 on the draw and he played Visions on turn 2. He tried to play Young Pyromancer on turn 3 but I had Remand. He played Delver and passed. Search resolved, I played a land and passed. Delver didn't flip and he replayed his Pyromancer. I used Snapcaster to Remand again and he had Thought Scour and a land. This time Delver flipped revealing Spell Snare but I Repealed it during attacks. He played his Pyromancer again and I used Cryptic. He played another one and passed. I attacked and played Visions drawing Electrolyze putting both land and Sakura on bottom. I killed his guy with Electrolyze and passed. He had an Electrolyze of his own to kill my Snapcaster and played his Delver. I drew Peer and since he was tapped out I tried to find Scapeshift right there but took an Izzet Charm instead. I played Snapcaster and killed his Delver with Electrolyze. He played Visions and Electrolyze. I played another Visions and it found nothing relevant so I played Sakura. He played another Snapcaster and tried to flashback Electrolyze but I used Cryptic to counter that. I had several lands so I tried to use Izzet Charm to loot, knowing he could Spell Snare it, but I would just Remand my own spell. He cracked the fetch but had no more lands so the Charm resolved still not finding Scapeshift. We traded attacks and he Bolted me twice so we were both in the single digits now. He tried to play a Tasigur with 4 lands untapped but one was a fetch. I Leaked and he paid 3 and that that I Remanded. This time he opted to not attack. I finally drew Scapeshift and he conceded.



He played Visions on turn 1 but nothing else until turn 4 and it was just more cantrips in the form of Probe and Scour. He tried to play Tasigur for 1 mana but I Remanded it. Without a land in hand I played Vision to try to find some. I drew Sakura but left 2 lands on top. I had to discard Bolt to hand size which wasn't great. He played Blood Moon and I tried to Leak but he Leaked back and it resolved. I played an Island and passed the turn and he simply passed his turn so I tried to Repeal the Blood Moon but he had another Leak. I played land and passed and he played Thought Scour and on his end step I used Snapcaster to replay Repeal and all he had was a Bolt for my guy. I fetched a Forest and played Sakura. He played Tasigur which I allowed and Bolted my Sakura so I searched for the third Island. At his end step I used Pyre to kill his Tasigur and Peer to find Scapeshift. My only counters were Cryptics so I couldn't take the unnecessary risk of trying to win at this point. He played Blood Moon and I used Cryptic to counter it. I found a land so I decided to play Scapeshift now because he would need a 2 mana counter + a 1 mana counter but instead he had Counterflux. He tried another Blood Moon and I used another Cryptic. I played land and passed and he played Visions and passed. I drew Izzet Charm so I kept my land in hand. He played a Delver and I drew Leak. His Delver flipped showing Probe and I took the damage. He played Tasigur and I used my last Cryptic. I drew Scapeshift and I tapped all my lands but 2 in case he had another Counterflux. He had Snapcaster instead so I Leaked it and he conceded.



He played a turn 1 hexproof creature so I knew I'd have a difficult one. I played Sakura and had two Hyena Umbra. I blocked and searched for an Island. I paid 2 life to have Remand up while playing another Sakura. He played Ethereal Armor and Daybreak Coronet and I Remanded the second one. He attacked and I blocked and searched for a Forest. I drew Cryptic and another land. He tried to replay Coronet but I Remanded it again and he didn't have another land so I allowed him to attack me down to 10. I Electrolyzed him to cycle drawing Snapcaster but once again Electrolyze messes up the replay. I was able to win this game by playing several Cryptics and eventually finding Scapeshift.



He had a hexproof guy on turn 1 and two Spider Umbra on the following turn so it was already out of Pyroclasm range. You can see Dispel in my hand that I sided in by mistake instead of Swan Song. He played Kor Spiritdancer and I Leaked it. I played Explosives for 1 and he attacked and played Gaddock Teeg. I cracked the Explosives at his end step. On my turn I used Pyroclasm to wipe the board and suspended Search. He had another hexproof guy and Ethereal Armor. I played Visions drawing Sakura and leaving land and Scapeshift on top. He attacked and played another Teeg. Search goes on the stack and I had forgotten about it so I wasted that Visions. I drew and played another Visions drawing land and leaving Visions and Izzet Charm on top. I played Sakura and passed. He played Hyena Umbra on Teeg which I Negated but he had Armor as well and my Dispel instead of Swan Song was useless. I went down to 2 life and used Izzet Charm to loot. I kept Visions and drew Scapeshift but I couldn't play it and lost. I made 2 mistakes that cost me this game. Both were basically because I was distracted. If I had paid attention I wouldn't have sided in Dispel instead of Swan Song and that was the one that actually cost me the game. Forgetting about Search and wasting the scry from Visions also shouldn't happen but the way exiled cards work in the interface, I hate having those windows in the screen because you have to open and close it every time and probably even resize and move it so it doesn't bother me. It's even worse when there are more exiled cards on top of it. I wish MTGO had some different way of using suspend, rebound and similar things because even though they are exiled, they are relevant to the game and in real life, nobody stacks these things with the other exiled cards.



I suspended Search and he played a hexproof creature. I had nothing on turn 2 so he resolved both Spider Umbra and Armor putting me to 14. I got an Island with Search but had no triple blue so I played Visions. It drew me a third blue source and I put Sakura and Visions on top. He played Hyena Umbra and Coronet putting me to 4 and himself to 26. On his following turn I used Cryptic to tap his creature and he played Kor Spiritdancer. I played Sakura and passed. He played Hyena Umbra, Armor and Spirit Link on his Spiritdancer and I tapped all his creatures again. I sacrificed Sakura and with 8 lands I was able to play Scapeshift and win.

I faced 1 UWR and 2 Delver decks which are all good match ups for me so going 3-0 wasn't that difficult but the last round was really close. Despite 2 mistakes on the second game I was able to win games 1 and 3 and winning the roll was very important. I was obviously very happy with the 4-0, especially after facing Hexproof in the last round. I hope you enjoyed this.


I should build another Modern by Joe Fiorini at Thu, 04/23/2015 - 19:05
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I should build another Modern deck. I just got so annoyed with the pod ban.

I think you would like the by JXClaytor at Thu, 04/23/2015 - 20:41
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I think you would like the collected company abzan deck.

In my opinion, if there's a by TugaChampion at Fri, 04/24/2015 - 17:10
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In my opinion, if there's a good collected company deck, it has to be the abzan melira combo.

I should also read the banned by Joe Fiorini at Fri, 04/24/2015 - 17:21
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I should also read the banned list one more time, apparently. :)

What were you trying to play? by TugaChampion at Fri, 04/24/2015 - 18:15
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What were you trying to play?

Nothing, I just wrote that by Joe Fiorini at Fri, 04/24/2015 - 19:18
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Nothing, I just wrote that Top and Counterbalance were banned in modern, and top is banned, CB is not, which slipped my mind at the time. I felt silly.

Well, it's basically banned by TugaChampion at Fri, 04/24/2015 - 19:51
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Well, it's basically banned because it's unplayable without Top. Also it would have been worse if you had gotten excited brainstorming an idea for a deck around a card that was banned.