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By: olaw, Oliver Law
Jun 17 2019 11:00am

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Welcome to my first set of draft videos for this site.  I've recently got a new computer and so the prospect of producing live videos is much more achievable which hopefully will improve my video output.  I decided to record my first experience with the Modern Horizons draft format.  This was my initial go with the format with little experience so I am sure I made more than a few mistakes.  However, hopefully this will give you a taste for the format and if you have any feedback on my evaluation of the cards then let me know.


On MTGO you draft against other humans unlike Arena so it's quite a different, and more time-pressured, experience.  That said it's also a lot closer to a real-life draft and good experience for paper competition.  I didn't really know the archetypes for the set but I ended up in Black/White Changeling Tribal with a raft of Slivers to back it up.  I also picked up a couple of Soulherders along the way which seemed like a solid splash.  I did find the blink synergies a bit lacking in the cards that I picked up beyond Irregular Cohort though so perhaps I should have prioritised that avenue.


This is the first match of our draft and I believe the first live video I have recorded.  Certainly the first live draft video so I hope you enjoy it.  Our opponent is on a Red/White tokens deck.  We ended up getting slightly overwhelmed on board and punished by Volatile Claws and Goblin War Party which are very effective tools with the powerful token generators in the format.


Our second matchup was against a Green/Blue Snow deck.  Sadly the live video got corrupted so I had to record this from a replay.  Our opponent had some powerful creatures and a lot of gas, however, we were able to keep up on board and fight back to take our first victory here.  We curved pretty nicely and Changeling Outcast plus First Sliver's Chosen is a neat synergy.


Our final matchup was against another aggressive White/Red deck.  Aggro is definitely a strategy that works in this format and there are some really good enablers for that type of strategy.  I think my deck got caught slightly on the side of being too slow and durdling and got punished against these aggro decks.


Overall, I enjoyed my first foray into Modern Horizons Limited.  I think my deck had some good synergies but was perhaps a little underpowered overall.  I also feel that with greater knowledge of the format and what cards to play around I will perform slightly better.  I hope this gives you a bit of a flavour of the draft format and what to expect.  The format seems like a lot of fun and there are a lot of powerful cards and interesting strategies to pursue.  Be sure to hop on MTGO and get involved in the Modern Horizon Limited events that are going on.

Thanks for reading,

Oliver Law (olaw on MTGO)