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By: Procrastination, Christopher Giovannagelo
Sep 05 2013 8:31am
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Welcome back to the Modern Perspective! This week I'm going to build with a card that was once the bane of an entire Standard season. That's right, it's the Flip-card Terror.....Delver of Secrets!

Part I. Azorius Delver
Part II. Dimir Delver
Part III. The Modern Land Prices


Delver's current status in Modern is surprising. Looking at its past performance, you would think it should be causing more ripples? While the ban of both Ponder and Preordain does hamper the ability to cheaply set up a flip, there are alternatives. Most of the strong cheap counterspells are available, even if there are no free ones like there are in Legacy, so this isn't what is holding it back either. Modern has more Instants and Sorceries than SOM-INN Standard to find even stronger cards to support the Delver. Delver decks can have all of the best mojo to keep them high in the Modern standings.

So what is holding it back? Well, lots of decks are running cheap, strong removal. Lightning Bolt, Path to Exile, Abrupt Decay and Dismember are always around to ruin Delvers day before counter magic can protect it. Even cards like Murderous Redcap and the re-emerging Shriekmaw are making it much harder to ride that T1 Delver to victory like the old days. In Modern, the skies are also clogged with Spirits, Angels, Faeries and Flying Lands. It's dangerous up there! 

I like trying to build around Delver. It is a powerful common and with the right support cards it is still a force to be reckoned with. Recently the best support color has become Red. While it is certainly understandable, that also means Scalding Tarn is part of the mix. Tarns are hovering around $26.00 a piece at the moment; there is nothing Semi-Budget about a playset of  Tarns right now. On the other hand, White and Black, Blue's friends since the Alpha days, have many other cheap land options at their disposal. Since I recently picked up a playset of Snapcaster Mage, Modern staple and a Delver-buddy if ever there was one, it was time to give the ol' Delver another try. 

Part I. Azorius Delver

Backing up the tempo play of Delver with the surprisingly disruptive abilities of Leonin Arbiter and Aven Mindcensor = Wins? That is the idea behind mixing these cards together. White has some of the best Sideboard cards in the format so this pairing seems strong.

Cost of the Main Deck: $108.91
Cost of the Sideboard: $5.80
Total: $114.71

Wow, that was a lot higher than I thought it would be. I have been playing variations of this deck for months now. When I first started acquiring these cards, I didn't spend anywhere near the current price for Mindcensor, Path to Exile or Mirran Crusader. I drafted original Mirrodin and Ravnica so thankfully I didn't have to buy Remand or Serum Visions. Even Hallowed Fountain I saved on since I was doing the Modern Land Price Watch and swooped them up at a low point. If you really want to play Modern and like this idea, then this estimate shows you what kind of budget you'd need to build this from scratch. Of course, a few weeks ago I proved that $2.50 can make a strong deck too. Modern is like that. 

Main Deck

Leonin Arbiter Aven Mindcensor
Leonin Arbiter/Aven Mindcensor
These two creatures have been making little splashes here and there the last few months. Most of the top tier decks in the format depend on searching through the deck to sculpt a mana base or execute their game plan. When you can restrict searching, or in the case of the Arbiter, prevent it altogether, it gives you a huge advantage. In the relatively "single target removal happy" land of Modern, forcing your opponent to continually have some kind of answer to Delver, Arbiter, etc. is a strategy worth investigating. 

Elspeth, Knight-Errant
You might be wondering what a four mana Planeswalker is doing here? In early testing, as I tried out various "Sword of X and Y"s in this build, I kept running into issues. First, I wouldn't have 5 mana to drop and equip in the same turn. This meant that the creature, or even the Sword, was often a sitting duck while I waited to equip it. The second issue was that I kept getting the wrong Sword for the wrong situation. I would have Protection from Blue and Red...against Soul Sisters.

Elspeth, at 4 mana, was starting to look more and more like the perfect "Sword". She could immediately boost a creature, the flying gave them some evasion and if need be she could start making her own little army of Soldiers. She provides a decent threat against Control decks while helping you go bigger than the Midrange decks. I did have Hero of Bladehold in this slot; it ended games quickly if it lived. The key word being IF.  

Vapor Snag Echoing Truth
Vapor Snag/Echoing Truth
Snag is great when trying to maintain tempo over other creature-centric decks. The life loss can add up if you get in some Flashback casts. However, there are lots of non-creature threats in Modern as well, so I wanted the very versatile Truth as well. I just went with a 2/2 split to see which I preferred. Echoing Truth is really fun when you run into Soul Sisters decks that swamp the board with Spirit Tokens, or the occasional Empty the Warrens


Timely Reinforcements
Timely Reinforcements
Counts as a Sorcery to flip Delver? Check. Provides both a life cushion and three Soldier tokens against Aggro? Check. This is a very synergistic SB card for Delver when it struggles to be the Aggressor of the matchup.

Pulse of the Fields
Pulse of the Fields
This mostly forgotten spell is another card that can flip Delver and gives aggro decks fits. The Instant speed lets you keep counter mana open and then toss out some life gain EOT. Often two castings is all it takes to ruin aggro's day; the possibility of more life gain is demoralizing. This has been in the board since the first iteration of the deck; I recently added the Reinforcements, so 3 of them plus this is a bit of an overkill board wise. I'd like to keep this though; it's surprisingly good.

Picks off Deathrite Shaman, Dark Confidant and a host of other smaller creatures. This spot could belong to Dismember if you own them, but if you are working with a budget, the Lance can shoot down plenty of targets.

Mirran Crusader
Mirran Crusader
Two good Protection Colors and Doublestrike can end a game quickly. Throw in an Elspeth boost for some really massive damage. I don't have it in the main because UWR is very prevalent online and watching the Crusader fall to various burn spells has "sad face" written all over it. When I did have the Swords in the deck, if Crusader lived to wield one, it was deadly and smile inducing. 

The Test Games
All test games were played in the Tournament Practice Room.

Match 1 versus Soul Sisters  Ajani's Pridemate Soul's Attendant Swans of Bryn Argoll
Game 1 I drop T1 Delver and my opponent drops a Soul's Attendant. My T2 Serum Vision gives me another Delver, so I offer up the first as a trade. My opponent accepts the trade and I'm fine with that. In my opinion, that life gainer had more value in this match up then they thought it did. I drop the other Delver and pass. A Pridemate comes down (which would have been a 3/3 if the opponent had just taken the damage) and then the turn is passed. I then spend the next few turns casting Remands and bouncing creatures. My opponent concedes the whole match to me.

Win 1-0

Match 2 versus Melira Pod  Birthing Pod Kitchen Finks Melira, Sylvok Outcast
Game 1 a T1 Deathrite Shaman faces off against my T2 Arbiter. A Voice of Resurgence enters the field and I Path it while the opponent can't pay the Arbiter cost. I later make the mistake of letting the Deathrite stay out on the board and my opponent slowly accumulates enough creatures and a Pod. I have no way to stop it and concede. I had a strong lead in that game, but I need ways to win quicker once the tempo is in my favor. Game 2 I get another early Arbiter which is causing trouble for my opponent. All that is on the board is a Viscera Seer and a Wall of Roots. My opponent concedes on their T4. Game 3 is another race as I get an early Delver and my opponent has too many Gavony Townships. Elspeth comes to my aid and starts calling Soldiers to block a very aggressive Melira. Finally, I flash in an Aven Mindcensor and take the chance of Pathing 2 of his creatures. At 5 life, my opponent concedes.

Win 2-0

Match 3 versus MonoBlack (Mostly) Zombies  Bloodghast Liliana of the Dark Realms Highborn Ghoul
Game 1 zombies just start showing up everywhere! An early Arbiter becomes a chump blocker as I attempt to stem the bleeding. Elspeth saves the day by rallying the troops to block for me. Lili of the Dark Realms was unexpected and made the Intimidate Zombie a very legitimate threat. Some very well timed Paths and Snags kept me barely breathing. Once I was below 10 there were also Bloodghast to worry about. I played very conservatively and eventually chipped away at my opponent. Game 2, even with an early Mirran Crusader to block, I am overrun by a zombie hoard. Counterspells don't mean much if your opponent dumps their hand on the board T3. Game 3 I get the T1 Delver blind flip on T2 to start the damage race. My opponent proceeds to rush zombies at me. My only source of colored mana is an Adarkar Wastes which isn't helping. I get my opponent down to 1 but they are swinging back at me for at least 6 and I only have 7. He casts a Dark Favor on one of his creatures and swings. I almost miss the correct play, but I realize I just need to drop a Snapcaster and block. The final life total was my 2 life to their 1.

Win 3-0

Match 4 versus G/W Hexproof  Kor Spiritdancer Slippery Bogle Rancor
Game 1 I am facing a T1 Bogle and my hand is dead to it. Several Auras and a Spiritdancer later I am being assaulted by a 7/7 beast and a grip full of cards. Not much I'm doing about that. Game 2 I have T1 Delver but it gets eaten by a Dismember while a Gladecover puts on a Rancor and starts swinging. I land T3 Mirran Crusader and I'm feeling smug. A Kor Spiritdancer wearing an Ethereal Armor becomes much bigger than my Crusader. As a Rancor and other good Auras start piling on the Spiritdancer, I'm just praying for an Echoing Truth to try and right the ship. My opponent does go down to 9 and if I can just untap and cast Elspeth I can still pull this off. As if reading my mind, my Crusader is banished to Exile and I lose the next turn.

Loss 3-1

3-1 is a solid start. This concept could work if someone is willing to invest a little more time and money to refine it. Geist of Saint Traft seems like the ideal tempo creature. On curve Geist into Elspeth finishes games in about two swings. Most Blue decks are better with some number of Cryptic Command and this one isn't an exception. Slight tweaks to the mana base could squeeze out an increase of T1-T2 Blue and White mana. Sometimes the deck didn't close out games quick enough; I miss the Runechanter's Pike from older Standard builds. Swinging for an extra 6-10 damage helped in that regard.

Part II. Dimir Delver

For the Dimir version of Delver, I tried to include cards that would either produce tempo or card advantage. The cards outside of those two ranges usually have flexibility. It's more controlling than the Azorius deck, which in Modern can be both a good and a bad thing.

Cost of the Main Deck: $78.18
Cost of the Sideboard: $1.14
Total: $79.32

While cheaper than the U/W deck, this is still a bit higher than what some people would consider "semi-budget". Snapcaster Mage is over a quarter of the price, but it really is a Staple of the format and well worth picking up. If I had known the prices ahead of time, I might have included Deathrite Shaman in this build just to equal the decks out? Of course, then I would have had two decks over $100 and then "Semi" would seem extremely misleading? Here are some of the less conventional cards:

Main Deck

Gatekeeper of Malakir
Gatekeeper of Malakir
The Gatekeeper is an Edict effect tacked onto a 2/2 body. The triple Black casting cost is actually pretty restrictive, so the mana base probably needs to be more diverse than what I went with to consistently cast this on T3. Good against G/W Hexproof Aura decks or decks that feel safe just dropping out a T1 Deathrite Shaman without immediate back-up. A 2/2 won't always get a lot done on its own in this format, so this threat light build is probably not the best fit. Obviously, if you own them, you just fill this slot with Liliana of the Veil and cackle menacingly.

Venser, Shaper Savant
Venser, Shaper Savant
I'm a big fan of Venser. He can stop uncounterable spells and bounce anything back to its owner's hand. He is one of those cards that people often forget about (or just disregard) and then get blown out by it. Much like the Vampire, Venser is only a 2/2, so he isn't going to win too many fights. Too be honest, Venser would probably fit better in the U/W Deck where Elspeth can help pump him into a significant threat. Oh, hindsight, how wondrous.

Vampire Nighthawk
Vampire Nighthawk
I just needed a one off and the Nighthawk just has so many neat abilities! Sure, I knew he died to Lightning Bolt but hey, why not? Honestly, if I was just going to put in some random creature, I should have used a Bolt proof threat like Desecration Demon, or just MD one of the Notion Thieves. In several test matches, I don't think the Nighthawk ever lived up to even my meager expectations.

Wrench Mind
Wrench Mind
It's certainly not Hymn to Tourach, but sometimes in Modern, it gets awfully close. While Artifacts show up in just about every deck, usually the ones that are run are strong enough that you don't mind just getting rid of one of them. Snatching the last 2 cards in a UWR player's hand is kind of the best feeling in the world.

Dimir Charm
Dimir Charm
In theory, the Charm shouldn't be half bad in Modern. It can kill Deathrite Shaman, mana dorks, unboosted Serra Ascendant, Spellskite, Kiki-Jiki and more. It can counter Scapeshift, Past in Flames and Unburial Rites. With the third ability you could set up a Delver flip or just 'fate seal' the opponent to clinch the win. Are all of these things together worth the slot? I'm still leaning towards Yes. I wouldn't go higher than two copies though.

This was another experimental slot. Could creature bouncing and a slightly expensive Instant speed Edict effect be good enough? Would I reach a board state where I would play both sides for a massive blow out? I'd say that if your meta is full of Bogle, GW Hatebears or Soul Sisters, it could stay in. It's good against fair decks. It was disappointing against Pod; Kitchen Finks really just laugh this card off.


Ravenous Trap
Ravenous Trap
A poor man's Surgical Extraction. Against some Graveyard based strategies it works the same way. Opponent casts Gifts Ungiven to pitch just 2 cards in the yard? Hey, Gifts goes there too - spring the Trap! Opponent tries to go for infinite Persist creature with Melira out? The Creature counts as a new card each time it hits the yard - Trap! Storm cast 3 Rituals and then puts Past in Flames on the Stack? That's right, Trap. Sure, it won't exile a card from the game...but for .05 it can still get the job done.

Notion Thief
Notion Thief
There are several decks that rely on their extra cards draws in order to pull ahead of the opponent. Well, if you could take those draws instead, it might lead to victory for the home team! Thief's 1 toughness is exceptionally dangerous in Modern; everything can kill a 1 toughness creature. With the increase of Sphinx's Revelation and Kor Spiritdancer, Notion Thief might find a niche he can exploit even with such a frail body.

Steel Sabotage
Steel Sabotage
Effective against Affinity and Tron decks. The 1cc makes this an ideal Snapcaster target. While most counters can become dead if drawn too late, Sabotage is more than capable of turning around the game with a well-timed bounce.

Another "poor man's" option, this time for Shadow of Doubt. Squelch can actually be more useful if you are up against, say, some kind of Isochron Scepter deck, or just need to prevent a Relic of Progenitus from exiling the yard.

The Test Games
All test games were played in the Tournament Practice Room.

Match 1 - Versus BRU Delver  Deathrite Shaman Lightning Bolt Cryptic Command
The first match is a little too close to home. This would probably be what my deck would look like if I wasn't trying to stay on a budget. Game 1, after an initial dance of counters and removal, the opponent ends up with a Deathrite Shaman and a flipped Delver. I can't race the life loss from the Shaman and even though I get in some nice discard effects, I still lose. Game 2 I land a T1 Delver to my opponent's T1 Deathrite. Delver never discovers the secrets to metamorphosis before he is fried with Electrolyze. I land flood and after a Snapcaster shows up on the other side of the board, I realize that I can't draw into enough answers before I will die.

Loss 0-1

Match 2 - Versus Kiki Pod  Kitchen Finks Restoration Angel Birthing Pod
Game 1 I flip Delver early, but then instead of being the good Delver player that uses the Mana Leaks in hand to keep temp, instead I tap out to cast a Gatekeeper to simply Persist a Kitchen Finks and then walk my Delver right into a Restoration Angel. That really ended my game right then and there; the turns after that were me flailing to regain any kind of tempo. Game 2 I keep a hand with little pressure and then on T3 I draw into a Delver. Instead of playing the Delver and casting Inquisition, I only cast the Delver and leave Squelch mana open. My opponent drops Finks and I realize I made a mistake. When I do cast the Inquisition, I see an Obstinate Baloth, which renders my Wrench Mind quite useless. My opponent continues to set up Pod and once Redcap and Spellskite are on the board, there is not much else I can do.

Loss 0-2

Match 3 versus U/R Storm  Goblin Electromancer Past in Flames Manamorphose
Game 1 my opponent wins the die roll and Probes me. I have some alright disruption and a T1 Delver, so I'm not overly concerned. My Delver gets blind flipped while I Inquisition and Wrench Mind. My opponent is stuck on two lands and my Delver just keeps swinging. I even Mana Leak a Probe just to stop my opponent from digging any faster. I do top deck a Gatekeeper the turn after my opponent finally landed an Electromancer so being lucky helps. With 5 power of creatures on my side of the board, my opponent tries to go off, but I have the counter for the first ritual and that is that. Game 2 is a hand with some early discard, some Snaps and the Trap! I T1 Inquisition and snatch an Electromancer. T3 I mainphase a Snapcaster so I can Inquisition again. I see the Past in Flames and the 2 remaining Rituals. If my opponent draws some other ritual and tries to chain them all, I have this. Sure enough, they fall into my trap casting Ritual, Ritual, Manamorphose. With Past In Flames on the stack I spring the Trap! My opponent has one card left in hand, an empty yard and crushed dreams. They concede.

Win 1-2

Match 4 versus BGW Midrange  Primal Command Fulminator Mage Thragtusk
Game 1 a combination of Kitchen Finks, Treetop Village and Thragtusk beat me down. Did I mention how bad my deck is against Kitchen Finks? Game 2 I deal with a Voice of Resurgence, but then Scavenging Ooze and Lili of the Veil team up to destroy me. This recap may have been quick, but both games were actually long and full of pain.

Loss 1-3

I don't think that Semi-Budget U/B Delver can work as well as U/W. Most of the really strong cards in Black are expensive. Lili of the Veil, Confidant, Thoughtseize, even Deathrite Shaman would add another $20+ to this deck. (I own them, but didn't include them in an attempt to keep the price down.) It felt like this version wanted Cryptic Command even worse than the U/W one did. I will admit that my land base wasn't optimal for some of the heavy color requirements. I haven't spent nearly as long acquiring U/B lands as I have U/W ones. If there is a cheap U/B deck in the format, I don't think it will be Delver based.

Part III. The Modern Land Prices
All prices are from For the Core Set lands, be sure to check all versions (M10-M13) for the best available price!

Card Name SET 28AUG2013 04SEP2013 Change %
Blood Crypt RTR 3.71 4.45 0.74 20%
Hallowed Fountain RTR 4.31 4.28 -0.03 -1%
Overgrown Tomb RTR 3.61 4.54 0.93 26%
Steam Vents RTR 3.59 4.73 1.14 32%
Temple Garden RTR 3.98 4.38 0.40 10%
Breeding Pool GTC 4.13 4.39 0.26 6%
Godless Shrine GTC 4.80 5.46 0.66 14%
Sacred Foundry GTC 4.96 5.68 0.72 15%
Stomping Ground GTC 4.72 5.03 0.31 7%
Watery Grave GTC 4.56 4.53 -0.03 -1%
Blackcleave Cliffs SOM 1.14 1.30 0.16 14%
Copperline Gorge SOM 0.87 1.04 0.17 20%
Darkslick Shores SOM 0.98 0.88 -0.10 -10%
Razorverge Thicket SOM 1.62 1.45 -0.17 -10%
Seachrome Coast SOM 0.69 0.69 0.00 0%
Celestial Colonnade WWK 9.47 11.65 2.18 23%
Creeping Tarpit WWK 3.91 4.00 0.09 2%
Lavaclaw Reaches WWK 0.83 0.83 0.00 0%
Raging Ravine WWK 2.22 2.42 0.20 9%
Stirring Wildwood WWK 1.86 1.68 -0.18 -10%
Clifftop Retreat INN 0.91 1.08 0.17 19%
Hinterland Harbor INN 0.71 0.76 0.05 7%
Isolated Chapel INN 1.62 1.17 -0.45 -28%
Sulfur Falls INN 1.21 2.13 0.92 76%
Woodland Cemetery INN 1.43 1.23 -0.20 -14%
Dragonskull Summit M12 0.47 0.48 0.01 2%
Drowned Catacomb M12 0.87 1.00 0.13 15%
Glacial Fortress M12 0.36 0.32 -0.04 -11%
Rootbound Crag M12 0.26 0.26 0.00 0%
Sunpetal Grove M12 0.65 0.66 0.01 2%

All of the Shock lands either increased in price or dropped by a tiny 1% margin. The other thing I noticed over the course of the week is that we seem to be approaching the point where all of the Shocks will stay above $4.00. A few dipped below that for a day or two, but on a whole, I think the days of $3.00-3.50 Shock are over until RTR Block rotates out of Standard.

Raging Ravine finally changed price! It dropped for three days and then actually increased beyond the $2.22 status quo that it enjoyed for so long. Colonnade rose (as expected) as did Tarpit. Whether this means more Control is on the horizon for Modern remains to be seen?

As for our recently added lands, the prices are behaving as expected, more or less. While most of the soon to be rotating lands are dropping, there are a few that stand out among the crowd. Sulfur Falls, used in the U/R Storm decks and the above mentioned U/R Delver-Young Pyromancer decks surged back up from its lower price. Also, Drowned Catacomb keeps going up across all versions. I really can't see it staying higher than the other Core Checks once the rotation sets in? Anybody else have an opinion on that?

That bring us to the end of another article! I hope you enjoyed this look at some slightly different Delver decks. Next week I plan on sharing an off the wall brew with you. I just haven't decided which one yet! Until then, may all your T2's be blind flips. 

Until next time,

- Gio


At this point, I'm curious to by Kumagoro42 at Thu, 09/05/2013 - 09:00
Kumagoro42's picture

At this point, I'm curious to see you build a Simic Delver! :) (Seriously, that would be very fun to try.)

I have tried a Simic Delver by romellos at Thu, 09/05/2013 - 09:33
romellos's picture

I have tried a Simic Delver deck with Tarmogoyf a while ago but never finish the final adjustments. I guess it will be much more efficient to implement Legacy BUG version Delver deck to the Modern for more options like; Abrupt decay and maybe some Dark Confidant.

Great article. I like your by romellos at Thu, 09/05/2013 - 09:49
romellos's picture

Great article.

I like your both decks, especially Dimir decks seems interesting to try. And I have some inquiries about for your games with the below two cards:
* How did Gatekeeper of Malakir perform on the Main deck? My concern is about the consistency to cast Gatekeeper with full kicker cost as Three Black Mana Cost can be an issue time to time for a multicolored deck.
* What is your final verdict about the Squelch? I'm thinking to try it in the MD as a budget alternative of Shadow of Doubt.

Maybe the Dimir Delver would by Kumagoro42 at Thu, 09/05/2013 - 10:24
Kumagoro42's picture

Maybe the Dimir Delver would be better off as a nearly MBC that splashes blue for the Delver and 6-8 1U counters. This way, once EVERY land in the deck produces black (not hard to do in Modern: 4 Watery Grave, 4 Drowned Catacomb, 4 Darkslick Shores, 4 Verdant Catacombs, 2 Sunken Ruins, 2 Underground River, 2-3 Urborg), you can have Phyrexian Obliterator as your top-of-the-curve finisher.
The rest of the deck is just Dark Confidant/Phyrexian Arena and control elements.

I really like the UW Delver by Tromni at Thu, 09/05/2013 - 10:40
Tromni's picture

I really like the UW Delver list. Have you considered making room for Paraselene in the sideboard for the hexproof matchup? It's a sweet 2- or 3-for-1 against Hexproof that also gains you a couple life in the exchange.

First off, thank you all for by Procrastination at Thu, 09/05/2013 - 21:17
Procrastination's picture

First off, thank you all for the positive reviews!

Simic Delver - my first draft would be something like the U/G Delver deck that showed up a few times at the beginning of the Std PTQ season. It used Quirion Dryad as another outlet for all of those instants. The Modern version would have Mutagenic Growth to help protect the Dryad as well as Manamorphose to keep spell chains going. It would probably turn out a bit like Niv-Kiln combo? I would probably try to put the Paradise Mantle/Blistercoil Weird combo in...maybe that is too greedy? Well, Quirion is cheap, I might just try it out.

There are a couple of Simic colored creatures that I have my eye on, maybe once things settle down from Theros I will put the deck together. :)

Gatekeeper was so-so in the main. Most decks are running Kitchen Finks and it trumps Gatekeeper in almost everyway. I think that in a very heavy Bogle meta I'd keep them. Also, if you changed the deck up and put some buffs into it, whether Swords of Batterskull or something, then it would be better.

Squelch is decent. Sadly you can't just "cycle" it like you can Shadow of Doubt, but it can stop things that Shadow can't. In another test game I stopped a Batterskull equip with it; Shadow doesn't do that.

oh, Phyrexian Obliterator, now THAT is a 4 mana finisher! I kept eyeing up Duskmantle Seer with my relatively low curve, but yeah, wow, Obliterator. Good suggestion. It would be easy to make the mana base support mostly black to power it out. Plus I'm a huge fan of Phyrexian Arena.

Parasalene is an extreme hoser on Bogle. The instant speed of Tempest of Light might be better just for the surprise factor? Life gain IS good though. Personally, my "living the dream" against Bogle would be to blow them out with Hibernation. :)

Thanks again for the comments!

You know who else is good in by Kumagoro42 at Fri, 09/06/2013 - 09:57
Kumagoro42's picture

You know who else is good in a Phyrexian Obliterator deck? Erebos!

Well, I was going to guess by Procrastination at Sat, 09/07/2013 - 16:09
Procrastination's picture

Well, I was going to guess Chimney Imp...but since you already answered your own question.. ; )

Yeah, Obliterator is the stuff that true Devotion to Black is made of! I really like Heliod as the replacement for Sacred Mesa in the "Modern Enchantress" deck. It needed something else to be a win con and an Indestructible Enchantment that pumps out creatures that could eventually swing is pretty cool.

...Seriously, they need to reprint Chimney Imp as a Core Set chaff common. There is a whole generation of players right now who don't know how much they should despise opening Chimney Imp...

And yet, I'm not entirely by Kumagoro42 at Sat, 09/07/2013 - 19:18
Kumagoro42's picture

And yet, I'm not entirely sure a Phyrexian abomination is exactly what the Theros Gods had in mind when they asked for devoted followers. :)