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By: Plainswalker83, Marcus Brunstetter
Feb 28 2019 1:00pm
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I have been playing a ton of Standard recently with Arena and also MTGO. Mostly I have stuck to Azorius Aggro because it is the perfect deck choice for me. I had some minor success with it and it was a lot of fun. 

Playing the blue white lands sparked an idea that I had a while back and never really acted on. A blue white Oketra's Monument deck in Modern. It was very popular in Standard during its time but could it be good enough in Modern. Also, some of the more recent cards might improve the power level of the deck.

I quickly went to work piecing together some decklists and trying to practice with them. The hardest part was trying to find room for the various creatures that I wanted to shove in. The common theme is obviously Oketra’s Monument. Another card that I put in all versions was Legion's Landing. I then tried to add creatures that gave me some form of card advantage or with a good enter the battlefield trigger. There is a lot to choose from but here is the first list I came up with.

You see the core that I mentioned but then I went the direction of strong creatures with great abilities. The blue is mainly for Spell Queller and Reflector Mage. I know I want four of the Quellers but the mage might not be the right call. I fix that in my other list. Squadron Hawk fills up your hand and is great with a monument out. Two power for one mana and spread over two creatures. Not a bad rate at all. Selfless Spirit is your built in sweeper protection but also a way to protect Queller or another creature that you want to keep alive.

Wall of Omens is serves as a cantrip for the most part but is also great at slowing down aggressive starts from you opponent. This deck is fine against aggro once it gets going but if the board is undeveloped it can quickly crumble. The wall helps with that.

I then added three Standard cards to the deck. Militia Bugler sees play in Modern already as a natural fit for the human deck. In this deck it serves as card advantage and still triggers the monument. The next two, not so much.

Benalish Marshal is a great Lightning Bolt target but he also pumps the huge squad of warriors that Monument creates and I think he is worth including in the deck. He is one of the few that is not searched up by Bugler but most times he can just provide the punch you need to swing for lethal. I may increase the number but for now, I think two is solid number.

Deputy of Detention seems like a natural inclusion as well. Can clean up a card like Ensnaring Bridge or other problematic permanent and can still attack and trigger Monument.  I might increase this to two but for this was my first thought.

I then have three different five drops. Archangel Avacyn, Archangel of Thune, and Sky Hussar. Avacyn is usually a great surprise because no really expects her to even be cast anymore. She works well with Selfless Spirit and also helps protect your team from sweepers. Having the flash threat is nice as well. Archangel of Thune is pretty much another anthem effect. She may be entirely too slow but that is what testing is for.

Sky Hussar This may be the first to get cut but it is nice to draw an extra card every turn. Though it is very rare to actually cast the card.

The sideboard is just place holding for now. Once I figure out what exactly I want in the main then I will work on what I want in the side. Here is a second list with a slightly different approach.

As you can see there is a slight change in this version. I added a Martyr of Sands/Serra Ascendant package. Having access to more one drops means more creatures per turn for Monument. I also like the lifegain as a hedge against burn and the other aggressive decks. Because of the added one drops, Ranger of Eos makes an appearance as a two of. Bugler can also dig for both of the one drops, so having four rangers is less important.

Whitemane Lion is the other new addition. Sometimes it allows you to reuse a Reflector Mage or Bugler. When you have Monument, it reads “Pay 1 and make a 1/1 vigilant warrior token.” You can bounce the lion with its own ability and as long as you have mana you have tokens. Since it has flash, you can do it at the end of your opponent’s turn make and army and untap to kill them in large attack. Not a bad rate for two mana 2/2.

I also added the full four Path to Exile. I felt it was silly to be playing white and not have access to one of the best removal spells in the format.

Now I do like this version a bit better but I feel like the best is some sort of mix of both. Perhaps do away with the Martyr package and include things like Thraben Inspector and Wall of Omens again. I think having an anthem effect is good and it should be tied to a creature. Is Benalish Marshal the right choice? I also keep thinking if Kitchen Finks would fit into the deck as a way to gain life and help you get your board established.

Do I add in Westvale Abbey? A 9/7 is great but is the investment worth it? Maybe that slot should be a Shefet Dunes so I can pump all my creatures and swing for lethal.

As you can see the options are many but I feel that there are a few right builds out there. I will be spending the time to practice and test. Eventually I will have a list I am proud of and one that I feel confident with against the top tier of the Modern decks.

Brewing has always been my passion and I know I need to get back to it. Standard is where I will pick up an established deck and try to wreak havoc with it. In Modern if I have a chance, I will brew. Plus, as I collect more cards and try our different decks, I can gain a firm grasp on the meta. If I going to enter a highly competitive Modern Tournament I will usually take something established but sometimes I may just bring a brew that I feel very comfortable with.

I like where Modern is now and I will be trying to rebuild my collection and getting back to my roots. Until next time!