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By: Plainswalker83, Marcus Brunstetter
Aug 21 2018 12:00pm
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Being that my name is Plainswaker83 on MTGO you could say I have an affinity for Plains and casting white cards. You would also think that I play my fair share of Planeswalkers. However, I don’t usually play a ton of decks with them. Standard is usually where I played the majority of walkers but since the rule change with Walkers each counting as a separate legend I wanted to play with one of my favorite Planeswalkers.

The first list is actually a different version of a Martyr Proc deck. Eric Froehlich shared a similar list over on Channel Fireball and I really wanted to try it out.  The list is a bit outdated but I do like how it performed thus far. It is also easily adaptable to the meta.


The core of the deck is still the Martyr package with Proc for value but now it adds the 4 Planeswalkers. The big winner for having multiple versions of a Planeswalker on the battlefield at the same time is Gideon. This deck has Gideon of the Trials and all format all star Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. The 0 emblem on Gideon of the Trials is a lot better when you have other Gideons to play. Elspeth, Sun's Champion is a very strong end game and can often be the way to get you the victory.

The land base can be fixed and I might replace the Scattered Groves with two more Field of Ruin for decks like Tron. Right now, Tron is not a huge threat and I like the option to cycle the land or have more plains for Emeria, The Sky Ruin

The sideboard has an extra Planeswalker in the form of Gideon Jura and all of the great white sideboard cards. It also has Crucible of Worlds when you want to really go with the mana denial plan. A lot of decks in Modern do not play many basics and being Strip Mined every turn can quickly put a damper in their plan of victory.

Overall, I am happy with how the deck has been playing, I believe with a few more upgrades I can have it ready for some 2 mans and then report back with how it performed.

The next deck I want to talk about is not even built yet. I started work on this deck more than a year ago and with all the changes in my life and in magic, it is now time to come back to it. Mono White Devotion is a deck that has not been played since Standard. Sam Black took it to a top 4 finish at worlds back in 2015.

Now when I first started looking into this deck the only other deck I found that was similar was a legend searching deck built with Thalia's Lancers.  SaffronOlive did a video series and article on it, which can be found here.

Recently I found another version by Craig Wescoe (surprise). It uses some newer cards like Walking Ballista and is a different deck than the Legendary toolkit deck.


I like a lot about this list and I watched the videos to see how it performed. The biggest pros are the Planeswalkers and the Walking Ballista. Casting an Elspeth as early as turn 3 is very possible and powerful. I like Craig’s idea of having less high casting cost spells and having more X casting cost spells. Ballista and Secure the Wastes are great ways to spend your mana and close out a game or take control of it.

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite is good against decks like Humans and Affinity. It has the added benefit of boosting your tokens and making them much more threatening.

The main deck Leyline of Sanctitys are not my favorite but I do understand them. They can be huge boosts to white mana symbols that you can have on the battlefield before the game even begins. The downside is they are not very good draws later in the game. Honestly, I am unsure they are truly needed in the current meta. A lot of the discard decks like Jund or Abzan are not very popular and a deck like this can go over the top of them anyway. The Leyline also protects against decks like Burn, Valakut, and Storm. Even those decks are not as prominent or as threatening as before.

I believe the deck can be built in such a way to improve your chances against those types of decks without having Leyline in the main. They can still be used in the board and I will work on collecting them as the budget allows.

Nevermore is a card I do like. It can be a way to keep your opponent from playing cards that really concern you or if you are playing against a deck with only one win condition. Once again, I am unsure if that is needed in the main deck but I can see the reasoning behind it.

Quarantine Field is a good way to use your extra mana and can sometimes be a complete wipe of your opponent’s board. It also has two symbols of white mana making it useful to have on the battlefield.

Weathered Wayfarer was always I creature I wanted in this deck, but I do not think 4 is needed. I am going to explore other one drops and there isn’t really a land tool box to take full advantage of the Wayfarer. I may cut it down to 2 or completely cut it if testing shows it is not needed.

Lastly, I want to discuss the Borderposts in this list. I saw that both SaffronOlive and Craig used Borderposts as a way to “ramp” mana by having them on the board to use with Nykthos. However, because of the rise of decks like Lantern Control and Krark-Clan Ironworks, I want Stony Silence in my board and others will have it in their board. If that is the case then I may want to rethink the mana. I may want to use land disruption like Ghost Quarter and Field of Ruin instead of having the Borderpost plan.

My plan is to test out a mix of both decks but change up the mana base and remove the borderposts. I want to have a few different 1 drops and mana sinks and possibly a Sun Titan engine.

I was looking for ways to draw cards and keep your hand stocked as well and thought of a few different creatures.

Wall of Omens- This works well if I was going the route of blinking or recursion, maybe with Flickerwisp or Restoration Angel. It is also great as a brick wall for low to the ground aggro decks though they do not appear to be as popular.

Bygone Bishop and Thraben Inspector- When you have access to a lot of mana you don’t mind spending it to sacrifice clues. Bishop might not be triggered as often with the amount of tokens or bigger creatures but there can be ways to make it work.

Mentor of the Meek- This works very well with tokens and most of the other creatures in the deck. Paying one extra to draw a card is not tough when you are making so much mana. If I decide to use Mastery of the Unseen then the Mentor will go well with that as well.

As you can see there are many different ways to take this deck. The biggest question is can it succeed? The answer to that, I think is yes. It will take some testing and practice but I am willing to work it out.

I have been wanting to play mono white in Modern for a very long time. It seems there are some strong non Aether Vial contenders now. Only time and testing will tell.

Until next time!!