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By: Plainswalker83, Marcus Brunstetter
Oct 01 2018 11:00am
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Modern is a strange format. There are the popular decks. The ones that consistently do well. Think of decks like Humans, Blue/White Control, or Hollow One. Though there are also those decks that roam the fringes of the meta and every once in a while give a very strong performance. Almost as if they are reminding everyone why they were good to begin with. Sometimes it just takes a few small changes to the deck and then it is back among the competitive.


I believe Martyr Proc is such a deck. It is possible that it was just good for a while because no one expected it, but I have been testing it a lot and it seems very consistent. It also can be built to adapt to different metagames and become very resilient.  Here is a current list.

This is not a list that I invented but it is one that I have played with a ton. Elias Klocker made Top 8 with it at Grand Prix Stockholm. I will go over the card choices and offer up any possible suggestions for change though not many are needed.


The Creatures

Martyr of Sands: One half of the name of the deck. The more I play with this card the more I love it.  Most times you just play it and gain a bunch of life. Other times it can be used a good blocker or even to flip Avacyn.

Serra Ascendant: The quickest way to win with the deck. When you can have a 6/6 flying lifelinker attacking on turn 2, that is a good path to victory. Just have to fade the Fatal Push or Path to Exile.

Thraben Inspector: The little one drop that could. A great blocker and another way for this deck to gain card advantage.

Kami of False Hope: A great way to stall for a turn or even more if you keep bringing him back.

Squadron Hawk: It has been called the white Ancestral Recall which of course is a joke. However, it is a way to keep your hand stocked with white cards for Martyr or build a flying army if needed.

Ranger of Eos: Another source of card advantage. It serves as a tutor for your one drops and a 3/2 is not a bad body to attack with.

Archangel Avacyn: A way to save your creatures from mass removal and also another haymaker that the deck can use when Plan A goes awry. It works well with Martyr and catches many off their guard.

Sun Titan: An excellent late game play that can end up taking over the game.

Walking Ballista: Sometimes you have a ton of mana to sink and this is the card you want with Ranger. Or you need to pick off some pesky tokens or even a Planeswalker. This has been great almost every time I cast it. Sadly, it does not come back from the Graveyard with Titan, Emeria, or Proclamation unless you want it to die right away again. That does work well with Avacyn though.


Proclamation of Rebirth: The other reason for the name of the deck. Once this train gets rolling it is very hard to derail. There are also many times where just casting it to get back three one drops is also the right play.

Removal: Path to Exile, Wrath of God, Day of Judgment, and Hallowed Burial. Path is simply one of the best removal spells in the format. Being in white gives you access to many sweepers these are just some of the best. Burial is great against the Dredge/Vengevine decks because the creatures never go to the graveyard. I have also been testing Settle the Wreckage instead of a second Wrath. I have enjoyed it as it exiles and is instant speed.

Runed Halo: This is how you can win game one against combo or even other decks that rely on only a few win conditions. It is only a one of but is a great way to catch your opponents unaware and shut them down completely or stall long enough to get back into the game.

Crucible of Worlds: This pairs so well with your Land Destruction plan and can sometimes completely shut out your opponent. At the very least it can bait a counter and let you play a much more important card. I have had that happen many times. I play it our early and people think it is crucial to the deck but it is not needed in many match ups. This really gives you a game one chance against decks like Tron.


Emeria, The Sky Ruin: Another way to recur your creatures. Only land destruction really messes with this plan and it is not primarily needed. Once it gets going it feels great and at that point of the game it feels hard to lost your advantage.

Flagstones of Trokair: Guards against opponents destroying your lands and can get you a plains onto the battlefield.

Mistveil Plains: Counts toward the Emeria count and can get cards back from the graveyard. Great for recurring Squadron Hawks or even just preventing yourself from decking out in those long grindy matches.

Ghost Quarter: Not many decks in Modern run a ton of basics, so it is not rare that this turns into (Stripmine) most times.

Field of Ruin: Another way to destroy opponent’s non-basics but also get plains onto the battlefield for you.

Plains: Nine of them. Because well my favorite basic in Magic.

As I said earlier there is not a ton of room to mess with the numbers in the main. You can change up some removal if needed, depending on your metagame. There were times I had in cards like Oblivion Ring and similar effects. I already mentioned trying out Settle instead of a second Wrath and I have also tried cutting a land for Secure the Wastes.

The deck is pretty consistent and has a great game one against most decks. Any deck that tries to go late and go big plays into what this deck wants to do. This deck can grind out wins and keep up the card advantage. Especially when the graveyard engines get going. It can also have a great game against aggro and burn due to the large amount of lifegain and the ability to keep the battlefield clear of creatures.

I also like how the deck plays against blue white control. They cannot close a game out quickly, nor can they counter all of your strong spells. Any type of card advantage can pull you ahead and allow you to gain control.

The weakness that I have seen thus far is the combo type decks. Can you beat Storm game one? Yes. Is it easy? No. The sideboard really helps sure up those type of match-ups and really makes you feel a lot better about facing them.


Hex Parasite: I have been loving this card against Planeswalkers as a way to quickly eliminate them from the battlefield. Can also be good against Affinity against a beefed up creature full of (Archbound Ravager) counters.

Surgical Extraction: Another way to shut down combo or even Tron and Dredge. Instant speed and can be a big surprise.

Damping Sphere: I have been loving this against Tron but also Storm. That one mana per spell really adds up and has won me plenty of games against a Storm opponent with no answer.

Disenchant: Clearly for removing enchantments. I wonder if Seal of Cleansing would be better here. It can be brought back from the yard with Sun Titan but that is a very fringe benefit.

Rest in Peace: Simply the best answer against graveyard strategies but also messes up some of your synergy.

Stony Silence: Needed against Affinity, Ironworks, and Lantern control. Can be enough to stop them completely or stall to get you set up to win.

Aven Mindcensor: Always loved this card and it is another to bring in against Tron or any other decks that need to search their library a ton.

Eidolon of Rhetoric: Obvious use against Storm but also great against burn and tempo decks. If they can only play one spell a turn then their strategy is severely crippled.

Gideon, Ally of Zendikar: One of the best Planeswalkers there is. Great to bring in to replace some of your dead cards against certain matches. Excels against control and other midrange type matches.

Archangel Avacyn: Not bad to have a second. As I mentioned with Gideon. Sometimes you have dead cards in your main and bringing in another threat is not a bad thing.

Cleansing Nova: Another sweeper but this one with a choice. Can be back breaking against Affinity, Ironworks, or Lantern control. Also has the benefit of wiping away enchantments.

Elspeth, Sun's Champion: Great to bring in in other midrange games and can single handedly take over the game. Also good against control if you get it in around their counters.

Overall, I have really enjoyed playing this. I need to practice with it more and be able to play in more than just 2 mans. As of now I am like 5-0 in the 2 man queues but I need to try a League or 2. This may be the white deck I have been looking for.

I am still working on a decent Devotion build but this is performing much better. I will have to work on getting the Surgicals though but I am not sure they are really “needed”.

Thank you are for reading and until next time!



You won't get very far with by Procrastination at Tue, 10/02/2018 - 14:07
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You won't get very far with Seal of Cleansing in your SB: it's not Modern legal (the Green planeshift version is). I think the question that usually gets overlooked for decks that can support the W requirement is if you could use Sundering Growth instead of Disenchant. Since you deck doesn't have much to populate, it's probably better off to leave in Disenchant, but it's something to keep in mind.

I would have liked to see more details about the matchups you have played, even if there are only 5 or so of them. If not that, maybe some strong plays that may get overlooked, or ones you missed. Something a little more than just card thoughts.

Good luck going forward; hope I see you in a league soon!

ha by Plainswalker83 at Tue, 10/02/2018 - 14:14
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That was a complete brain slip on my end. I keep thinking if the green version is legal, the white was reprinted somewhere. I do know why I keep thinking that.

As I get in more reps with the deck there will be more detailed talk about the match ups. I am working my way up to a league. I am always down to test!