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By: TugaChampion, Guilherme Carmona Alexandrino
Oct 28 2014 12:00pm
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Momir has been back on DEs for a while now, but this is the first time I've played the format in several months. If you don't know what Momir is, you can read my article from over a year ago which explains Momir and also talks about the strategy and other interesting thing about the format:

The only difference from that time to now is that new creatures were added but everything I said there is still true. In that article, Gabriel Strasburg commented that being on the draw is better than being on the play so at the time I started collecting some data. On the play I won 60 games and lost only 31. On the draw I won 31 and lost 52. This is an incredible difference and even if the difference isn't as big as these numbers make it seem, I think it's clear that being on the play is better. 

I'm still playing 20 Mountains, 16 Swamps, 8 Islands, 8 Forests and 8 Plains. On with the games! 



Not only did I got a very good dragon, he also got Denizen so I won easily.



I made a mistake when I made my Ooze monstrous because I thought it would make X tokens, but that is not part of the activated ability.  It is simply a trigger. However he made a bigger mistake when he didn't use the counter on Suncrusher to kill my Leviathan. Actually, now that I have watched the replay I also made the mistake of passing the turn without killing his flier right away. If he had removed the counter before attacking I wouldn't have been able to respond. I ended up winning with Leviathan.



Once again my opponent gets Denizen but it didn't really matter as I would have won in the same number of turns if it was anything not relevant.



I couldn't deal with his 4/4 fliers and lost before hitting 8s.



Terastodon and Tidal Force allowed me to take over this game.



I lost this game because of 2 mistakes. First I pressed F2 too fast and skipped my chance to prevent 1 damage in one turn. I ended up losing by exact damage. And I didn't read Necropolis Fiend because I thought it didn't need to pay mana to give -X/-X, I thought I just needed to exile X cards from the graveyard.



I simply had better creaturea than him with Spiritmonger and Akroma.



He made some strange plays taking damage when he could simply block my 2/1 several times and kill it without losing a creature. He also took too long to play and I almost ended up winning by time. If I didn't get Akron Legionnaire, I would have attacked and he might have lost enough time blocking that that would give me the win. But in the end I only lost this round because G1 I didn't read a card,  and instead assumed it worked a certain way.



I had fliers and he didn't so I won easily.



I was ahead the entire time but he got Trench Gorger and won the game in one attack.



My opponent got Thought Eater which hindered his whole game plan by making him discard 2 cards. I also got 2 big fliers in a row, one of them Angel of Serenity and I won easily.

I 3-1ed which is always nice but I'm a bit sad about losing round 3 because of my mistakes. I think that these videos show that Momir is not all about luck. To be fair, I wasn't at my best when I played the event since I had gone out the night before so I was tired. I still had a lot of fun and I think I'll start playing Momir again when I have the chance.

I hope you enjoyed this.