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By: TugaChampion, Guilherme Carmona Alexandrino
Nov 04 2014 12:00pm
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If you want to know more about Momir check my article

I'm still playing 20 Mountains, 16 Swamps, 8 Forests, 8 Plains and 8 Islands. On with the games!


He was slightly ahead until I got Djinn of Infinite Deceits. It allowed me to steal his Nirkana Revenant and I started making 11s with just 8 lands. I got several useless 11s in a row but I was also able to steal Tidal Force. He got Archetype of Endurance which stopped me from stealing anything else but I finally was able to get an Ulamog and he conceded on the spot.



He had Iroas, God of Victory which is very good if you are ahead. I made 2 mistakes this game. I attacked with a 1/3 into his 3/3 for no reason. I was in auto pilot mode. The second mistake was blocking his 3/3 with my 3/3 and 2/2 instead of blocking with my 5/6 and 2/2. I couldn't see a reason for him not to attack with the 6/5 as well and my initial plan was blocking with both the 3/3 and the 2/2 on the 6/5 and take 3. So my already planned play was not the best for his attack and I once again was in auto pilot. He got a Denizen of the Deep and even though both my mistakes gave him an extra turn, he got nothing relevant.



I didn't realize his 0/1 had flying so I didn't use Carnifex Demon's last counter to make him chump block with his bigger flier. After this he got Avacyn, Angel of Hope and I was in a bad spot. Luckily he got Akron Legionnaire and I won from there.



The game was stalled until he got Avatar of Woe.  He also got a Living Inferno to make things even worse. He took very long to kill me not only in turns but also in time. When he got Avatar I had 19 minutes left and he had 15. When he won the game he had 10 minutes left while I still had almost 18.



The game was not stalled because he could attack for profit but I was able to trade away some creatures so it was a slow game. I think we both could have played a little better but eventually he had only 2 small creatures left and I had 0. I got Sundering Titan which killed 3 of his lands. He was simply making land drops and I got Stormtide Leviathan so things seemed great. When he got to 7 mana he got Vengeful Archon which gave him the game since I didn't get anything relevant. He won the match with just 35 seconds left so that long time he took in game 2 could have been relevant.



Once again I made a few mistakes. I shouldn't have attacked with Guul Draz Specter because that would force him to keep mana open for the next turn and eventually my guy would be a 5/5 instead of a 2/2. I also should have attacked with Steel Hellkite before making a creature so that he's forced to trade his creature/aura and his Atogatog for it. Eventually he got Craterhoof Behemoth and won on the spot.



I was a bit ahead until he got Reaper from the Abyss. But I got lucky with a Tyrant of Discord that killed the demon. I even got Hoverguard Sweepers the following turn to confirm my victory right away.



I had 3 fliers and he had 0 so I easily won.



I had a mana producer on turn 2 and 2 big fliers on turns 5 and 6. That along with Sidar Jabari led to a fast win.



The game was stalled but I was able to attack for 2 every turn thanks to my 2/1 flier. However he got Magister Sphinx which put him way ahead. My response was a Luminous Angel and the game stalled which was good for me because I was getting a 1/1 flier every turn. Eventually I got a Liege of the Pit and soon I was able to attack for lethal.

And that's it. I was able to 3-1 with 2 one-sided matches and 2 very close matches. I hope you enjoyed this.