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By: CZML, Cassie Mulholland-London
May 27 2015 12:00pm
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Mono Red aggro has been a contentious deck choice throughout Magic's history. Many people think that "Red Deck Wins," as it's affectionately named, is a mindless deck that tries to steal free wins by killing the opponent before they have time to set up. It isn't tremendously interactive, and as such it has been considered cheap--and not in the sense that it's inexpensive, although it most definitely is lighter on the wallet than most decks. However, in reality, while in games with Mono Red there are fewer decisions made overall, that just means that each decision is more important. In addition, the current iteration of the deck, complete with tokens and Dash, makes games with it a little more decision-heavy than usual. Why don't you see for yourself:


For reference, here is the list that I played:


Overall, I like the deck, and will probably keep playing it just because it is such a low-cost option and because it has such potential for free wins. I might make a couple changes to the specific list, though. For example, although I never cast it in these videos, Hall of Triumph has been excellent for me, and I definitely want another copy in the 75. Also, the full four copies of Roast seemed excessive in the sideboard given that we already have Magmatic Chasm and Searing Blood. I might go down to two or three Roasts in the future.

Another card that impressed was Lightning Berserker, because it's a great way to spend extra mana and reduce variance, and I think that adding the fourth copy could be great. I was never a huge fan of Goblin Rabblemaster in the main, as it's a bit slow and forces all of our Goblins to attack regardless of the board state, so those are probably the cuts.

Thanks for watching! I don't have a tremendous amount of experience with decks like this, so if you have any suggestions be sure to let me know in the comments. 

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Atarka Wins by MichelleWong at Wed, 05/27/2015 - 13:43
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Nice article, thanks.

I have around a 60/40 win rate against Mono Red Aggro with my various Green/White or Abzan decks.

However, this is the only deck which causes me to feel downright ANGRY and in a state of HIGH DUDGEON when I lose to it. I always end up throwing insults at my computer screen when I lose to the Basic Mountains. I shout at my screen and say "What cheap tactics you use!!" I invariably end up hurling insults at my Arashin Clerics, shouting at them "Where the #&@& were you!!. I shout at my Fleece-Nyx Rams and say to them "Even you couldn't save me from going to zero? Thanks you stupid rams!". I shout at my 3 x Drown in Sorrows and say "Where the hell were you!!! Why didn't you show up in time!" The difficulty when playing against Mono Red is that you don't have much time to find the answers you need, so even with 6 or more cards coming in from the sideboard, often you do not draw them in time.

And the Mono Red opponent never gives you free from timing out, whereas it does happen from time to time with control decks.

I am forced to admit that this deck is something to reckon with, and heaven help you if your red opponent gets a God opening hand.

Thanks for the comment. I'm by CZML at Wed, 05/27/2015 - 14:01
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Thanks for the comment.

I'm not a fan of the deck either. It's not bad to play but playing against it is frustrating; I never like to lose before I really get the chance to play Magic. And don't get me started on Burn as an archetype.