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By: iamleddy, Michael Leddy
Dec 16 2011 9:50am
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Hello again everybody!

Last week I wrote my first article for PureMTGO about mono black in pauper. This week I would like to talk about some of the choices I explained and some changes I've made to the list after further testing. As an aside I would also like to state that in these videos my lands are not of the same art, and I understand that this is an important thing to do. In my later videos I have remedied this situation and have made them all the same art, and they will be this way in all future videos.

SPOILER ALERT: Not including Crypt Rats was a mistake.

As with all articles I will post in the future I plan to include high quality videos of live games with on the spot decisions and actions explained! This article will not be any different. I'm going to have the videos as well as a play by play breakdown in text for you guys. Please comment and give me feedback and let me know if you prefer one or the other; or do the videos alone do the trick?

In this video I was playing the same deck as last week (here is a link to the article for easy reference) against affinity.



2 Man Queue Vs Affinity Game 1

Game One:

I keep Swamp, Swamp, Chittering rats, Okiba-Gang Shinobi, Geth's Verdict, Corrupt, Tendrils of Corruption.

This keep is kind of loose, but I am on the draw and it seems viable against most creature strategies so I felt comfortable keeping it.

Turn 1:

He plays Vault of Whispers, then Disciple of the Vault, which clearly puts him on affinity. He then promptly passes the turn.

I draw a Liliana's Specter play a Swamp and pass.

Turn 2:

He does his crazy affinity thing casting THREE Phyrexian Walker, Thoughtcast, then ANOTHER Disciple of the Vault. And bashes me for one.

Meanwhile on my turn I draw another Geth's Verdict, which is just wonderful against a board full of durdley creatures and two disciples! So I just play another Swamp and pass the turn.

Turn 3:

He plays a Chromatic Star, cracking it to deal me two with his Disciple of the Vaults, he then plays another thoughtcast, another phyrexian walker and then bashes in with his Disciple of the Vaults. (at this point life totals are 15-20 in his favor)

On my turn I draw the swamp I need to cast Liliana's Specter. This strips his hand down to zero cards.

Turn 4:

He cracks his Chromatic Star to deal me two with his disciples, and he draws a Bonesplitter, and equips it to allow his Phyrexian Walker to smash in. 2/4's are tough to kill in pauper!

At this point I'm at 11 to his 20 life, so I play Chittering Rats to block his disciples, and am willing to take a bit more damage from his walker. I go down to 8 from this attack.

Turn 5:

He plays and cracks a third Chromatic Star drawing another Bonesplitter.... ugh... which is just a beating for me. But it will be okay if I draw a land! He smashes in for 4 giving me the option of either chump blocking and having one creature in play afterward or just take 4 and go to 5.

I don't block and goto 5.

On my turn I draw sign in blood. With his 6 power on board there is really nothing I can do to stay in the game and reliably win.

I concede.



2 Man Queue Vs Affinity Game 2

 Sideboarding: -1 Disfigure, -1 Echoing Decay +2 Dead Weight

Not much for me to add or remove here, just optimize my removal suite.

 This game I am on the play, and it seems SO important in this match up.

My starting hand is much better this game: Swamp, Swamp, Ravenous Rats, Chittering Rats, (Victim of the Night), Sign in Blood, Corrupt

Turn 1:

Me: Swamp, pass.

Him: Darksteel Citadel, pass.

Turn 2:

Draw Ravenous Rats, play a Swamp, play Ravenous Rats. He discards Chromatic Star.

On his turn he plays Vault of Whispers into the "infamous" Phyrexian Walker, Arcbound Worker, Lotus Petal, and Thoughtcast. He is down to 3 cards at this point.

Turn 3:

On my turn I draw a Geth's Verdict, I decide between playing either Sign in Blood or Ravenous Rats. I am stuck on two lands at this point and really do want to play my Chittering Rats, and have the option of finishing the game with Corrupt. So my choice is sticking the Sign in Blood. This allows me to draw into Swamp, and another Geth's Verdict. Putting my life at 18 to his 20.

On his turn he Main Phases a Disciple of the Vault and attacks with his Arcbound Worker.

Since I have two Geth's Verdict in my hand I decide to make the trade to get full value out of my verdicts. This block puts me down to 17, but luckily on his turn he has no other play.

Turn 4:

I draw another Swamp, and decide to Victim of Night his Disciple, and play a Ravenous Rats so I can apply a small amount of pressure to him next turn in the event that I am able to double Geth's Verdict him. But! He has an Apostle's Blessing to save his guy. After this go play my rats and he discards another Blessing.

He plays a Welding Jar on his turn, and with one card stuck in his hand I smile at my Chittering Rats.

Turn 5:

I draw Okiba-Gang Shinobi and play foresaid rats, and effectively time walk him. I attack with my Ravenous Rats and he declines blocking with his Disciple of the Vault.

His turn he does nothing.

Turn 6:

I want to clear the board, so I cast my two Geth's Verdict and attack with my team of rats, effectively dealing 5 damage. At this point I'm at 16 life, he is at 12. He has 1 card in hand to my, to my 2 Okiba-Gang Shinobi and 1 Corrupt.

He casts Chromatic Star and passes.

Turn 7:

I draw Sign in Blood, and attack ninja-ing my shinobi into play taking out my Chittering Rats so I can time walk him again if needed.

He sees the slow fate of being nibbled to death by rats and concedes.



2 Man Queue Vs Affinity Game 3

 Sideboarding: Same setup as game 2.

Once again, no mulligans and I keep a hand of:

Swamp, Swamp, Dead Weight, Dead Weight, Liliana's Specter, Tendrils of Corruption, Corrupt.

This is once again a hand that gets better with the more land I draw.

Turn 1:

He goes, Seat of the Synod, Bonesplitter <--- ugh.

I play my Swamp and pass.

Turn 2:

He's got Disciple of the Vault and a Springleaf Drum.

I decide to Dead Weight his disciple which resolves.

Turn 3:

He plays a Myr Enforcer and an Atog.

This is why Dead Weight is good! It allows me to murder his Atog without fear of him pumping it out of Disfigure range. For some reason I don't play the Ravenous Rats in my hand and this allows him to smash me in the face for 6 next turn.

Turn 4:

On his turn he attacks in with his Myr Enforcer that is equipped with Bonesplitter putting me down to 14 and then he plays another Myr Enforcer.

On my turn I play my fourth swamp and Tendrils of Corruption his equipped enforcer to go back up to 18.

Turn 5:

He smashes in for another 6 and I go down to 12, then he plays another Atog!

I stare down the same board state from 2 turns ago with no removal in hand and play a Phyrexian Rager and Ravenous Rats.

Turn 6:

He attacks with his team and I go to chump city, blocking Myr Enforcer with Ravenous Rats, and Atog with Phyrexian Rager (forcing him to sac a Springleaf Drum ). He plays an Arcbound Worker after combat.

I draw another Phyrexian Rager, so I play it and draw into a Sign in Blood, which I play as well. This draws me two Swamps!

I'm at 10 life to his 20 at this point.

Turn 7:

Before combat he plays a Phyrexian Walker and then attacks in again. I block the (phyrexian worker) with my ravenous rats and atog again with phyrexian rager. His arcbound worker dies this turn which allows him to put a counter on his phyrexian walker due to modular.

I draw a corrupt on my turn and decide to blast his Atog due to him having lethal on board. This puts me back up to 18.

Turn 8:

He plays another Phyrexian Walker and attacks for 3 putting me at 15.

I play my Liliana's Specter and pass.

Turn 9:

He attacks in again for 3 putting me at 12, and he plays a disciple of the vault that I Geth's Verdict.

I attack in and put him at 18 and play a swamp.

Turn 10:

He smashes me down to 9 and plays Somber Hoverguard.

I draw another swamp for my turn and I hold my guy back to block the Somber Hoverguard.

Turn 11:

He attacks in again and Apostle's Blessing to save his hoverguard and I draw dead for the rest of the game

The robots have defeated me.


I played quite a few creature match ups and lost to teams of 3+ toughness creatures beating me down.

These are the main offenders:

Stitched Drake Spire Golem Phyrexian Walker Myr Enforcer

These guys are impossible to block, tough to kill, and smash your face in for infinite amounts of damage or block infinite amounts of damage. Annoying, right? Well I have the solution for this problem that we all know and love!


Crypt Rats    


His triumphant return has come!!  After playing so many matches and looking back on it, WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Why would I not want to have a Wrath of God on a stick!? It's amazing vs every deck.

Even against cloudpost where they only play a few creatures, it can act like an X burn spell late in the game.


Here is the new deck list I would go with if you want to be consistently successful with mono black.


This list is pretty solid for the current meta game and has the tools to deal with it all.

My only concern is that there are not enough ways to kill the fat bottomed 3+ toughness critters.

Maybe more Victim of Nights may be the answer or even, Ghastly Demise could make a return!

Try it out! Make some adjustments to the list, nothing is ever set in stone! Let me know how you do and your suggestions!


Next time, I'm going to take a standard deck into the queues. If there is a certain one you want to see, comment and let me know. Just make sure it's a deck with Snapcaster Mage in it.


Until nex time, I'll see you in the queues!










In the last two lines I made by iamleddy at Thu, 12/15/2011 - 11:25
iamleddy's picture

In the last two lines I made a typo!!

Until nex time, I'll see you in the queues!

should be

Until next time, I'll see you in the queues!


I like the article. by Mikey K159 at Fri, 12/16/2011 - 10:42
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I like the article and give you props for taking MBC into the ring of the 2 mans. I must admit, when I saw your part 1 of these articles and that you weren't playing crypt rats. I thought to myself, "should I say something?", but I left it alone. Glad you noticed that crypt rats is correct right now:D.

I will honestly say, I don't like that you only have 3 tendrils. Tendrils is your big removal spell to deal with things like spire golem and the like, also against red decks, the life gain is pretty crucial... I also don't understand why only 3 corrupt, as I have found it to always be the big finisher against my opponents. But to each his own.

The reason I'm only playing 3 by iamleddy at Fri, 12/16/2011 - 12:17
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The reason I'm only playing 3 Corrupt is I want to draw at least one each game but I don't want to draw multiples early on.

I usually never by Mikey K159 at Sat, 12/17/2011 - 17:28
Mikey K159's picture

I usually never have a problem with seeing 2 early on. I mean yes, it does suck to have 2 so called, dead cards in your hand when you can't cast them, but this deck has so many tools to stall, unless your losing to variance/luck, you should have enough time to get to 6

A Phyrexian Walker with a by ScionOfJustice at Fri, 12/16/2011 - 11:55
ScionOfJustice's picture

A Phyrexian Walker with a Bone splitter equiped to it is a 2/3 not a 2/4.

Yes! It is, my bad hah! by iamleddy at Fri, 12/16/2011 - 12:15
iamleddy's picture

Yes! It is, my bad hah!

-2 Dead W main (only good for by deluxeicoff at Sat, 12/17/2011 - 16:42
deluxeicoff's picture

-2 Dead W main (only good for infect matchup) and +2 Crypt rats main - simply never a time you don't want to see that card.