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By: The Milk Man, Michael Mulcahy
May 21 2014 12:00pm
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This article covers a deck that has managed to do what many others could not; succeed in an MTGO Standard Daily event or MTGO Standard Premier event and do it at a budget price. In this case a blisteringly low budget price.

This article's deck is a phenomenal performance by LordRichards with a White Weenie deck weighing in at a feather light $11.02 (@ 15/05/14) that managed to go 4-0 on 03/05/2014 in the Standard Daily Event #7051659.

Here is the decklist:

 The deck has a lot of positives going for it;

- The cost - simply amazing. This is the cheapest deck that I have seen put up a 4-0 result.

 It's mono colour and that means that the mana base is both reliable and cheap. Very cheap.

-  A flood of efficient and evasive creatures will usually get the job done on turns 4-6

Most of the creatures are limited all stars as well as being bulk commons and uncommons. The rares are also bulk rares but the synergy of the creatures within the deck is reminiscent of the Hatebears archetype in Modern.

-  Only 2 Rootborn Defenses are in the 75 as a concession to Supreme Verdict; the bane of aggressive creature based decks in standard.

-The deck has some tempo plays to help get the job done before the opponent stabilises; Judge's Familiar, Azorius Arrester, Imposing Sovereign and Banisher Priest all slow the opponents game plan down by disallowing creatures to block for a turn due to them coming in tapped from Imposing Sovereign's ability or by (Azorius Arrestor)'s detain ability and by removing blockers with Banisher Priest.

- The deck has a distinct lack of removal with the main deck Spear of Heliod being a reactive rather than proactive removal in the main 60. The Banisher Priests are the primary form of creature removal.

The deck is not without its drawbacks though;

- Low budget means that the quality of creatures is quite low, so the deck doesn't have the power to go toe to toe with control or midrange strategies. This particular build of the deck lacks the more powerful weenie cards like Fiendslayer Paladin, Precinct Captain, Brimaz, King of Oreskos, Ajani, Caller of the Pride, and Heliod, God of the Sun that more expensive weenie strategies run to increase the power level of their deck and give it a stronger game against the mid-range strategies that can stabilise against our budget White Weenie deck.

- Meta shifts may increase the number of Golgari Charms and Drown in Sorrows in peoples decks. They only see play out of the sideboard out of Jund Monsters and Golgari Dredge decks in the current meta. An increase in enchantments however, as well as the release of Temple of Malady may see more -x/-x spells get played, which destroy White Weenie strategies.

Fortify is a solution that can also be used to protect your mass of weenies as well as it being able to be used on the offensive to close out a game. This is an efficient option to combat -x/-x spells if they become more prevalent in the meta.

Some ways that the deck could be improved without blowing the budget would be to include some number of Mutavault to provide added reach against the control decks. Mutavault has been steadily decreasing in price as rotation looms and as such will not blow out the budget completely, keeping the value of the deck below $100.

Another way the deck could be improved would be to splash a second colour, the most obvious ones being either; Red primarily for Boros Charm, or Black primarily for Xathrid Necromancer and Black's efficient creature removal. This change would also keep the budget below the $100 mark.

Although these changes would increase the power of the deck, it does take away a little from the original deck. LordRichards' deck has a simplistic beauty to it; it is so strongly focused and synergistic. Remembering just how 'cheap' the deck is, it would seem that this white weenie deck is truly more than just the sum of its parts.

Keeping the deck as a true budget build these are the changes that I would make to it:

Celestial flare.

Some number in the 75 to deal with troublesome creatures, namely Blood Baron of Vizkopa, Stormbreath Dragon and the Naya Hexproof fringe strategies that have been reinforced thanks to a few cards from Journey in to Nyx like Mana Confluence and Bassara Tower Archer.

I have put 2 Celestial Flare in the sideboard in place of the third Imposing Sovereign and the third Keening Apparition. This means that the main game plan is still the same, but the option of Celestial Flare out of the sideboard evens the odds in certain match ups.

The updated deck:


Here are my sideboard plans against the top decks in the meta:

- Mono Black Devotion


Banisher PriestBanisher PriestFrontline MedicFrontline Medic


Immortal ServitudeImmortal ServitudeCelestial FlareCelestial Flare

You main deck strategy has the speed, power and redundancy to get under the Mono Black Devotion lists, but the late game is pretty rough. Banisher Priest is great for removing a Desecration Demon, but it will be a magnet for removal and the tempo swing for one turn will likely not be worth the 3 mana investment. It would be better to bring back a wheelbarrow full of 1 drop creatures with the Immortal Servitude to tap down the Desecration Demon for an eternity. Celestial flare is a hedge against an unchecked Desecration Demon, Lifebane Zombie etc


- Mono Blue Devotion


Frontline MedicFrontline MedicDryad MilitantDryad Militant


Banisher PriestBanisher PriestCelestial FlareCelestial Flare

Pretty basic changes for Mono Blue; swap in more removal for their creatures and swap out our creatures that don't have a big impact in this matchup. The Frontline Medic's battalion trigger is not good if you're behind and it will not be as relevant in this matchup as in other creature based match ups, such as attacking in to the mirror match, red deck wins, mono green aggro etc. The game plan in this deck is basically to minimise their devotion and to race them. The Dryad Militants come out to reduce the value of Tidebinder Mages.

Mono Blue has a much higher quality of cards for fighting the long game such as Bident of Thassa and Thassa, God of the Sea, so you want to get profitable damage in early. White Weenies doesn't have the removal or the mass of flying creatures to hold off Mono Blue and when an active Thassa, God of the Sea starts making things unblockable, it is all downhill from there.

Banisher Priests are pretty important here. Hold on to them to tag a Master of Waves, Thassa, God of the Sea or any big fliers that will beat you down. Soldier of the Pantheon can block a Frostburn Weird until the Mono Blue player finds their Rapid Hybridization or Cyclonic Rift. It can also attack through a Frostburn Weird, Judge's Familiar or Nightveil Specter and gain incremental amounts of life from the casting of these creatures too. Other than this particular interaction, there are not many favourable blocks you will be able to make. Spear of Heliod can destroy creatures you can't block and the damage from Judge's Familiar and Cloudfin Raptor can be acceptable early on in the matchup.

- UWx Control


Frontline MedicFrontline MedicBanisher PriestBanisher PriestLoyal PegasusLoyal PegasusImposing SovereignImposing Sovereign


Glare of HeresyGlare of HeresyKeening ApparitionKeening ApparitionRootborn DefensesRootborn DefensesSpirit of the LabyrinthSpirit of the Labyrinth

This is a tough match up as a bad draw will put the nail in the coffin for you. Without the burn of an aggressive red deck or the reach of Mutavault the deck really needs to get the job done before your opponent stabilises . A good draw will have them sweating until turn 5/6/7... when you win. Some number of Loyal Pegasus comes out as having a lone one on the field may as well be no creature on the field at all. The Imposing Sovereign goes to the sideboard and the Spirit of the Labyrinth comes in for its better body and more relevant effect.

Once the opponent has the ability to play Supreme Verdict you will want to hold up a Rootborn Defenses. If you have the Rootborn Defenses when they verdict and have been able to apply enough pressure pre - Supreme Verdict, you should be able to close out the deal. It is important to present a critical mass of creatures to provide enough pressure as well as to bait out removal.

It is also important to find a balance between having enough power on the board to close the game out quickly and efficiently as well as to hold back a creature or two in the event a Supreme Verdict wipes the board. Keening Apparitions and Glare of Heresy come in from the sideboard to hate on UWx's Enchantments; Banishing Light, Detention Sphere and occasionally Blind Obedience, as well as Archangel of Thune or Elspeth, Sun's Champion and other threats that may put the game out of reach.

 - Jund Monsters


 Judge's Familiar Judge's Familiar Judge's Familiar Judge's Familiar


Banisher PriestBanisher PriestCelestial FlareCelestial Flare

In this matchup it is important to get as much damage in early before they stabilise (It seems like this with every matchup, but even 1-2 points of early damage can be the difference in getting there against Jund Monsters.) The Judge's Familiar comes out as it has the least power of the 1 drops and later in the game when the Jund Monsters player is more likely to utilise their instants and sorceries, they will have the mana available to pay the for the Judge's Familiar's ability. Banisher Priest gives another out to tough blockers like Courser of Kruphix, Polukranos, World Eater and a Scavenging Ooze that has a few +1/+1 counters on it. Some Jund Monsters lists also run a relatively low amount of removal, especially in the main board.

Your fliers; Daring Skyjek and Loyal Pegasus will be able to go over the top, while the Frontline Medic's will allow you to bash in to a wall of blockers favourably. Brave the Elements is huge here for both protection and for giving protection pre combat for the alpha strike.


- Red Deck Wins


Banisher PriestBanisher Priest


Immortal ServitudeImmortal Servitude


 This match up can feel like a coin toss. It will also be over just as quickly. This is one of the few matchups where White Weenies isn't the aggressor role by default. By using the Spear of Heliod and Brave the Elements to block and trade aggressively, you should be able to stabilise and then grind them out. If the Red mage feels that they're the controller, this has the potential to wildly shift the game plan and the sideboarding plan. You may need to be more aggressive and protective, in which case you could bring in Rootborn Defenses in place of Immortal Servitude


Putting it in action

I’ll put the deck through its paces in some 2 man queues. You'll have to forgive the sound quality; it is my first time recording: 






So we are 2 out of 3. It has become quite evident that the deck is very weak to Boros Burn strategies. The success of LordRichards' deck may have been in part due to a significant decrease in the success and participation of Burn decks in standard over the past few weeks. It is possible that he also had a draw where he didn't run in to any burn decks. Fiendslayer Paladins could help quite a bit, but some sort of dependable lifegain would be very good. It is possible we could steal some tech from the Beijing GP Mono black decks and include Staff of the Sun Magus in the sideboard. This would really sure up the matches in games 2 and 3, as well as keeping to the low budget theme.

I hope you've enjoyed this spotlight on a cheap competitive standard deck, it has been quite fun and I will be sure to do some more of them in the near future. 

- The Milk Man


Nice article. Cost keeps me by rpitcher at Thu, 05/22/2014 - 00:12
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Nice article. Cost keeps me from trying much constructed anymore, but articles like this give me hope.
So glad you kept the budget theme when you made some changes.