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By: mtgo_theater, MTGO Theater
Apr 07 2016 11:00am
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Grab your popcorn and join me in the theater for some MTGO drafts!  These draft videos feature my commentary as I draft.  They also feature an overlay that will be familiar to those who are fans of a certain TV series that makes fun of cheesy movies.  My live video is in the leftmost seat.  Yes, it's gimmicky, but it's something different to make these videos unique.

I'm certainly not an expert drafter and over the course of these videos I hope to improve my drafting skills.  I'm also new to commentating on drafts.  Any constructive feedback for how the videos could be improved would be appreciated.

For this article, I'm featuring Magic Origins and Flashblack Ravnica Block drafts.

Magic Origins Draft

Here's the video playlist featuring the draft, deckbuilding, and all three rounds:

As far as changes I would have made in how I drafted, for Pack 1, Pick 6, Might of the Masses would have been a better choice for me over Cobblebrute, and in the next pick taking Vastwood Gorger instead of Chandra's Fury.  I think I was on the fence between taking the better card vs. taking what colors I was already in.  Overall I was happy with how I drafted.

My first two matches went well.  I had three Separatist Voidmages that did a lot of work in the first round.  For the final round, clearly my deck was not able to match the aggressiveness of my opponent's Rakdos deck.  I also found my knowledge lacking in the final round as far as what instant speed removal would have been available - something I will keep in mind for the future.

Flashback Ravnica Block Draft

I was not well prepared for this draft, and it shows.  I did a bit of reading beforehand on the specific sets included in the draft, but not having a more intimate familiarity of the cards hurt me.  With the multicolored theme, the problem was compounded.  There is a great example of a deck in the video though - my opponent's!  Here is the playlist featuring the draft, deckbuilding, and my match:

I ended up drafting an Abzan deck.  Looking back, it was a mistake to play three colors with very little mana fixing.

As far as the one match I played, I have to give credit to my opponent for having a very cohesive deck.  His cards worked well together and he had plenty of mana fixing with karoo lands and signets. 

Thanks for taking the time to watch and read.  Note that for these drafts I did not have draft logging enabled in MTGO.  In the future I plan to show all my picks in the article itself for at least one of the drafts as well as include additional commentary with that.  Please let me know if you have any feedback.