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By: mtgo_theater, MTGO Theater
Jun 20 2016 12:00pm
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Welcome to another edition of MTGO Theater!  I had fun drafting this UB Madness deck.  Watch the replays and check out my comments below!

Shadows over Innistrad Draft #11

Click to expand visual pick-by-pick of the draft!



Draft Notes

The draft started off with an Asylum Vistor, followed by a Call the Bloodline.  For my second pick I had to choose between Bloodline and Devils' Playground and decided to go with Bloodline instead, and it ended up I was able to draft a deck around that.  Through the first pack I picked up some other on-theme black cards like two Sanitarium Skeletons and a Twins of Maurer Estate.  I thought I would end up being blue as I picked up a Ghostly Wings, Just the Wind, and Stormrider Spirit, and that is what panned out.  I think I did well keeping myself open as far as the second color to go with black as my 3rd through 5th picks were each a different color.

Round 1

First round my opponent was on WBG.  A turn 2 Call the Bloodline followed using it to madness out an Asylum Visitor set a great tone for me for the first game.  My opponent spent two turns casting a Sleep Paralysis on each time while I continued to attack with my available creatures to take the first game.

Second game I didn't start with my engine and I dropped down two Sanitarium Skeletons followed by a Furtive Homunculus and Twins of Maurer Estate.  I decided to enchant my Homunculus with Ghostly Wings to start letting me get through for more damage.  Sanitarium Skeleton chumped blocked for me while I flashed out Stormrider Spirit.  My opponent was always on the defensive, and I finally put away the game and the match with an unblocked Sanitarium Skeleton pumped with Grotesque Mutation.

Round 2

For this round my opponent had a GW deck.  I started out with an early lead, and really started leading the game into my favor by using Compelling Deterrence to return Ulvenwald Mysteries to my opponent's hand while he was still stuck on 3 lands.  My opponent eventually conceded after I had enough flying power on board for lethal.

In the second game I had an early Asylum Visitor and Crow of Dark Tidings. I enchanted Asylum Visitor with Ghostly Wings to start getting through for damage early.  With flying damage alone I was able to bring my opponent down to 5, but they started to come back having two Solitary Hunters and a Lambholdt Pacifist on board which all flipped.  At that point though I had Call of the Bloodline to bring out chump blockers, and my opponent conceded when I cast Stormrider Spirit to take my record for the event to 2-0.

Round 3

I made it to the finals! However, I hit a brick wall here against a UR spells deck.  In the first game my opponent grew a huge Pyre Hound, but I enchanted it with Ghostly Wings so that I'd be able to return it to his hand.  I thought I would be in a decent position there, but I got hit with a big combo after that.  He cast Devils' Playground and copied it using Geistblast's ability, giving him 8 1/1 Devils that deal 1 damage to target creature or player when they die.  I couldn't match an attack of all his creatures with them also being pumped by a flipped Breakneck Rider.

The second game I had an OK start, but then started going downhill after he was able to flip a Thing in the Ice.  I was able to feebly attempt some chump blocks, but my fate was sealed after he again cast Devils' Playground and copied it with Geistblast.  I lost this round and brought my record to 2-1 for the event.


Thanks for reading/watching!