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Jul 21 2016 12:00pm
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Welcome to another edition of MTGO Theater!  We're in that odd time window when a new set has been released in paper but not yet online.  I'm featuring triple SOI this week and next, and will have my SOI retrospective in next week's article as well.  In the week after the online EMN pre-release events, I'll start featuring EMN-EMN-SOI drafts here.  But for now, on to this week's draft!

Shadows over Innistrad Draft #15

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Draft Notes

Looking back at this draft, I feel like I did well with some picks but not so great with others.  It doesn't feel good to have to play Furtive Homunculus and Seagraf Skaab.  Though to be fair maybe I shouldn't have put them in the main deck anyway even if I was short on creatures.  I ended up boarding one or both out anyway for a second Just the Wind and third Sleep Paralysis.

First pack I feel like I picked correctly, ending up solidly in blue but open as to what color I would pair with it.  In the second pack, I waffled between green and red.  I had a hard time reading the signals as to which direction I should go in.  This was probably my worst pack.  Last pack I picked up a few more choice cards, but looking at my deck in the end I really didn't have anything crazy going on with my deck.

Round 1

In the first round I played against a blue/red spells deck.  To start out the first game, I was out-tempoed by cards like Press for Answers and Just the Wind.  My opponent ended up with a huge Pyre Hound and a Stormrider Spirit to push through the lethal damage.  Looking back at the game, I think I was greedy in some attacks and was too aggressive when I should have been holding back for defense.

From the sideboard I brought in Just the Wind and Sleep Paralysis and took out Seagraf Skab and Furtive Homunculus.  In the second game I was off to a better start and was able to flip an Uninvited Geist to an unblockable 3/3.  My opponent was able to build up their board as well though with a Breakneck Rider and 2 Pyre Hounds.  I double blocked one Pyre Hound to kill it, then followed that up by using Sleep Paralysis on the other one.  Rabid Bite took out their Breakneck Rider and I was able to build up a lethal threat in the air with Stormrider Spirit and Niblis of Dusk.  In this game, timely removal and evasive creatures gave me the win.

In the third game, I started out with some early flyers, Rattlechains and Aberrant Researcher.  They flashed in Stormrider Spirit to kill my Rattlechains, but I used Rabid Bite to take out the Spirit afterwards.  I used Sleep Paralysis on a Pyre Hound and Stitched Mangler's ability to tap down a Drownyard Explorers to swing in for some damage.  Finally, I had another Sleep Paralysis and then Rabid Bite to take care of their remaining blockers on my next turn to swing in for lethal to win the first match of the event.

Round 2

This time my opponent had a green/white deck.  My opponent started off right on curve, with Thraben Inspector, Moorland Drifter, and Silverfur Partisian.  I enchanted my Uninvited Geist with Ghostly Wings to get through and make it unblockable.  In retrospect I think I played it too early and could have just played Aberrant Researcher instead.  My opponent continued to beat down, playing a Pack Guardian as well to take the first game.

From the sideboard I brought in a Sleep Paralysis and took out a Furtive Homunculus.  Again my opponent hit their curve perfectly, with a Thraben Inspector, Lambholdt Pacifist, and Silverfur Partisian.  What ended up putting the game beyond reach was my opponent enchanting Thraben Inspector with Hope Against Hope, making it a 4/5 first striker.  I didn't have the removal to deal with it and ended up losing the match to go to 1-1 for the event so far.  I think my opponent simply had the better deck, it probably would have taken some lucky draws for me to come ahead in this one.

Round 3

For the final round, I faced off against another green/white deck.  They started off with a Duskwatch Recruiter and a Solitary Hunter.  I swung in with Uninvited Geist to flip it, then used Rabid Bite to take out the flipped Recruiter.  I was able to continue swinging in with my flipped Geist and my Aberrant Researcher, and my opponent conceded.

For the second game, I took out Seagraf Skab and brought in Just the Wind.  My opponent started out with a Dauntless Cathar, and followed it up with an Intrepid Provisioners equipped with True-Faith Censor.  The icing on the cake for them was Always Watching.  I flooded out, drawing 10 lands out of my first 13 cards, and lost this one.

For the final game I also brought out Furtive Homunculus and brought in Sleep Paralysis.  I started off the game with a Quilled Wolf and enchanted it with Ghostly Wings, hoping to keep it alive long enough to beat in for a lot of damage.  It worked until my opponent was able to flip an Avacynian Missionaries, and I returned the Quilled Wolf to my hand.  The nail in the coffin for me was that my opponent enchanted the flipped Missionaries with Gryff's Boon, so they now had a 7/5 flyer with vigilance.  Unfortunately I lost this one and ended the event at 1-2.  I think I matched up fairly evenly with this opponent, and a draw of Sleep Paralysis could have changed the outcome of this one.

Thanks for watching/reading! Tune in next week for my last triple SOI draft and my SOI retrospective.