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Jul 28 2016 12:00pm
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Welcome to MTGO Theater!  This will be the last week featuring triple SOI.  Next week we'll have a pre-release Eldritch Moon draft.  For now, check out this one and my retrospective for how I did over the SOI season.

Shadows over Innistrad Draft #16

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Draft Notes

First round I was passed an Altered Ego as a second pick.  Even though it is multi-colored, I picked it anyway on the strength of the card and figured I would at least splash for it.  I continued to draft blue/black.  It ended up that I did splash for Altered Ego, as well as the activated cost of Ongoing Investigation, so the green splash would do double duty.

Round 1

For the first round, I faced off a red/white deck that splashed black.  My opponent got off to a fast start in the first game - Falkenrath Gorger, Heir of Falkenrath, and Avacynian Missionaries to my Wild-Field Scarecrow.  A couple combat tricks (Strength of Arms and Tenacity) sealed the deal for my opponent.

For the second game, we both built out our board and I got a nice combo with discarding Murderous Compulsion to Sinister Concoction's ability to clear their board.  However, I didn't have much power to hit back.  My opponent ended up equipping and flipping Avacynian Missionaries with Neglected Heirloom.  I had a Sanitarium Skeleton to chump block, but that wasn't enough after they cracked their Vessel of Ephemera and hit me with equipped flyers in the air.  This gave me a 0-1 start to the event.

Round 2

This second round was one of the most interesting I've played as my opponent had a mono-colored (green) deck!  I don't think I've faced one before in a draft.

The first game was not so interesting, as I slammed in with a Ghoulcaller's Accomplice enchanted with Ghostly Wings, and a flipped Thraben Gargoyle.

The second game went on much longer and had a much more dramatic conclusion.  Initially I was able to poke in for some damage, as I had Drunau Corpse Trawler and threatened to give deathtouch to my Zombie token.  Each of our boards continued to grow, and I equipped a Stallion of Ashmouth with Ghostly Wings, however I was hit with Clip Wings.  My opponent had Ulvenwald Mysteries and was generating a lot of tokens.  As the game went on to turn 19 and they had 2 cards left in his library, I thought I would win by decking them out.  However, then they played Westvale Abbey and transformed it sacrificing 5 tokens.  They swung in with everything and I blocked where I could, and went down to 17 life.  I mistakenly tried to play Murderous Compulsion on Ormendahl, forgetting it was indestructible.  My opponent used Rabid Bite to take out my only flying blocker and swung in with everyone again.  I blocked what I could and went down to 2 life.  Luckily I top decked the exact card I needed to - Altered Ego.  I had it enter the battlefield as a copy of Ormendahl with 5 +1/+1 counters.  This stopped my opponent from being able to attack in and they conceded.

Round 3

I faced off against blue/red deck for the last round.  In the first game, I didn't see much from my opponent (only a Lamplighter of Selhoff) and took the game easily.

In the second game, my opponent put up more of a fight, starting out with a Stitched Mangler, Pyre Hound, and Drownyard Explorers.  However I took the upper hand with Stormrider Spirit getting in for damage while I had Ongoing Investigation on the battlefield, letting me draw more cards.  Adding in removal with Sinister Concoction and Sleep Paralysis and I took the second game as well to finish with a 2-1 record for the draft.

Shadows over Innistrad Draft Retrospective

I did my first retrospective after 10 SOI drafts and was planning on doing my next one after 10 more, but the season is ending and so we'll wrap it up here.  Other than SOI, I have only played a handful of drafts, so this was my first time playing a draft over the full course of its run.  Let's see how I

Format Deck Round of First Loss Record
3x SOI  BR 2 2-1
3x SOI  UG 1 2-1
3x SOI  UB 1 2-1
3x SOI  BG 1 1-2
3x SOI  WB 2 1-2
3x SOI  WR 1 2-1
3x SOI  WR - 3-0
3x SOI  WG 1 2-1
3x SOI  WU 3 2-1
3x SOI  WuG 1 1-2
3x SOI  UB 3 2-1
3x SOI  GB 2 2-1
3x SOI  RB 3 2-1
3x SOI  RG 1 1-2
3x SOI  UG 2 1-2
3x SOI  UBg 1 2-1 
Swiss record frequency:
Record Count
0-3 0
1-2 5
2-1 10
3-0 1
Round of first loss frequency:
Round Count
1 8
2 4
3 3
None 1

So in half of my drafts, I suffered my first loss in the first round of the event.  Then, of the remaining, I lost half the time in the 2nd round.  The sample size is pretty small for the final round of the draft after going 2-0, with 3 losses and 1 win.  It seems like my performance was pretty average as far as odds of winning the events.  One thing I would say is looking at how my performance was over the course of the season, the second half was better than the first half.  Hopefully that means I improved not only for SOI specifically but for drafting in general, and I start off on a stronger note for Eldritch Moon.

In my last retrospective, I had set a goal to have at least a 50% win rate in the first round, which I achieved winning 4 out of 6.  My second goal was 2 first place finishes.  I ended up with 2 second place finishes, though this was out of 6 events instead of the original 10.  Overall I'm pretty happy with how I did but hoping to improve for the next season.

Thanks for watching or reading!