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Aug 18 2016 12:00pm
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 We've got another great draft this week.  Take a look at the video, decklist and write-up below!

Eldritch Moon Draft #3

Click to expand visual pick-by-pick of the draft!



Draft Notes

I started off strong with a Thalia, and followed that up with 3 more white cards.  Pick 5 I had to make a consideration of which way to go for a second color.  There was a Boon of Emrakul which was probably the best card, but I thought I had been seeing better blue cards so I took the Tattered Haunter.  In the second pack, I started off with a  Murder followed by two Boon of Emrakuls to get myself into black.  The removal in this deck ended up top notch.  My curve was very low so I went with 16 lands.

After playing the deck and looking back after the draft, I had a lot of nice synergies here.  Topplegeist, Expose Evil, and Thalia tapping down creatures for Murderous CompulsionEternal Scourge and Desperate Sentry's ability taking advantage of Eldrazi synergies with Extricator of Sin.  I had solid delirium enablers with enchantments that could easily go to the graveyard, an artifact creature, and Crow of Dark Tidings to put cards in the yard, and Extricator of Sin to sacrifice permanents.  I wish I could say I was thinking about all of these as I drafted but it was really just a happy coincidence.

Round 1

First up was an opponent with a green/red deck.  I got a couple small creatures on the battlefield to start things off, then after playing a Thalia, my opponent played a Kessig Dire Swine tapped and I was able to use Murderous Compulsion on it.  The next turn they enchanted their Gatstaf Arsonists with Senseless Rage, and I forced him to sacrifice it with Blessed Alliance.  From there I just swung in for the win.

The second game was much more competitive.  My opponent started things off with two Thermo-Alchemists (TA), which would be a thorn in my side for most of the game.  I pinged in with a Topplegeist for a bit of damage, but I kept getting pinged with the two TAs once or twice a turn.  The two cards I had to help delay the inevitable were Blessed Alliance and Spectral Reserves which both gained me life.  I drew into a Boon of Emrakul to take care of one TA.  At the end of the 9th turn, I was down to 1 life, my opponent had TA, Howlpack Wolf, Emrakul's Evangel, and Watcher in the Web.  I had Extricator of Sin on the board.  I cast Blessed Alliance to gain 4 life, hoping that my opponent didn't have an instant - luckily they didn't.  I flipped the Extricator of Sin, drew Ironclad Slayer to get back Boon, and hit the remaining TA with it to take away my opponent's clock on me.  I found my other removal and solid creatures to end up coming back from this one!  A very exciting game to start the draft.

Round 2

My opponent in Round 2 had a green/black deck.  Thanks to my removal like Book of Emrakul, Murder, Murderous Compulsion, and Kindly Stranger, I was able to take the first game.

Second game, I had strong removal to start things off - Puncturing Light for Mournwillow followed up by Blessed Alliance to take out Solitary Hunter.  A Boon of Emrakul for Olivia's Dragoon and there wasn't much my opponent could do, and I took the second game to head to the finals!

Round 3

This opponent had a blue/green emerge deck.  In the first game it was my flyers that did all the work - Topplegeist and Spectral Reserves were able to continue pounding in.  My opponent did have a Stormrider Spirit that slowed me down, but a Boon of Emrakul took care of that and I won the first game.

Second game my opponent had two earlier flyers - a Stormrider Spirit again as well as a Silent Observer.  A Boon of Emrakul and Murder took care of those, and once those were out of the way I was able to cruise in for the victory and win the draft! 

I hadn't expected the deck to do this well, taking the 1st place for the draft and not losing a game.  Definitely a lot of fun when your deck comes together like this - let's hope this starts a trend!  Thanks for watching, stay tuned for another draft next week!