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Aug 25 2016 12:00pm
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Here's this week's draft - enjoy!

Eldritch Moon Draft #4

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Draft Notes

Started off very strong with Boon of Emrakul, and 2 Galvanic Bombardments so I focused on black/red from the start.  Pack 2 Pick 3 I had a nice choice of cards - Olivia's Dragoon, Ruthless Disposal, Alchemist's Greeting, Cryptbreaker, and Vildin-Pack Outcast.  I went with Cryptbreaker, and my second choice probably would have been Ruthless Disposal.  Pack 2 Pick 6 I took Noose Constrictor, but I probably should have just stuck to my colors and taken Stensia Innkeeper.  My curve ended up very low, with 8 spells with 1 CMC.  Overall I think the draft went OK, but I certainly didn't feel very positive after submitting my deck.

Round 1

For the first match I faced off against a red/white deck that was splashing black (although I didn't see any black cards).  We trade creatures and removal back and forth for the early stages of the game, and they get ahead on board with a Thraben Inspector, Ravenous Bloodseeker, Skin Shedder, and Drogskol Shieldmate to my Crow of Dark Tidings.  However, Spreading Flames helps take care of a couple of those creatures leaving them with Thraben Inspector and Drogskol Shieldmate.  I try to come back with a Boon of Emrakul and Ember-Eye Wolf, however they are able to flip a Smoldering Werewolf and swing in for the win.

Second game was pretty straightforward. I was able to beat down with creatures and top decked a Spreading Flames to clear their side of the board to take the game.

In the last game, I was getting low on time so I had to pay close attention to the clock.  It ended up coming down to the last minutes of time, where I was able to cast Galvanic Bombardment for 3 targeting their Subjugator Angel and swing in for the win of the game and match.

Round 2

This round was a match against a fellow red/black deck.  I started off the game with 4 Swamps and no Mountains, but I kept on curve with a Ghoulcaller's Accomplice, Kindly Stranger, and Weirded Vampire.  I was able to stay ahead in the game and use Skirsdag Supplicant to drain some of my opponent's life and swing in for the win.

In the second match I had a much tougher challenge.  They used Weaver of Lightning as an excellent blocker and as a way to ping off creatures.  They ended up with the better board presence and won this game.

In the last match we had a lot of back and forth as our clocks wound down.  Again Weaver of Lightning was a strong card for them, shutting off my evasive threat of Crow of Dark Tidings.  They took the game and the match beating down with Thraben Foulbloods and Bedlam Reveler.  (My opponent would go on to 3-0 the draft).

Round 3

In my last round, I faced a green/white/black deck.  In the first game my opponent seemed stuck on mana and died with 5 cards in hand.  Similarly for the second game, they drew only white and black sources and wasn't able to consistently deal with my threats, and I took the win in this match to end the event at 2-1. 

Nice to end the event with 2 wins and have a strong showing I think against the eventual winner of the draft.  Thanks for reading/watching!