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Sep 08 2016 12:00pm
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Enjoy this week's draft!  Next week I'll be featuring a draft league as the swiss queues are being removed.

Eldritch Moon Draft #6

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Draft Notes

I'm playing 6-2-2-2 this week, as opposed to my normal pack-per-win.  I decided to try this out as I've been doing pretty well in the pack-per-win queues, and I figure playing against better competition will help to improve my own skill at draft.  When leagues come out, I think I will start out in the 6-2-2-2 leagues and see how I fair.

First pick I was looking at either Boon of Emrakul or Ruthless Disposal, and I chose Disposal.  I followed this up with Savage Alliance, which is a great second pick, though I had to pass another Boon.  Third pick, I was able to pick one up - crazy that I saw 3 in a row.  Fourth pick had no red and nothing good in black, so I took Ulvenwald Captive.  I didn't feel too great about the rest of the picks in that pack, though I was lucky to get Markov Crusader late.  Second pack started off with a Smoldering Werewolf, followed by Olivia's Dragoon, Galvanic Bombardment, Insatiable Gorgers, and another Galvanic Bombardment.  A great start to that pack but then the cards dried up, with only an Alchemist's Greeting a card I was happy to see.

Third pack also started off well with Sinister Concoction, Mindwrack Demon, and Mad Prophet.  The rest of the pack I was able to get cards to fill out my deck.  In the end, my deck was OK, though I wasn't totally happy with some of the creatures I had to play.  Let's see how I did in the matches!

Round 1

From the start, I knew I was going to be in for a tough match, as I was facing a blue/green emerge deck.  When this deck comes together, it is very powerful.  My opponent took the first game, with cards like Bloodbriar and Lashweed Lurker getting in for hits.  Towards the end of the game, their  Epitaph Golem allowed them to return their good cards to his library, then they shuffled it with their Warped Landscape giving them better odds of drawing them.  I couldn't keep up and lost this one.

The second game started even worse for me, as my opponent played a third turn Ulvenwald Mysteries.  After trading back and forth in combat, the board filled with 1/1 tokens and I couldn't keep pace.

Round 2

For this round, my opponent was playing the same colors as me - red/black.  We started off the game each needing the opposite color - I played 5 swamps and they 4 mountains before anyone was able to have lands that produced different colors of mana.  My opponent moved ahead on board, with Falkenrath Reaver, Scourge Wolf, Haunted Dead, Weirded Vampire, and a Spirit token, however my hand was full of removal - Sinister Concoction, Savage Alliance, Alchemist's Greeting, and Ruthless Disposal.  I was able to clear the board over a few turns and we ended up in a top deck war, and my opponent was able to come out on top with an Abundant Maw that drained me enough so they could deal lethal in combat.

Second game my opponent played an early Call the Bloodline, generating a lot of 1/1 Vampire Knights - luckily I had Savage Alliance in hand.  After I cast it, my removal was able to keep up pace with their output of creatures and I won the game.

In the third game, we started out trading creatures, but once I had a flipped Convicted Killer I was able to pound in for the win to take the match and go to 1-1 in the event.

Round 3

In the last round of the event, my opponent played a red/blue deck.  In the first game, they played an early Wretched Gryff and Blood Mist, letting them get through for a ton of damage that I had no way of dealing with, so they took the first game pretty quickly.

Second game was much more exciting, I took an early lead but my opponent fought back and I had to eke out every point of damage I could.  In the end, I think my opponent made a mistake attacking with a flyer while I had Olivia's Dragoon out on the battlefield and I took this game.

In the final game, my opponent again had Blood Mist, this time buffing a Deranged Whelp.  We were racing for damage, and I thought it was safe to let more damage through but my opponent had Borrowed Hostility, giving the Whelp +3/+0 - with double strike that's 6 extra damage, which was just enough for lethal.  That gave me a 1-2 record to end the event. 

I didn't go into much detail about them in the write-up as I couldn't remember them all, but I do know while I was playing I made a lot of mistakes.  Hopefully I learn from my misplays here and do better next time.  Next week should feature my first coverage of a draft league, so be sure to check it out.