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Sep 14 2016 12:00pm
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Welcome to my first article featuring a draft league!  I expect I'll continue to play in the 6-2-2-2 leagues in the future.  I had a good experience in the league.  I like the flexibility leagues provide in allowing you to choose when to start your next match.  Though when I record I plan to play them all in the same session, I can now choose if/when I take a break, which is nice.  There is of course a different "feel" to a league compared to a queue but right now the tradeoff is worth it.  Maybe that will change in the future.  Have you tried a draft league yet? What was your experience like?  Share in the comments!

Eldritch Moon Draft #7

Click to expand visual pick-by-pick of the draft!


Draft Notes

Note that draft leagues don't save your deck in the "Freeform" section.  Since I was exporting from there to generate the decklists used in the article, I had to take a screenshot instead.  Sorry for the inconvenience here.

I started off strong with Selfless Spirit, Incendiary Flow, and Choking Restraints.  I was heavy into white after the first pack.  First pick of the second pack I had to decide between Galvanic Bombardment and Murder.  With double black in the cost of Murder I chose to go with Bombardment.  By the end of the pack I knew my second color would be red.

After the end of the third pack, I had three enchantments geared towards an aggressive deck - Nahiri's Machinations, Blood Mist, and Stensia Masquerade.  I decided to main deck Machinations and Blood Mist.  In retrospect I think I would have just included Blood Mist.  Non-creature, non-removal spots in a deck are at a premium and I don't think Machinations was high enough impact to include in there as well.  Also, I think I would have liked one more artifact creature to help get delirium.

Round 1

In the first round I faced off against a blue/red spells deck.  They landed a early Thermo-Alchemist that I quickly killed with an Incendiary Flow.  They had a backup one to drop soon after, but my Blood Mist did a lot of work to help put on pressure.  Another nice play was sacrificing Desperate Sentry to Extricator of Sins ability, giving me two 3/2 Eldrazi Horrors.  I was able to swing in for the win to take the first game.

Second game, I put on the pressure with a Voldaren Duelist and Gatstaf Arsonists, while my opponent was stuck on 3 lands.  I kept pumping out creatures and eventually took this one as well to win the match.

Round 2

Second match was against a blue/black zombies deck.  I have to say this deck was incredibly synergistic - almost every creature was a zombie, plus they had the payoff Zombie cards.  Gisa and Geralf is an incredibly strong card in a zombie-focused deck, virtually opening up their hand to include all the creatures in his graveyard.  Suffice it to say, I struggled mightily in the matchup and lost in 2 games.

Round 3

In my last matchup, I faced a red/black deck.  In the first game, my opponent beat me down with some early creatures and spot removal.  Not sure if I made all the right decisions in how I played here (a theme I'll repeat as I go on in this match!).

Early on in the second game, I swung my Selfless Spirit into an Olivia, Mobilized for War, not realizing she had flying - an early misplay here.  My opponent later played Assembled Alphas, and I thought the game would be pretty much gone, though I was at 20 life so I had some to spare.  With my opponent at 18 life, I made an attack to swing in for 9 damage, cutting their life total in half.  My opponent used Malevolent Whispers to steal Dauntless Cathar, but I just blocked with Desperate Sentry to get a 3/2 Eldrazi.  I swung in for another attack to bring their life total down to 9.  I took 3 damage off Assembled Alphas ability, forgetting that it triggered when he blocked creatures.  Next turn, my opponent stole an Eldrazi Horror with Malevolent Whispers and swing in with the Alphas, Olivia, and the Horror.  I just chump blocked the Horror with Extricator of Sin and went down to 4.  The following turn I just swung in with both the Horror and Dauntless Cathar to win the game!  I'm not sure my opponent played correctly here so I felt lucky to come out with the win.

In the third game, my opponent was stuck on 3 Swamps early on, so I had the advantage in building up the board.  On turn 8 though, they were able to get out Olivia.  I could have won that turn if I played my land for the turn pre-combat, as I could have pumped the Bold Impaler twice - although perhaps my opponent would have blocked then seeing the possibility.  That brought his life total down to 1.  Although I did end up seeing it when I cast the spell, I had Dance with Devils in hand which basically guaranteed me the win, because if he blocked when the devils attacked I would have just pinged him with the ability for the damage.  That's the card that won me the game and I took the match, leaving me with a 2-1 record for the event.

Thanks for reading/watching!  As mentioned above I'll be back next week featuring another draft league recap.  


I have since realized that by mtgo_theater at Wed, 09/14/2016 - 12:07
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I have since realized that decklists are exportable from the draft deckbuilding interface. I'll include the decklist a usual in my next article.