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By: mtgo_theater, MTGO Theater
Sep 22 2016 12:00pm
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Welcome to another edition of MTGO Theater!  Second week in a row I ended up in white/red.  Take a look below to see how I fared this time!

Eldritch Moon Draft #8

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Draft Notes

First and second picks of P1 and P2 were Savage Alliance followed by Galvanic Bombardment - can't say that getting the same two first picks has ever happened to me before!  I drafted Ride Down pick 4 overall betting I would end up red/white, which paid off.  Not sure if that is the best call, but it felt like it was worth taking a risk on a multicolored card there.  Overall I'm happy with how I drafted.

Round 1

First round I faced off a mono-red opponent.  In the first game my opponent was stuck on 3 Mountains and a Dawn Gryff plus (Conduit of Ruins) gave me the win.  Second game my opponent did a much better job hitting their curve, and an Uncaged Fury on an Insatiable Gorgers finished me off.  In the final game, Faithbearer Paladin started putting the game out of reach of my opponent, as I swung the game 6 points a turn.  My opponent had two Vildin-Pack Outcasts on board on turn 10, however they mistakenly pumped their Outcast one too many times, giving it 0 toughness.  I think I would have had the game anyway, with Dawn Gryff getting in for some evasive damage.

Round 2

My second opponent played a blue/red deck.  First game I won completely due to my flyers and removal.  Falkenrath Reaver equipped with Gryff's Boon plus Spectral Reserves let me get in for damage, while Bound by Moonsilver locked down their best creature.  There was a similar story in the second game - Spectral Reserves, Dawn Gryff, and Emissary of the Sleepless all let me get in for damage while Savage Alliance, Ride Down, and Galvanic Bombardment took down their creatures, letting me win the match.

Round 3

The last match-up was definitely the toughest, playing against a black/blue deck.  First game my opponent was beating down with flyers and Abundant Maw.  They played a Thing in the Ice that I used Choking Restraints on, but later I realized this was a bit of a waste as there was no way my opponent had enough spells to flip it quickly.  I should have saved it or used it on a bigger creature.  The game was over once my opponent activated the ability of Grisly Anglerfish, forcing all of my creatures to attack.

Second game I had a turn two Ember-Eye Wolf, which I equipped turn three with Gryff's Boon.  I figured I had to be aggressive as my opponent had a much better late game, so my plan was to attack in and pump the wolf as much as I'd be able to.  To win the game I used Ride Down on a flashed in Stormrider Spirit.

In the last game, like the first my opponent got an early Abundant Maw, which put me in a tough position.  I triple blocked to kill it, but they had Borrowed Malevolence and blew me out.  We each built our board up a bit, but finally they cast another Abundant Maw, losing me enough life to lose the game and the match. 

So I ended up at 2-1 this week, and came within a game of 3-0.  Still waiting to get an undefeated record in a draft league and earn one of those trophies!  Thanks for reading/watching!