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By: mtgo_theater, MTGO Theater
Oct 04 2016 12:00pm
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 Welcome to another edition of MTGO Theater.  Let's get right to the draft!

Eldritch Moon Draft #9

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Draft Notes

This draft did not feel that great to me.  I didn't end up with any bombs, only had mediocre removal, and did not have high hopes entering the first round.

Round 1

My first opponent had a black/red deck.  First game my opponent got off to a great start, taking me down very quickly.

Second game was a bit more balanced.  I started off with a Town Gossipmonger  which I flipped by tapping an Ingenious Skaab.  Unfortunately my opponent had a Murder to take care of the Skaab.  We traded blows and my opponent tried to use Savage Alliance to destroy the flipped Town Gossipmonger, however I was able to flash in Drogskol Shieldmate to save it.  They followed this up by casting Collective Brutality discarding Gisa's Bidding to destroy my Dawn Gryff.  By this point, I knew my deck was clearly outmatched, though thankfully I was able to keep pace.  I was able to get out a Stormrider Spirit and Avacynian Missionaries, which I equipped with a True-Faith Censer to flip and exile a Zombie token.  I chose that over the Pale Rider so that if they got rid of the Missionaries, they would not get a creature back.   They conceded after this to even up the match at one apiece.

In the final game, I started off with a Town Gossipmonger and two Tattered Haunters, hoping to be aggressive and get in there for some early damage.  We were about evenly matched on board, and when they swung in with Furyblade Vampire and an Eldrazi Horror token, I traded for my Steadfast Cathar and Moorland Drifter.  They murdered one of my Tattered Haunters but I was able to cast a Subjugator Angel to tap down their side.  Unfortunately that was quickly taken down with Alchemist's Greeting.  In the final board state before I knew I was out of luck, I had a Tattered Haunter and Dawn Gryff to their Thermo-Alchemist, Haunted Dead, Pale Rider of Trostad, and a Spirit token.  With me at 2 life and them at 6, I drew Lunarch Mantle.  I could have had lethal damage if they didn't have the Spirit token!  Unfortunately I lost this one to take a loss for the match.

Round 2

My second opponent had a green/black deck.  My opening hand had 6 lands and a Subjugator Angel,  which I mulliganed into 5 lands and a Fiend Binder.  Maybe I should have kept that one in retrospect since I had a scry as well, but I mulliganed again to go down to 5.  I was able to play a turn 2 Tattered Haunter though to start swinging in.  I got a Dawn Gryff as well though their Somberwald Stag took care of that quickly.  They beat down with the Stag and eventually had that plus Ulvenwald Observer, Backwoods Survivalists, and Aurora of Emrakul.  I couldn't keep up  and lost the first game.

Second game I had a better start with Town Gossipmonger followed by Guardian of Pilgrims, Cultist's Staff, Ingenious Skaab, and Fiend Binder.  We both built up our board, but I was able to keep the pressure on with tempo plays using Drag Under, Fiend Binder tapping their creatures, and Press for Answers.  My opponent started to get the upper hand and the game evened up,  but I was able to push through the final damage with an Ingenious Skaab equipped with Cultist's Staff and enchanted with Lunarch Mantle to win the second game.

In the last game my flyers were out early, with a Tattered Haunter followed by a Dawn Gryff.  I used Avacynian Missionaries equipped with True-Faith Censer to exile their Shrill Howler and stop it from potentially flipping in the next turn.  We traded blows back and forth as time dwindled down, and they were able to cast an Abundant Maw to deal the last 3 points of damage, giving me a loss for the game and the match. 

Unfortunately, we didn't get great results this week, though I have to say I'm happy with how well we were able to stay in competition given the relative weakness of the deck. 


Next week I'll to have a by mtgo_theater at Tue, 10/04/2016 - 12:36
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Next week I'll to have a Kaladesh draft to feature. If all goes well, I expect to be including a neat enhancement to the draft video that I haven't seen elsewhere, so be sure to check it out.