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By: stsung, Ren Stefanek
Dec 20 2016 1:00pm
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During the October Power Nine Challenge I clearly saw that URx Delver had great potential to be good in the current metagame. My build wasn't really good but going 5-1 was a surprise even to me. But as usual my last round did not end up well. After that I played in several tournaments, I mentioned those in my previous articles - MKM Series Vintage thanks to which I qualified for the Vintage SuperFinals 2017, SCG IQ Vintage side event and a Vintage Daily. It's probably not much compared to what some Vintage players can play in the United States time zones but it was a lot for someone living in my country. I also played some games in the TP room (where I don't usually play with this deck) and with my fellow local Vintage players. All these experiences made me think a lot and that is why I wrote the Power Nine Challenge Afterthoughts articles.

When I was playing at the MKM Series Vintage Main Event I felt relatively confident and I knew that I can do well. But I learned that playing during the day is something I'm not really good at. I certainly feel more awake during Power Nine Challenges or Vintage Daily events that take place during the night than playing Vintage in the morning. I won my first game easily and was paired against a good Mentor player. Everything seemed fine for me. I had lethal next turn and my opponent had only one card in his hand. I had also only had one card, but it was Mental Misstep. I hoped to hit the first cantrip my opponent would play. He played Brainstorm. I countered it. He played Ancestral Recall then. I knew that his only out was to draw a land, Mox/Lotus and Balance but I did not believe he would actually get to draw the cards. Well, he did and I lost. After probably the worst 30 seconds of a Magic game and this terrible loss I lost another match against a Death's Shadow deck. Against this deck I needed to win the first game because the post-board games are serious uphill battles. My opponent had nothing in his hand in the deciding game (just lands). He top decked Gush though, played Ancestral Recall and Dig Through Time and I knew that it was game over for me no matter how many Swords or Missteps I would have (I had 0 Swords in my deck). After this I won every single match but I felt cheated and wasn't really glad about those two losses I just couldn't do anything about. But I knew that this is also how Magic is and hoped that it would be me who would go 6-0 in a bigger event one day.

I returned from the tournament 10 minutes before the start of the Power Nine Challenge. I checked the number of participants, and it was low enough at the moment that I did not enroll. 5 minutes later though the number reached the minimum so I joined. I was hungry, thirsty, tired and tilted. Even though I got up at 5 am that day I knew I wouldn't fall asleep anytime soon since I was very angry from the earlier tournament. I checked my decklist and waited for round 1 while my flatmate was so kind to prepare some fast dinner. He kept me company while not commenting on my plays and decisions like many players here usually do, not caring that a judge can throw them out for outside assistance or unsporting conduct. But that is the good thing about Magic Online, one can play at home without being bothered by such players. My flatmate is certainly not such a player as he respects everyone. I was very grateful he stayed there for the whole Power Nine Challenge because I learned soon that I would need someone to keep me awake (when I finally calmed down I realized that I was exhausted).

When I wanted to join the P9C I realized that there were 14 cards in my sideboard. I added Flusterstorm. I got rid of Fragmentize and replaced it with Wear//Tear. At the Vintage Main Event I played prior to the P9C I played against 3 different Oath decks and I did not really feel well with Fragmentize in my hand. On the other hand I played 4 Containment Priests and those did their job well.

Round 1 - Hatebears
I kept a hand with Preordain, Delver of Secrets, Lightning Bolt, Flooded Strand, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy, Time Walk and Gush. My opponent won the die roll and they started with a Plains which wasn't followed by any Mox. That was good for me. I played my only land, fetched for an Island and played Ponder so I could find a land and Force of Will if possible. I found both cards I wished for. My opponent played Spirit of the Labyrinth that I let resolve since I had Lightning Bolt in my hand and did not really care about 3/1 body just yet, there were worse cards I would need to deal with (any Thalia). I played Delver of Secrets and let them play. Trinisphere appeared on the stack. Since I did not have any other land I had to simply counter that card. My opponent did not attack (or misclicked) so I was glad and waited for my Delver trigger. It flipped. I played Time Walk so I could attack once again and draw another card in a natural way of avoiding Spirit of the Labyrinth's ability. My hand became rather packed with cantrips, so I Bolted the Spirit and started looking for another threat. My opponent conceded soon after.

I sided out some Mental Missteps, Pyroblast, Stony Silence and put Containment Priests, Wear//Tear and Echoing Truth in. I kept a hand with Delver and Lightning Bolt again. The other cards were 2 lands, 2 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy and Gush. This time I started with Delver, my opponent started with Thalia, Guardian of Thraben. Again Delver was kind to me and flipped. I considered killing Thalia for a second but I decided to play Jace, Vryn's Prodigy instead which would give me more options and more value next turn. Jace alone could deal with the lone Thalia. My opponent played Thalia, Heretic Cathar next turn which I wasn't really glad about but I didn't really mind it either. I destroyed the first Thalia, played Gush so I could still have two mana available (because I would replay a land and I had a Mox in my hand). Jace transformed to a planeswalker form, made Thalia smaller and I Time Walked. It seemed as another easy victory. Still on that turn I checked my opponent's hand full of Thalias and Walked again. I got rid of my opponent's lone creature, played Delver while having Force of Will ready for anything they might play. The game was over soon.

Round 2 - White Eldrazi (1-0)
In the following round I was paired against Andy Probasco. I kept a hand with Delver of Secrets, Treasure Cruise, Scalding Tarn, Scalding Tarn, Force of Will, Tundra and Mental Misstep. I fetched for an Island (so I could keep my land in case of Wasteland) and played Delver. He played just Battlefield Forge and passed which suggested White Eldrazi with a red splash but I couldn't figure out what one would want to play. Sudden Demise and Sulfur Elemental came to my mind, but both cards seemed rather expensive (but if a deck can cast Reality Smasher, than what is 3 or 4 mana?). On my turn I played Young Pyromancer and attacked for 1 because Delver decided to stay in its human form. Andy played Wasteland and Thalia, Guardian of Thraben which I countered with Force of Will, creating a token. I played another Young Pyromancer and wondered if my opponent would play some red sweeper or not. He played Thalia, Heretic Cathar and destroyed my only red source of mana. That stopped my attack since neither of my Delvers were flipped yet. Next turn he played Eldrazi Displacer which wasn't really good for me, but still my Delvers could just flip and deal lethal in 2 turns and Containment Priest wasn't around just yet. On turn 5 my Delvers finally decided to flip. I played a bunch of cantrips, created some tapped Elementals and swung with Delvers. Andy conceded and it was time to sideboard.

I took out Mental Missteps and Pyroblast and put Ingot Chewers in. Containment Priest against Eldrazi Displacer is not a good idea so I let the card sit in my sideboard. My opening seven cards contained 4 cantrips that I decided to just ship. I took a mulligan and kept an ideal hand with Mox Ruby, Scalding Tarn, Young Pyromancer, Delver of Secrets, Gitaxian Probe and Lightning Bolt. After a while of thinking I kept Volcanic Island on top (because of Thorn effects). Andy played Thorn of Amethyst on turn 1 wrecking my plan of playing Young Pyromancer on turn 1. I decided to go for Delver instead of the Mox which wasn't the best idea I guess. My opponent followed up with Thalia, Guardian of Thraben forcing me to pay 2 for my Mox. He destroyed my Volcanic Island then. I played Young Pyromancer since I could play that without being taxed. Andy seemed to be flooded or drawing just Moxen or Thalias because he didn't play anything. Next turn I finally managed to play Lightning Bolt for 3 mana dealing with Thalia. I attacked with Delver keeping my Young Pyromancer behind. I did not want to attack straight into Containment Priest. I had plans for the young shaman having Gitaxian Probe and Ancestral Recall which I could possibly play if I would draw a land (Andy produced another Thalia). I Time Walked next turn and Andy conceded.

After our match a friend of mine told me he saw me on Andy's stream so I went to check it out as well. Our match was obviously over but I got to see some Paradoxical Outcome stuff.

Round 3 - Planeswalker Mentor (2-0)
Round 3 was simply epic. I kept a hand I did not like with 4 lands, Lightning Bolt, Delver of Secrets and Gush. My opponent started with Mox Emerald, Polluted Delta and Time Walk. Next turn they played Karakas and Mox Pearl which meant I wouldn't need to face Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Nahiri, the Harbinger came to my mind but did not end up in play either so all was good. I played Island and Delver of Secrets on turn 1 but my creature was immediately 'plowed'. Thankfully I drew another Delver, so I had something to play next turn (draw for the turn was yet another land). My opponent seemed desperate and played Balance. It actually seemed like a good idea since I had 5 cards in hand and they only had two. I discarded my 3 lands happily. I played Time Walk on my turn wishing for anything but land. I drew Ponder that showed me Polluted Delta, Dack Fayden, Treasure Cruise. I put Treasure Cruise on top and played Gush while my opponent still had only 2 cards in his hand. I played the Treasure Cruise and drew Mox Ruby, Lightning Bolt and Mental Misstep. I was quite content with it because that meant I could play Dack Fayden next turn (that I did not expect to be able to play after that Gush). My opponent drew a card and landed Nahiri, the Harbinger (so they were playing the card after all). I Bolted them twice thus getting rid of the Emrakul 'breaching' planeswalker. I drew Delver of Secrets but I still wanted to play Dack Fayden to make my hand a bit better. I got rid of 2 lands from my hands and kept Ancestral Recall I drew. My opponent still not having 2 Islands, played Gush for 5 mana and Probed me. Next turn I played Ancestral Recall being rather certain it would resolve and then I finally played the Delver I had in my hand for a while. I played a few cantrips then finally also seeing what the two cards in my opponent's hand are. It was actually one card in two copies - Monastery Mentor. I looted wondering if I shouldn't have done that earlier but this way I got to discard 2 land instead of some of my counterspells. My opponent finally played their Monastery Mentor that I let resolve since I could Bolt it. They followed with Treasure Cruise that I countered with Force of Will and Bolted the creature. The following turn I tried to find either removal or Force of Will for the second Mentor. I found a Force and Jace, Vryn's Prodigy. My opponent played Mentor that I countered and Dack Fayden which resolved. He looted, discarding Emrakul, shuffling his graveyard into his library. My Jace transformed. I finally got rid of my Missteps thanks to my Dack and found Young Pyromancer and Dig Through Time. I decided to dig and I choose to put Lightning Bolt and Pyroblast into my hand. I dealt with the opposing Dack Fayden and let my opponent play. It seemed nothing could go wrong except me timing out which was very likely. I started playing as fast as Magic Online allowed me (which wasn't really a blistering speed) a hoped my opponent would concede. They did fortunately for me saving me about 30 seconds.

I put Flusterstorms and Containment Priests in. My opponent started with a land, a Mox and Time Walk once again. I started with Delver, keeping a hand without disruption. I was glad about the creatures because usually it takes time before my board gets wiped. I played another Delver of Secrets and kept one mana open for Pyroblast. It was useless that turn since my opponent just played Supreme Verdict. Next turn it was time to play Young Pyromancer still with Pyroblast back up. The Young Pyromancer was targeted immediately by Force of Will so I targeted the Force with Pyroblast. After Pyromancer resolved I played Gush and hoped for something I could play next turn. My opponent did not destroy my creatures but instead played Jace, the Mind Sculptor bouncing my Pyromancer. At least I had something to play and could attack Jace with my lone Elemental. Pyromancer resolved again. My opponent played Dig Through Time which was pretty bad for me and exiled my Shaman. I played another Young Pyromancer and Dig Through Time of my own. I took yet another Young Pyromancer and Flusterstorm out of it. My opponent played a Balance I couldn't counter, and it killed my Elementals and Young Pyromancer. I played the third Young Pyromancer hoping I could still be able to do something against Jace, but I knew it was unlikely. Next turn I had to face Monastery Mentor and while my hand finally looked good I was unable to deal with 4 or more monks. I scooped because I had 7 minutes on my timer and did not want to go through Flusterstorm stack (which alone takes me about 3 minutes and I needed to finish a whole match in that time). I clicked on Submit Deck as soon as I saw it but was rewarded with a message "Your connection to Magic Online has failed." Since 3 minutes had already passed I got very upset since I managed to win game 1 against a deck I don't usually win. I restarted Magic Online, looked at my timer and hoped to win or lose in those few remaining minutes. I let my stream die and tried to win hoping I wouldn't lag much which would make me lose precious seconds. It was clear I would win the game but I did not dare to play Gush and Echoing Truth so I could certainly win and just hoped my 7 creatures in play would do the job. Hopefully my opponent did not manage to deal with all my creatures and they lost the match.


Round 4 - ?? (3-0)
After I managed to win in time I was immediately thrown into another match. Magic Online did not even open a new game window for that but just replaced my previous opponent with the new one (glad MTGO did that without crashing). Once again it was my opponent who was starting. He played Mox Sapphire, Volcanic Island and Young Pyromancer. I wasn't particularly happy about that since I kept a rather strange hand that was risky. I played Black Lotus, cracked it and played Preordain. I put both cards on the bottom hoping to draw Young Pyromancer as well. To my surprise I was saved, I drew it. I played it along with Delver of Secrets. My opponent played Wasteland and passed which was rather fishy. I played a land and Delver of Secrets, my opponent countered it with Mana Drain which got me confused even more. They played another Mox and Wasteland that hit my Tundra (which I played so I could keep a red source that I had in my hand). I flipped Delver with Lightning Bolt which I was very glad to see unlike my opponent. I played it targeting Young Pyromancer and swung with Delver for 3. My opponent played Dig Through Time completely tapping out which was rather convenient for me since it was practically a Time Walk for me. Next turn I played the real Time Walk and attacked once again. To my surprise my Young Pyromancer died to Sudden Shock which allowed me to keep attacking with Delver of Secrets. I drew Ponder and found Lightning Bolt. Next turn my Delver died to Sudden Shock. I attacked for 1 with my remaining Elemental, played Delver to lure Mental Misstep (which I did) and Bolted my opponent in response. The strangest game of the day was over and it was sideboard time again. I hoped my client wouldn't crash and stared at my sideboard for a bit. I put in Mountain and thought about Flusterstorm for a while. But then clicked on 'Submit Deck'.

I kept Young Pyromancer, Lightning Bolt, Volcanic Island, Mox Ruby, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy. I drew another Mox, so I played them both. Then I played Jace, keeping mana open for Bolt if by a chance my opponent would play Young Pyromancer again. They didn't. Instead they destroyed my only land. I looted and wondered what to discard. I discarded Lightning Bolt in the end remembering two Sudden Shocks. I played Young Pyromancer keeping another Young Pyromancer, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy and Force of Will in hand. My opponent played Mishra's Factory that I wasn't glad to see and Young Pyromancer that I countered. I drew Preordain and thought about keeping Force of Will instead of Young Pyromancer if I would also drew another blue card. I decided to keep the Force, discarded Young Pyromancer, attacked and passed. My opponent just played a land and passed. I drew another Force of Will so I could actually play my blue card. I drew Mental Misstep. Jace targeted Lightning Bolt so Mishra's Factory wouldn't block and if it would have tried blocking it would have most probably died to my Bolt. My opponent played Dig Through Time that I countered. I attacked with everything on my turn not targeting Bolt in my graveyard because I drew another one and had practically lethal damage if I counted cards in 3 different zones. I killed a Mishra's Factory that tried to block and Bolted my opponent to the face. That spell got countered with Flusterstorm which my Mental Misstep couldn't have stopped. My opponent conceded on his turn after he drew 4 cards that turn.


Round 5 - Jeskai Mentor (4-0)
While waiting for the next round to start I checked Rich Shay's stream just to see him die to an army of Monks. In the following round I was paired against his opponent so I knew they were on Jeskai Mentor at least. I Probed my opponent writing down Dack Fayden, Gush, Library of Alexandria, Mental Misstep, Preordain, Tundra and Pyroblast. Seeing that hand I was rather confident and played Delver of Secrets right into my opponent's Mental Misstep which would mean I wouldn't need to care about Library. I played Young Pyromancer that resolved even after my opponent played 2 cantrips. Then it was time for my Jace, Vryn's Prodigy to join Young Pyromancer. My opponent found Force of Will though and countered the card. I let Jace go because I wanted my Young Pyromancer to keep pressuring my opponent and would rather counter something like Balance. My opponent played Swords to Plowshares which wasn't the card I wanted to counter but I had to. I drew Black Lotus, played it which meant that I did not need to play one of my Forces for their alternative cost. My opponent was mana screwed and that Force of Will they played kept him out of active Library. On turn 6 he tried once again to deal with Young Pyromancer but they were already down to 5. I drew Lightning Bolt. I Bolted him in response to his Swords to Plowshares and dealt the remaining damage with the Elementals left behind from Forces and Lightning Bolt.

In game 2, a hand full of Moxen and land was not good so I clicked on Mulligan. I kept Delver of Secrets, Delver of Secrets, Flooded Strand, Volcanic Island, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy, Lightning Bolt. I played Delver of Secrets on my first turn. My opponent played Monastery mentor on turn 2. I tried playing Lightning Bolt hoping my opponent wouldn't have Mental Misstep. They did. I played another Delver of Secrets still hoping to race the Monks since my opponent had only 1 card in their hand by that time. They just attacked me, so I attacked back and played Jace, Vryn's Prodigy to be able to play Lightning Bolt to my opponent's face next turn to deal lethal with little bit of luck (hell a lot of it actually). My opponent to stay alive played Supreme Verdict dealing with both Delvers and Jace. I played Young Pyromancer and Preordain feeling rather confident once again. I still had Treasure Cruise and Mental Misstep for Swords or Ancestral Recall. My opponent played Snapcaster Mage in response to my Treasure Cruise but let it resolve. This way I knew that Young Pyromancer couldn't attack and it was up to my Elementals to deal the remaining damage. When Treasure Cruise was the only card in my graveyard I played Dig Through Time. I smiled at the thought of hard casting the spell. I put Gush and Ponder in my hand and passed the turn since I was staring at Monastery Mentor and Snapcaster Mage. Next turn when I untapped I played Ponder to lure some Mental Missteps again. My opponent though played Snapcaster Mage. So I had to play Lightning Bolt before this card resolved. Mentor silently died. I played Gush not really fearing Flusterstorm, if by chance I wouldn't draw Pyroblast (me being flooded came handy). My Ponder got countered with Misstep. I countered back to create more Elementals. I drew Preordain, played it. Then I destroyed my opponent's Mox in order to get one last token (why did I side that in?) and I swung with everything so my opponent would have to block with both Snapcaster Mages. He didn't draw Supreme Verdict/Balance so I won next turn.

Round 6 - Stax (5-0)
In the last round I was paired against Rich Shay who had the best tie breakers out of the 4-1 players. Since he was on his Stax special I kept my hand. Rich started with Null Rod which I did not really care much about. I looked at his hand with Gitaxian Probe - Ancient Tomb, Lodestone Golem, Null Rod, Phyrexian Revoker, Tangle Wire - and played Delver of Secrets and Mox Ruby so if I would have to face Tangle Wire sooner or later I would have something to tap (I did not need the mana from the Mox). But that was probably not going to happen soon since Lodestone Golem is simply a better card to play before Wire. After my opponent played Lodestone Golem I wondered if I want to play Ancestral Recall or destroy his Workshop. I decided that finding a Lightning Bolt will be more important since I can play it in upkeep. I drew Ponder, Lightning Bolt, Tundra. Rich followed with Tangle Wire and Phyrexian Revoker. He took quite a while figuring out what to name (so I was wondering if I did not get disconnected again) but finally he named Dack Fayden. I destroyed Lodestone Golem in my upkeep and tapped everything still untapped on my board. I played Black Lotus so I could keep a land and Delver untapped next turn and finally destroyed my opponent's Workshop. He played Sphere of Resistance and attacked with Phyrexian Revoker changing my life total to 7. But I had time and I also still had Time Walk in my hand so I did not worry much about my low life total. My Delver was still in 1/1 form did not fear anything and attacked. On turn 5 I finally got to use my lands and Delver finally flipped - I myself had to put Lightning Bolt on top of my library! I Bolted the Phyrexian Revoker, played another Delver, and let Rich play. He was drawing blanks for the rest of the game I guess and Delvers flew for the victory.

Sideboarding was a bit trickier this time because I wanted to put Rest in Peace in alongside all the artifact removal. I kept a hand with everything I needed for the rest of the game. I played Delver of Secrets. My opponent played Thorn of Amethyst and followed it up with Ensnaring Bridge. I did not care about the Bridge and let it resolve, not only did I have enough artifact removal in my deck I also had it in my hand. The first turn my opponent had 3 cards in his hand so I could attack and deal with Bridge next turn. I did not play Young Pyromancer because I wanted to keep 1 mana open so I could counter something like Crucible of Worlds. Rich played Bazaar of Baghdad, used it and then played the aforementioned Crucible of Worlds. I Forced the card pitching Ancestral Recall. Next turn without any disruption in hand I destroyed Ensnaring Bridge and played another Delver. Rich played Lodestone Golem which I Bolted for 3 mana and just attacked back. There probably wasn't a single card in my opponent's deck to deal with two Delvers when my opponent decided not to keep some cards in hand so he could use his Bazaar. I ended up with Rest in Peace in my hand not even playing it.

After I won this match I was bound to enter top 8 from the first position. Rich Shay would be near the 8th place but probably higher so I didn't know who my next opponent would be. To my surprise it was K0de who I always see playing Shops. K0de plays well and usually sticks to traditional builds. I did not expect anything like Car Shops even though I expected some Foundry Inspectors that proved to be good.

Round 7 - TKS Shops (6-0)
My replay does not show my 7 nor 6 cards. But I remember that if I wouldn't be playing against Shops I would have kept those seven cards and I could have obviously kept the hand after seeing what my opponent kept. I had a land, no disruption, Ponder, Preordain and Gitaxian Probe. I'm don't know what the rest of the cards were (no creatures, no Mox, so possibly Time Walk). Since I wasn't on play I decided to take a mulligan because one single Sphere effect would kill me. My hands usually get better and against Shops I often win with 5 cards. Six cards were unplayable though and my 5 wasn't any better. It was better in terms of having Island, Volcanic Island and Jace, Vryn's Prodigy. My top decks were good though. I drew Young Pyromancer followed by Force of Will so nothing was lost yet. Turn 2 Triskelion was a card I had to counter and I hoped I'd live long enough to land a Jace. But that was not to be, because k0de played Thought-Knot Seer leaving me with just a few lands in my hand. I had many creatures in play, got rid of Tolarian Academy so my opponent wouldn't be able to play Triskelion or Hangarback Walker to deal lethal damage with Arcbound Ravager. I attacked with everything not considering that lethal could be dealt back. There was one card that would kill me though - Fleetwheel Cruiser. I doubted my opponent would have that in his deck. But it was the card he top decked and played. Anyway I had to attack with everything the previous turn so my opponent wouldn't get the luxury to kill my Delvers (I think, that's why I attacked with everything).

After this game the Power Nine Challenge was over for me once again. I still had a game to play but my opponent started with turn 1 Trinisphere. A card that usually kills me when paired with 4 power creature. Thought-Knot Seer followed, stripping me of the card that I wanted to play next turn to deal with Trinisphere. I could have possibly double bolted TKS then to get back into the game but it was not to be. I played Preordain instead. I drew Black Lotus which meant I could still double bolt the creature next turn. My opponent would have to draw blanks for two turns though. He played Triskelion instead of my wished 'nothing'. I could still deal with that if I would have drawn Ingot Chewer and k0de would just pass the turn. I drew the aforementioned Elemental but my opponent played yet another Triskelion killing me that turn with it.


After the Power Nine Challenge I did not really get much time to think about the whole event. When I was eliminated I received a Vintage challenge. I accepted it not even thinking about what I would face. That player borrowed 4 Wastelands and 4 Grafdigger's Cages from me (kind of, for an indefinite period of time as it seems) so I expected something 'MUDdy'. We talked during the tournament and he mentioned Eldrazi but I obviously forgot that. His first land drop gave away the information about his deck though - it was Eldrazi Temple. His Eldrazi creatures overran me in the first game pretty fast. I simply couldn't do a thing. The second game was quite funny. Have you ever kept a hand that contained only creatures and fast mana?


I was staring at the hand for a while. My brain already recognized that as keep but figuring out what seemed odd took me a while. After I kept the hand, the game was over in 3 turns. The third game looked rather similar. I did not have Black Lotus so I could skip 2 turns so I played Delver of Secrets on turn 1 and Young Pyromancer on turn 2. On turn 3 I played yet another Young Pyromancer. 3 turns later, Eldrazi couldn't keep up with my army of 1/1s and lost.

After the match I excused myself because I was hardly paying attention to what was going on in the game and went to sleep. I couldn't fall asleep though. I was too conflicted. Why did I win those 6 rounds? Was it luck?


It was a good year for Delver and I'm glad about it. Even though I always manage to lose in the first round of the elimination rounds I was grateful to make it there. I entered top 8 twice undefeated, and in the other cases with X-2 record. I'd rather enter the top 8 with X-1 record but for that I still need to learn more and not make silly mistakes that I do from time to time (and not misclick, I have many misclick stories I can tell). I placed quite well in the Vintage tournaments I played in. Now it is time to let Delver rest. The card was reluctant to flip often but it did a great job at killing my opponents. It was a great journey with Delver in my deck but now it's time to explore other decks. I was always intrigued by Blue Moon that I wanted to make work. I did not succeed. I'm not willing to let Young Pyromancer go that easily but I might as well. I'm trying my luck with different Emrakuls lately. Next year I hope to have more free time and I'd like to try different decks rather than try finishing in top8s of upcoming tournaments. You may not see me at top tables but I will be around and happy to play Vintage with you.

Thank you for reading my articles
S'Tsung (stsung on modo, stsungjp on twitter)