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Apr 23 2007 1:30pm
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Overanalyzing MysticLancer’s 999 Draft #2

Pete Jahn

MysticLancer has been doing a draft recap series.  Read them:  Draftingwith MysticLancer: 999, Draftingwith MysticLancer: 999 Take 2, and Draftingwith MysticLancer: 999 Take 3.  ML is not Rich Hoean, but he isn’t bad, either.  ML is learning and he honest about his drafts.  It will be fun to watch his skills and knowledge improve.   I hope he keeps the series going for a while. Most importantly, he does the work necessary to get his articles finished.   That is no small feat. This article started as a series of comments I kept trying to post in response his articles.  However, my firewall, IE7 and the PureMTGO website don’t get along – and after a dozen different attempts and seeing this a lot.

Yeah, if I wasn’t such a Ludite, I would know how to fix this, or at least know better than to use Microsoft products.  Yeah, but the place I work requires me to do some work at home.  They have provided my a complete copy of MS Office for a ridiculously cheap price, so I’m stuck with it.   I could run multiple systems – but I’ve learned.  Years ago, my home system was running Microsoft products and cutting edge games on a dual boot machine running DR DOS 7 and OS/2.  That provided enough experience with software glitches and incompatibility to last me. 
Whatever.  I could not post feedback.  So, if I cannot comment one way, I’ll try another.  As an article.  I’m not trying to dis MysticLancer in any way.  His article is interesting, and the points he makes both before and after are important.  I just want to use his draft to illustrate some additional points.   
ML did a triple Ninth Edition draft, in the 4-3-2-2 queue.   That means he was drafting three packs of Ninth Edition, which is a fairly small card pool (compared to Time Spiral / Planar Chaos or Ravnica / Guild Pact / Dissension, for example.)   The 4-3-2-2 means that the winner wins four pack, second place gets three packs, and fourth and fifth win two packs each.  ML drafted a WB deck, and finished with 2 packs.  Not bad.  He also discussed forcing, and looked at how his draft could have gone better had he drafted RG instead.  Since I can’t resist analyzing drafts, I’ll do the same. 
MysticLancer tried to force WB, since it had served him well the previous draft.  Forcing can be a problem, especially if the player upstream from you does the same thing.  However, I will also look that the draft, assuming I was forcing UW.  UW is the combination I prefer, since those colors have the best evasion in the format, very solid removal, good tricks and card drawing.  In the end, I’ll wind up with at least three possible builds. 
I’ll walk through the draft pick by pick, for the most part.  I’ll show any interesting cards in each pack, and list the others (except the basic land – I’m going to ignore those.)  I’ll follow with some comments, both on the card picked, and on what you can learn about the other drafters.  

Pack One, Pick One

Story Circle
Rod of Ruin
Volcanic Hammer
Spirit Link
Hollow Dogs
Trained Armodon
Infantry Veteran

also in the pack ReclaimFlight, Storm Crow, MendingHands, Rogue Kavu, Highway Robber

The best card in this pack is clearly Pyroclasm.  It can often be mass removal – and it kills a lot of the most annoying cards in the format (Royal Assassin, Master Decoy, Puppeteer, Anaba Shaman, etc.)   It is like a mini Wrath of God – and Wrath is the best card you can open in this format.   Yes, Pyroclasmoften kills your creatures, too, but you know it’s coming, and you can play around it.  Game two, you can often bluff attacks through, once your opponent knows you have it.  For example, you attack with a couple 2/2s into their 6/4 CrawWurm.  Do they block, and possibly lose the Craw Wurm to Pyroclasm? Probably not. The other solid cards are Story Circle, Volcanic Hammer, Rod of Ruin, Hollow Dogs and Trained Armodon. Story Circle can really shut down a color – but it is so very, very slow that I rarely play it.  It is good, but it requires a deck with a lot of ways of slowing down an opponent early – e.g. cards like TimeEbb, (Horned Turtle) and so forth – to buy time to get the Circle in play, and lots of white mana available.  Story Circle also only shuts down one color – and draft decks are nearly always two colors.   That does not mean it is bad – it is just not better than Pyroclasm.  Which leaves only one other reason to first pick it:  it's value.  Time permitting, a quick check of the MTGOTraders site would reveal that Story Circle sells for under a buck. That is not worth wasting a first pick on.  Story Circle can get maybe half a TIX in trade, if you are really lucky.  Pyroclasm can win you a pack or three in the draft.  Packs >> Story Circle.
Volcanic Hammer is a very good red card.  It kills most creatures in the format, and can even go to the head, to finish the game.  It is a very solid pick – it is just not quite Pyroclasm.
Rod of Ruin is colorless direct damage, albeit slow and just one point.  It is very solid – but not Pyroclasm.    Ditto Hollow Dogs and Trained Armodon – they are both the best cards in their colors, but not even close to Rod of Ruin, much less Pyroclasm.
Pyroclasm is the pick, even if I were forcing UW.  I don’t see anything in UW I really want, and Pyroclasm kills a lot of the UW air force I will be relying on to win.  Even UW takes Pyroclasm.

Pick 2 :

Baleful Stare
Guerrilla Tactics
Kami of Old Stone
Llanowar Elves
Pegasus Charger
Trained Armodon
Highway Robber
Infantry Veteran

also in the pack:  Contaminated Bond, Shatter, Fishliver Oil, Storm Crow and Rogue Kavu

The person feeding us cards – the person to our left – took the rare.  That may mean that he/she opened a bomb, or that they are just rare-drafting.  We hope for the latter, because it will mean that we get more good cards.
The first question in this pack is whether we want to draft red or not.  GuerrillaTactics is a very strong red card.  It’s removal, it can hit the opponent, etc.  It is a great red card.  If we take it, we could still draft other colors, and just splash red for these two cards.  More importantly, if we pass it, we are probably locking ourselves out of red.  We will have passed two strong red cards (VolcanicHammer and (Guerilla Tactics)) in a row.  The person on our right should see the red cards as among the strongest cards in the packs, and will probably be drafting red now.  That means that they will take the best red cards from now on, so we will not see any good red in pack two. If I am forcing UW, I take the PegasusCharger, since it is a very solid flier.  If I am not forcing UW, I think I take the Tactics.


Pack 3:

Creeping Mold
Counsel of the Soratami
Hill Giant
Order of the Sacred Bell
Lava Axe
Spineless Thug

Also in the pack: Demystify, Crafty Pathmage, WanderguardSentry, Angelic Blessing

Assuming I have picked Pyroclasm and Tactics, I am not amazed by Red here.  Hill Giant is a perfectly acceptable card, but nothing to cheer about.   “Hill Giant” is the generic term for a 3/3 creature costing four mana.  “Grey Ogre” means a 2/2 creature for three mana.  Hill Giants and Grey Ogres are the minimum standards for playable creatures.  Creatures that cost more for the same P/T need special abilities in order to justify the extra cost.  Hill Giant almost always makes the deck.  Wanderguard Sentry, by comparison, is a 3/3 for five mana, with a very marginal ability, and I never want to play him if I have any alternatives.
Anyway, Hill Giant is acceptable, if you don’t want to change colors, but it is worth looking to see what the other colors offer.  Lava Axe, which does nothing to stop you from losing unless your opponent is already at five life or less, is not worth a wasted pick.
Blue offers Counsel of the Soratami and Levitation.  Counsel is card drawing, and card drawing is always good.  Drafts are won and lost on the basis of smalladvantages: getting a two-for-one trade here, drawing an extra card there.  That is why Counsel is a very sold blue card.  The other advantage to blue is that we have not passed any blue cards to our downstream neighbor, so if we cut it off now, we can probably expect him/her to pass us good blue stuff in pack two.
Levitation – the other blue card – is not particularly good.  It can be bomb when it works, but it requires other creatures to do anything, has two blue mana in the casting cost (meaning you cannot splash it) and decks that rely on it tend to fold if they either don’t draw it or don’t keep it in play.
Green offers us two good cards Order of the Sacred Bell (a/k/a Taco Bell) is a 4/3 for four mana – and a very fine green card.  Trained Armodon is better than a Hill Giant – and has been played in Standard decks in the past.  Taco Bell is the pick, here, if you like green.  The one disadvantage is that we will now have passed Trained Armodons in three straight packs, and passing the never-dead Creeping Mold.  Someone on our near right will be playing green, meaning we won’t get much in pack two.
Personally, I think I would be taking Counsel here, and looking to draft UR.  Alternatively, I could take Taco Bell and try to draft RG with a lot of removal and creatures that can survive Pyroclasms.  I would also fear that player to my right with his three elephants. 
Black offers me a minor removal spell for BB, which I cannot splash.  No thanks.
White offers me nothing of note.
If I am forcing UW, I take the Counsel of the Soratami here, and look for the next pack.  Levitation is not going to help me – I should have plenty of fliers without it.

Pick Four:

Fellwar Stone
Giant Growth
Hill Giant

also in the pack:  Demystify, Fishliver Oil, Rogue Kavu, Sea Monster, GrizzlyBears, ScatheZombies, Glory Seeker

Once again, red has nothingspecial.  A Hill Giant is a hill giant, and I would notbe crushed to have him, but not overjoyed, either.
Green offers me Giant Growth and Grizzly Bears.  TheBears are better than Grey Ogres, so they are playable, butthe combat trick is better still.  Giant Growth can also combine well with Pyroclasm: pump my 2/2 into a 5/5, cast Pyroclasm, beat. 
Fellwar Stone is the other decent option here.  Mana acceleration is always good, and there is always a chance that the Stone can produce a useful color of mana.  Even if it does not, it would be playable if it produced colorless mana. 
GR takes Giant Growth.
UR takes either Fellwar Stone or Hill Giant – and it would be close enough that the decision might come down to whether I needed a Stone, or thought I could trade one away.
UW takes Fellwar Stone.

Pick 5:

Wood Elves
Looming Shade
Kavu Climber

also in the pack: Ley Druid, Flowstone Shambler, Fugitive Wizard, Holy Day, Norwood Ranger, Warrior'sHonor

Red is vanishing – someone upstream seems to be filtering out all the good red cards.  The same appears to be true of blue and white – and forcing blue and white may prove to be a big mistake.  On the other hand, I have been passed zero rares, and there is only one uncommon in this pack.  I think my upstream neighbor is almost certainly raredrafting, so signals may be unreliable.

Green and black, on the other hand, have some very solid cards.  If signals are working, I should be either G or B.   In green I could reasonably take either the Elves (mana acceleration = very good) or the Kavu Climber (extra card = very good, although you cannot cast the Climber as early.)  After passing all those Trained Armodons, though, I think I need to take something that at least trades with them.
Black offers both Looming Shade and Gravedigger.  Looming Shade is great if you play a lot of black, but I’m not.  Gravedigger is decent, and splashable, but I don’t have any bomb creatures so far, so I’m not interested enough in it.
UW takes Warrior’s Honor, a minor combat trick, and really hopes that it does not end up making the deck.
GR takes the Climber.
UR, which is where I would probably be at this point, takes the Gravedigger if it picked the Fellwar Stone last turn, and Flowstone Shambler if it did not.  (Fellwar Stone makes splashing easier.)

Pick 6:

Aven Windreader
Foul Imp
Scaled Wurm
Wood Elves

Also in the pack: Reclaim, Firebreathing, Looming Shade, Flowstone Shambler, Tanglebloom

UW is a bit happier here – Aven Windreader is a great blue card.  It is also the first we have seen.  It could be a good sign – and it could be because there were two good blue cards in the pack.  You pick Aven Windreader over most blue cards, but not cards like Air Elemental, Tidings or Confiscate
UR also loves the Windreader.
Green still looks wide open.  Wood Elves is the best pick here.  The RG deck does not have a lot of mana acceleration, and without it, the always marginal Scaled Wurm is even less attractive.  

Pick 7:

Phyrexian Hulk
Mana Leak
Zodiac Monkey
Samite Healer

also in the pack: Giant CockroachNorwood Ranger, Goblin Sky RaiderCircle of Protection: Red

The biggest debate, for the blue decks at least, is Mana Leak versus the Hulk.   UX decks like to drop a flier or three, while holding counters in reserve to stop any large threats the opponent may play.  Mana Leak is perfect in that roll.  Phyrexian Hulk, in a deck that tends to win around fliers, generally just trades for a smaller creature and a burn spell – or a pair of 2/2s.  UW and UR will probably take Mana Leak.  Any other deck takes the Hulk. 

Pick 8:

Wanderguard Sentry
Angelic Blessing
Lava Axe
Counsel of the Soratami

also in the pack: Reflexes,PlagueBeetle, Ornithopter

Counsel of the Soratami is marginal, but at least it lets you dig one card deeper, hopefully letting you draw something better.  Wanderguard Sentry is just a bad Hill Giant.   RG gets Lava Axe, and hopes that it will never have to play it.

Pick 9:
in the pack:  Storm Crow, Hollow Dogs, HighwayRobber, Rogue Kavu, Flight,Mending Hands (and a land)

This is our first pack back. Nothing of much values here, but we can tell a bit about what everyone else is drafting.   The clearest signal in this pack is the Hollow Dogs.  Hollow Dogs are a fine card, and the fact that they are still here is a pretty good indication that black is underdrafted. 

The rest of the packs have nothing significant.  UW should be sure to get a Demystify or two when they come back around.  We passed a Story Circle and a Levitation – and there may be other problem cards. 

Pick 16 (Start of Pack 2)


Ogre Taskmaster
Blessed Orator
Sage Aven
Volcanic Hammer
Hollow Dogs

also in the pack: Holy Strength, Unholy StrengthMending Hands, Flight, Goblin Brigand, Elvish Warrior

Archivist is a good card – if it stays alive for a couple turns, you win off the card advantage.  However, we have already passed a Rod of Ruin, and Enfeeblement and a Volcanic Hammer, and there are lots of other commons that can kill it.  Its too fragile to be a first pick, and we can’t hope it will table.  If nothing else, we know one neighbor is a raredrafter. 
UW gets the Puppeteer, which is an amazingly good card.  UR gets either the Puppeteer or the Volcanic Hammer – and I think the Puppeteer is one notch better.  RG takes the Volcanic Hammer.

Pick 17:

River Bear
Fellwar Stone
Elvish Berserker

also in the pack:  Crafty Pathmage, Hill Giant, Demystify, Enfeeblement, Giant Growth, Tree Monkey, Festering Goblin, Crossbow Infantry,Lightning Elemental

This is pretty sad for a second pick.  The rare is gone, and the pack is uninteresting.  Green gets River Bear, a hill giant that just wins the game against blue decks.  Green can also take some comfort in the fact that, although it passed all those Armadons, the neighbor still passed a decent green card (although that could be because the person was raredrafting, or opened a bomb.)  UW and UR have nothing much, and have to settle for the Fellwar Stone.

Pick 18:

Soul Feast

also in the pack:  GravediggerHoly DayFugitive WizardHorned TurtleMind RotRaging Goblin, Veteran Cavalier

Green gets Anaconda, a decent little swampwalker.  Blue sees Horned Turtle, which is a highly desirable way of gumming up the ground while fliers win it through the air, but that does not matter.  Blue also sees Sift, which is a very good card.  I have taken Sifts to splash in non-blue decks.  Card drawing wins games. 
One not here:  there is no red to be seen.  Mystic Lancer passed Pyroclasm, Tactics and a couple Volcanic Hammers.  The downstream neighbor in pack one is now upstream, and is grabbing every good red card he sees.  (Note that this is does affect how the picks will play out for the rest of this pack, and the draft.  The alternative pick decks are already suffering because our neighbors are in colors they might not have been in had MysticLancer drafted differently.

Pick 19:

Hunted Wumpus
Llanowar Elves

also in the pack: Remove Soul, Seething SongFearTree Monkey, Festering Goblin, Crossbow Infantry,Lightning Elemental

Green gets an interesting choice, here.  Hunted Wumpus is huge, but incredibly risky.  Llanowar Elves is nice acceleration, but our RG deck is not filled with really expensive cards – and Elves don’t survive Pyroclasm.  Rootwalla is more aggressive.  Personally, I have had opponents play Hunted Wumpus against me many times.  In the vast majority of those games, I won.  Sometimes I play huge monsters that have been stranded in my hand (like the two Scaled Wurms we passed, remember?)  Other times I have gotten my free creature, then bounced, Pacified or Banished the Wumpus.  If I’m green I think I take the Rootwalla.
I am seeing no blue or white fliers.  I think we may be getting cut off from both sides.  URsettles for Remove Soul, and isn’t happy about it.  UW, on the other hand, gets a Pacifism, and is extremely happy about it.  Pacifism is a great answer to so very many threats.  It is so good that if the green deck had even one Rampant Growth already, I might well splash for Pacifism.  It’s amazing to see it still in the pack.

Pick 20:
the pack: Crossbow Infantry,Lightning Elemental, Storm Crow, Highway Robber, Sacred Nectar, Elvish Berserker, Crafty Pathmage, Viashino Heretic, Exhaustion, Sacred Ground

Look ma – someone done passed us a Rare!  T’ain’t worth nuttin, but its still a rare.
We’ll pass it on. 
All those passed Trained Armadons are coming back to haunt us – green is getting cut off.  RG has to settle for a Viashino Sandstalker, which is an okay card.  UW and UR take Exhaustion, instead.  Exhaustion is a great answer to a lot of problems – most notably it stops the beats for a turn.

Pick 21:

in the pack:  Scaled Wurm, Goblin Chariot, Honor Guard, Mind Rot, Unholy Strength, Holy Strength, Goblin Brigand, Gift of Estates, Demolish

Bleech!  What a load of crap!  RG and UR take Demolish, I suppose, especially if they did not take the Phyrexian Hulk (and don’t forget the Rod of Ruin.)  UW gets Gift of Estates, but almost certainly won’t play it. 

Pick 22:
in the pack:  Overgrowth, Foul Imp, Sea'sClaim, Sacred Nectar, Elvish Berserker, Whip Sergeant, Urza'sMine, Polymorph

The green decks get nothing significant, probably taking Whip Sergeant over Overgrowth.  The UR and UW decks take Polymorph.  It can deal with the opponent’s best creature, or you can gamble on trading up one of your more marginal cards..

Pick 23:
in the pack:  OvergrowthSkyhunter ProwlerGoblin Sky RaiderRazortooth Rats,  (Sacred Spring),  Kraken'sEyeTelepathy

The only two playables in this pack are Skyhunter Prowler and Razortooth Rats.  UW is the only deck that wants one, and it takes the Prowler.  The other decks probably hate out the Rats.  Note that Goblin Sky Raider is unplayable – it can be blocked by every flier in the game, and while all of them kill it, it cannot kill any of them.

Pick 24:
in the pack:  Flight, Mending Hands, Hollow Dogs, Holy Strength, Goblin Raider, Sage Aven

The blue decks get a late flier, and are reasonably happy.  GR gets Goblin Raider.  The only signal of note in the pack is that Hollow Dogs are still present – black is definitely being underdrafted. 

The rest of the picks in this pack are meaningless.

Pick 31, (Pack 3)

Jade Statue
Cruel Edict
Elvish Bard
Aven Fisher
Glory Seeker
Sea Monster

also in the pack: Seething Song, Remove Soul,  (Grizzly Bear),  (Scathe Zombie),  FearStone Rain

Another mediocre pack.  Jade Statue can be very hard for some decks to deal with, but it is not worth anything as a single, so it’s not worth wasting a first pick on.  Elvish Bard is great at times – if you can kill most of an opponent’s creatures, and their deck is mainly little guys, you can get in a lot of damage before the opponent drops enough creatures all at once to kill the Bard.  UR settles for Aven Fisher, a decent if uninspiring flier, while UW grabs Pacifism and dances around the table.  If GR took the Pacifism last pack, it does so as well.

Pick 32:

Soul Warden
Rampant Growth
Anaba Shaman
Aven Flock

also in the pack: Ornithopter, (Sea’s Claim),  Plague BeetleVenerable Monk, Goblin Mountaineer, Sleight of Hand, Tree Monkey, Festering Goblin
No rares – our rare-drafting neighbor is still at it. 
RG and UR get Anhaba Shaman, and are quite happy.  Shamans are far better in pairs, but getting even one is quite good.  UW gets Aven Flock, a fine flier.  Green finally sees a Rampant Growth, but it can’t take it now.   

Pick 33: 

Sleight of Hand
Sanctum Guardian
Pegasus Charger
Treetop Bracers

also in the pack:  Giant GrowthFishliver OilShatterSerpent WarriorVenerable MonkGoblin MountaineerContaminated Bond

White has two fine cards here: Pegasus Charger and Sanctum Guardian.  The threat is almost always better than the Guardian, which really only gums up the ground, then saves one creature.  If I’m forcing UW, I will be thanking my lucky stars, because this is not looking good so far.

Green gets Treetop Bracers.  The Bracers are an Aura, which are very dangerous cards to play.  Auras invite your opponent to kill the enchanted creature, costing you both the creature and the aura.  That sort of two-for-on can lose you the game.  However, Treetop Bracers can give green decks an evasive fattie – something that green really needs.  Treetop Bracers on a Kavu Climber, for instance, creates a 4/4 flier – and they are hard to kill.  While I will never willingly play Holy or Unholy Strength, or Spirit Link (except as removal), I will play Treetop Bracers.

Pick 34: 
In the pack:  Sea MonsterGrizzly Bears, Scathe Zombies, Glory Seeker, Stone Rain, Aven Fisher, Firebreathing, Bog Imp, Withering Gaze, Web, Drudge Skeletons

The green deck will take the Grizzly Bears.  It wants the fast, aggressive card, because it wants something to do on turn two.  The UW deck does not want the Glory Seeker – it much prefers to have the ground clogged up, and win with fliers, like the Aven Fisher.  UR, of course, takes the Fisher.

Pick 35:

Kavu Climber
Craw Wurm
Zealous Inquisitor
Foot Soldiers

also in the pack:  CoercionLumengrid WardenGoblin Piker, Goblin Chariot, Honor Guard, Raise Dead

White gets Zealous Inquisitor, which isan annoyingly hard to block creature, and a pain on defense as well.   It goes well in an aggressive UW fliers deck – almost as well as a flier.  The Foot Soldiers, however, also gums up the ground quite well.   UR has to settle for the Lumengrid Warden, which at least blocks 2/2s.

The green decks have an embarrassment of riches:  Kavu Climber and Craw Wurm.  Craw Wurm is moderately fat, and amazing with Treetop bracers, but I much prefer the card advantage of Kavu Climber. 

Pick 36:

in the pack:  Rampant Growth, Sea'sClaim, Sacred Nectar, Treetop Bracers, Serpent Warrior, Venerable Monk, Goblin Mountaineer, Viashino Sandstalker, Exhaustion

Let’s start with the easy stuff:  the UR and UW decks take Exhaustion.  It slows the opponent by a turn or so, and can outright win the game if you are lucky.

Green has another interesting choice:  Rampant Growth or Treetop Bracers?   Most green decks want the mana acceleration, but think back to the RG deck we have drafted.  It has a bunch of 3/3s – Kavu Climbers, River Bears and Hill Giants.  It does not have really expensive stuff, like Craw and Scaled Wurms.  Unless it is splashing for the Pacifisms, it does not really need the land search.  Turning one of those 3/3s into a 4/4 flier is probably better – in this deck at least.

Pick 37:

Needle Storm
Balduvian Barbarians

in the pack :Fugitive Wizard, Holy Day, Norwood Ranger, Naturalize, Ravenous Rats, Suntail Hawk

The green deck windmill slams the Needle Storm onto its pile.  The biggest problem gree can have is fliers, and this kills nearly every flier in the set.   It clears the skies.  It gets played in constructed, for crying out loud.   Green also notes the Naturalize – if that comes back around, it will grab it.  Rod of Ruin, Levitation, Story Circle, Jade Golem, remember?  It’s probably a sideboard or 23rd card, but get it if you can.

UR and UW have nothing to write home about.  They hate draft the Needle Storm, as it destroys thier paths to victory.

Pick 38: 
In the pack:  Natural Spring, Reflexes, Plague Beetle, Rampant Growth, Naturalize, Ravenous Rats, Stream of Life

Green gets it’s Rampant Growth.  No one else gets anything – but notice that black is still being underdrafted.  Ravenous Rats are not great, but they are certainly better than anything else in the pack.

The rest of the cards come around. Blue picks up a couple Sleight of Hands, which are nice little card drawers, but nothing exciting – and, of course, if we assume that other cards were drafted earlier, the same set of cards would not have come around again.
Well, maybe the Island would still have been 15th pick.

Summary of Draft Options

MysticLancer's Draft RG UR UW

1   Phyrexian Hulk
1   AvenFlock
1   Blessed Orator
1   Drudge Skeletons
1   Foul Imp
1   Gravedigger
1   Highway Robber
2   Hollow Dogs
1   LoomingShade
2   Pegasus Charger
1   Ravenous Rats
1   SerpentWarrior
1   SkyhunterProwler
1   SuntailHawk
1   VeteranCavalier
1   ZealousInquisitor

1   ContaminatedBond
1   Enfeeblement
2   Pacifism
1   SpiritLink
1   UnholyStrength

1  Pyroclasm
1  GuerrillaTactics
2  Giant Growth
1  Volcanic Hammer
2  Treetop Bracers
1  Needle Storm
1  Lava Axe

1  Orderof the Sacred Bell
2  Kavu Climber
1  Wood Elves
1  Phyrexian Hulk
1  River Bear
1  Anaconda
1  Rootwalla
1  Elvish Bard
1  Anaba Shaman
1  Viashino Sandstalker
1  Grizzly Bears
1  Goblin Brigand
2  Rogue Kavu

1  Pyroclasm
1  GuerrillaTactics
1  Mana Leak
1  Counsel of the Soratami
1  Sift
1  Remove Soul
2  Exhaustion
Sleight of Hand
1  Polymorph
1  FellwarStone

2  Aven Fisher
1  Aven Windreader
2  Hill Giant
1  Wanderguard Sentry
1  Puppeteer
1  Goblin Brigand
1  Sage Aven
1  Lightning Elemental
1  Anaba Shaman
1  Lumengrid Warden
Sea Monster

1  ManaLeak
2  Counselof the Soratami
1  Sift
2  Pacifism
2  Exhaustion
Sleight of Hand
1  Polymorph

2  Aven Fisher
1  Aven Windreader
Aven Flock
Pegasus Charger
1  Skyhunter Prowler
1  Wanderguard Sentry
1  Puppeteer
1  Sage Aven
1  Zealous Inquisitor
Sea Monster

This draft, like any draft, provides alot of options.  The above decksare interesting, but had we drafted different cards, the other players might have drafted differently as well.

Had I been in the draft, I think I would haven ended up taking the Pyroclasmand Tactics, then wandered I don’t know where.  Probably RG – and I don’t know how I would have done.  Had MysticLancer cut red in pack one, pack two would certainly have been different.

Draft is easier in hindsight. 




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The others posts are correct in that it is really hard to "redo" a draft after the fact, especially if you intend to switch colors. I don't want to say it's useless, but it seems more like you're not quite sure what you want to do in this article. Having a simple evaluation of the top commons in the set and where they fit into different archetypes would have sufficed, and you wouldn't be locked in a futile attempt to change a draft gone awry. The truth is, there really are only one or two specific "I should have done" points in the draft, and when you recognize where you went wrong, you have more or less learned your lesson and can move on. Another truth is, there is so much luck involved in what gets passed to you that it is essentially impossible to "master" any given draft. Card evaluation and sending good signals is the key to good drafting, as well as knowing when to abandon your preferred colors. But really, people should realize that drafting is gambling, and it is also merely a form of entertainment, not something that you should set out to try and dominate, as you will soon find yourself with empty pockets.

by thejitte at Wed, 04/25/2007 - 12:46
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I like how you've semi separated card analysis and draft hindsight. As other people have mentionen, after the third pick or so, the entire draft will change.

by hamtastic at Tue, 04/24/2007 - 10:39
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This was a very neat project (ML's draft and your follow up).

I like the different takes on the draft process itself. The only slight issue is that by going into different colors in pack one, the whole pack two changes.

However, it was indeed interesting to see it approached from two different view points.

Lastly, I think once ML gets more used to the format he can begin to immediately ignore some cards. But as an article for helping others learn the format it seems appropriate to look at all the cards, as that's what a new drafter would have to do.

Just my thoughts. :)

An article about an article by mtgotraders at Tue, 04/24/2007 - 09:15
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Another quality article Pete way to go.

by Lord Erman at Tue, 04/24/2007 - 09:47
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I liked the article a lot. Not only because of Pete's superior skills in writing but also because I personally enjoy reading about drafts very much. And this is the format of a draft article I would like to see(Lance do you hear me?!). Instead of seeing all the cards in a pack, I prefer seeing the useful ones and the rest as text reminder. This way I won't get lost in pictures and pictures and more pictures, but I can concentrate on the author's choices and notes about his/her pick. Well done!