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Nov 07 2011 1:22pm
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Pauper Gauntlet

URb Alchemy Post vs Goblins


Spoiler alert!!!!         I get destroyed. 

So here is the list I took into battle. My goal is to figure out of Forbidden Alchemy fits into Cloudpost well/ at all. I do not think this list is optimal by any means, and much more testing needs to be done, but it is a starting point.

Game 1 Match 1



Game 2 Match 1



Game 1 Match 2



Game 2 Match 2 part 1



Game 2 Match 2 part 2

I played sloppily in game 2 of match 2 during the last turn or 2 of the game, because, in my mind it was 100% that he had bushwhacker and I was just stone dead to it. His keep + the way he played led me to conclude he has bushwhacker 100% of the time in that spot. Note that I am not justifying my sloppy play, just giving a reason for it. In hindsight I should have played as though he did not have it since I was recording, but as I mentioned, it was already a foregone conclusion in my mind. I had already lost that game. For what it is worth, even if he did not have the Goblin Bushwhacker, it would have took me drawing like 3 perfect spells in a row and him never drawing a burn spell for the rest of the game, and he would have had to also bricked on creatures for the next 2 draw steps, and not had any creatures in his hand. It is extremely unlikely I win the game even if he did not have Goblin Bushwhacker, but I should not have given up. It appears that one of my weaknesses as a player is giving up too easily. I am all about acknowledging my mistakes and learning from them. After all, I am posting these videos when I could have easily deleted them and recorded another match. 


 As you can see this matchup is no cake walk. Mogg War Marshal & Goblin bushwacker are key cards for the Goblin deck in this matchup. I wanted more 1 mana removal vs Goblins, and would have liked more Serrated Arrows as well. You can’t really add more to the main deck though, because you will weaken your matchups versus non aggro decks. If you want to improve your Goblin matchup, I would suggest adding more Seismic Shudders into the sideboard. They clear up all the 1/1′s that your Firebolts and Flame Slashes miss. I think it is ok to just accept the fact that Cloudpost has an unfavorable matchup versus Goblins. It has a reasonable matchup versus a lot of other popular strategies, and will always be a contender in the Pauper metagame.  Got any comments/ suggestions? Leave them below. I am looking forward to seeing other players takes on Forbidden Alchemy in Pauper. 

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