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By: Malum, David Wills
Jun 07 2013 10:09am
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 Of Peasants and Paupers

Hello all, Welcome back.  Modern Masters is soon upon us and love it or hate it, it brings the chance to add to your collection.  Not only that but this set is offering a change in rarity.  There are nine cards going from Rare to Uncommon.  Will these cards break Peasant or are they just not up to snuff?

Also I want to take a minute to thank all the people who read these reviews.  Peasant is a fringe format.  Our prize support comes from our gracious sponsor  They let us play this format for free and win actual prizes.  However we need players in order to give those prizes out.

In case you did not know our prizes work out like this:

  • 1st place gets a 7 ticket gift cert for
  • 2nd place gets a 4 ticket gift cert for
  • 3rd-4th place gets a 2 ticket gift cert each for

 Without you readers and players though I have no one to give these prizes too.

On a personal note I need help running Peasant.  I love hosting but I also have a family and they need my time too, so I am looking for a co-host to help out at least once a month.  If interested please just leave me a message on MTGO.  Thank you.

The Quick recap about Peasant:  

  • When: Registration opens at 7:30 EST and games start at 8:00 EST.  Every Sunday!
  • Where: On gatherling and in /join PEZ in the old Client or #PEZ in the new client. Thats
  • How: A Pauper based deck allowing the use of 5 Uncommons.  For the banned list please look here
  • Why: Prizes and Fun. The Prizes are from Seriously check these guys out their website makes searching for cards easy and if by chance a card is out of stock you can have them Email you when it is back. 
  • Rulesfor a full list of the Rules and times please look here


The Decks

This weak I have the top 2 decks but also a 3rd deck.  This deck made the top 4 and seems very strong to me in the current meta.  I will have it featured at the bottom.  


Affinity: This deck has been missing from the meta for quite a while.  It was pushed down back in the day by storm, but I am glad to see it back.  Even if I am losing to it.  This is not a combo affinity deck, it is relying more on card advantage given to it by its uncommons to really apply pressure. 

  • Mindstorm Crown This is the first time I have seen this card, and I like it.  It is very easy for affinity to just plop its entire hand on the field and having a howling mine for yourself makes this a very good late game plan.  
  • Sylvan Library Ah yes this bad boy of the Rarity shifted type.  This is even more card advantage giving you a second hand on the top of your library.   
  • Whipflare This card is a beast for affinity against aggro.   3 in the sideboard gives a great game two versus delver or goblins and even stompy. 
Delver of Bolas
2nd by Malum in Peasant 12.04 (5-1)
4 Delver of Secrets
4 Ninja of the Deep Hours
4 Spellstutter Sprite
4 Spire Golem
4 cloud of faeries
3 faerie impostor
2 augur of bolas
25 cards

Other Spells
4 snap
4 Counterspell
2 Mizzium Skin
2 Piracy Charm
2 Ponder
2 Preordain
1 Deprive
1 Oona's Grace
1 Snakeform
19 cards
16 Island
16 cards

Faerie Impostor


I broke my rule for not playing this deck twice in a row mostly because I had been busy that week and didn't have time to brew before hosting.  I didn't change much from last week. Going up to 3 Faerie Impostor seemed right and it was a good change. 

  • (Faerie Impostor) This card is good for this deck.  With the number of free creatures and cheat into play creatures it hits the table on a regular basis, even bringing more value if it bounces on of your ETB effect creatures.  The price is right for delver decks and 2 power in the air can just force a ton of pressure.
  • Augur of Bolas I have mentioned this guy a few times before and he has shown up in winning lists however I will talk a bit about his weakness, he only hits spells.  That is it if you need that land drop this guy does not help, in delver getting that 3rd or 4th land on time can be a true tempo blowout.

And now for that special deck I mentioned, a red deck win with 22 creatures 


Most RDW decks we see have a few, maybe 16 creatures, with the main focus burn spells.  This deck on the other hand deals with pingers, timmies, or whatever you want to call them.  Creatures that deal 1 damage to target player or critter.   this deck if given an opening can dismantle aggro decks and sit back taping itself to victory. 

  • Cunning Sparkmage This guy can just eat a good portion of the creatures in Pauper, in fact you get 2 of him out and most creatures outside of affinity are toast. 
  • Stormblood Berserker The semi evasive 2 mana 3/3 after all this deck is all about doing damage so bloodlust is an easy addition.  This guy is a clock when you are thinning your opponent's board. 


 The Meta

 1st Deck Colors Peasant Affinity* by Yokai_
 2nd Deck Colors Delver of Bolas* by Malum
 T4 Deck Colors Burning Gruul* by bluedragon123
 T4 Deck Colors RED DECK WINS* by Rakura
 T8 Deck Colors PeasantGOBS!* by branik
 T8 Deck Colors GW Tokens* by petermere
 T8 Deck Colors Pez Golgari* by pk23
 T8 Deck Colors Peasant MBC* by Pohi
Metagame Stats
Aggro 44%
Control 19%
Aggro-Control 25%
Unclassified 13%
25% 44% 19% 38% 63%

 This weak we see a very divers meta which makes planning out a good sideboard hard.  My best advice is to plan for a little of everything.  I know that is vague but it is the best I can say.  

Though a side note we have yet to see a temporal fissure deck in the finals of Peasant, so someone might just be able to formulate a storm deck that can take over but I would not get my hopes to high on that one.


 The Wrap Up

In this wrap up I want to go over some of the reprints from modern masters. These are cards that were once rare and are now uncommon. 





These cards will be Peasant legal after modern masters hits MTGO on the 14th so keep that in mind, and Happy Brewing!