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By: whiffy, Georgios Efelis
Sep 26 2011 1:56am
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Hey there everyone. It has been roughly forever since I have played a Dredge deck, but I went about getting the cards that I needed to make a mass of ghouls spring from the graveyard. This is the only Classic pillar that I had not done for PTV and now every thing is represented. I hope you guys enjoy the videos, and I will leave off with a warning that you may not actually want to play with your grave yard for a little bit. There were five ! Dredge decks in this event and three placed. I would assume hate for the deck will be a little more abundant for the near future.

                     DECK TECH






That's it for this week. Before we sign off though, did you know that there is a Classic Premier Event for this Saturday? It is at I believe 1PM EST. It is a ten ticket event, and a minimum of six swiss rounds with a cut to Top 8. We need 33 people to make this happen I would ask that if you can make it out, you should help us fire this bad boy. We pulled off 16 people at 10:30 PM EST on a Thursday night, why can't we get 33 on a Saturday afternoon.



Classic Dailies are every Saturday at 12:30 PM EST and Sunday at 6:30 PM EST. Come on out guys!

See ya in seven, have at me in the comments if you wish.



Round 4 by Artlee at Mon, 09/26/2011 - 04:37
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I am a little confused. In round 4, game 1 you discard Dakmor and want to dredge it back to hand. Why not discard the grave troll and just play dakmor? That way you get more cards into graveyard.

Video of Round 3 23:30 you by menace13 at Mon, 09/26/2011 - 06:20
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Video of Round 3

23:30 you should discard the Sun Titan keeping land, land, troll,Imp, Wispmare

14:06 you should have Firestorm pitching everything but Wispmare.

@artleeI discarded and re by whiffy at Mon, 09/26/2011 - 23:53
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I discarded and re dredredged the dakmoor so that i could see more potyential bloodghasts, and bridge from belows.
-edit, what i meant to say is im terrible. sorry, was just a mistake.

14.03 the knight is a 4/4 i would have to discard 6 spells to kill it since he had a stripmine out. there are not 6 targets for firestorm though, and discarding a bunch of non dredge guys wont help.

23.30 I was sbed down to only 1 titan and wanted to keep it so i could go nuts once i had removed the lotv

and yess I had a cold for the video if you couldnt already guess :)

I forgot you needed exact by menace13 at Tue, 09/27/2011 - 02:13
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I forgot you needed exact targets for Firestorm. Discarding Ichorid x2 and Bridge isn't Terrible, but you had to have a dredger there to profit off of it.

1 Sun Titan in hand is less useful than 2 Dredgers and Lands for Ghasts.

No need to apologise. I by Artlee at Tue, 09/27/2011 - 06:54
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No need to apologise, I understand it can be very difficult to play and comment at the same time.
I really enjoy the videos, and that you have many decks to show us. Keep it up, it's great for us who do not have decks yet.

Dredge by dangerlinto at Mon, 09/26/2011 - 15:03
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Lots of comments - first of all great to see dredge in the videos, which I think is a seriously underestimated deck in terms of how hard it is to play. Piloting the deck well is a factor in how well it plays much more then people normally give that factor credit.

Secondly, I'd say the reason dredge should work well in the meta is because fish.dec nomally can't mull into Leyline as much as they'd like without risking all their gas, and they have little to help if god forbid you end up with a graveyard. You are simply going to out 2/2 dork them in the end. But then of course a GW fish deck 4-0ed that event... don't know how much dredge it played to get there.

Lastly, yes we need to get these PEs and DEs to fire. The average person with a classic collection owns like $2k or more of cards but won't pay 6tix for a good chance to win packs... it's infuriating! A DE takes a little more than 2hrs. Let's fire some more of these!!!

The fish deck that 4-0ed the by StewardUlk at Mon, 09/26/2011 - 17:37
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The fish deck that 4-0ed the event was in fact GWB and did have things like Yailer MD - that helps alot ,)

remember you can Cabal by bread expert at Tue, 09/27/2011 - 09:42
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remember you can Cabal Therapy yourself to get dredgers into the gy. Also, unearthed Fatestitchers will never trigger Bridges from Below, they get exiled as soon as they leave play.

I hate Dredge. I hate by MMogg at Tue, 09/27/2011 - 19:41
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I hate Dredge. I hate playing with it; I hate playing against it. It often seems like games are blowouts either way. That said, round 2 was epic. Thanks for the continued Classic content!

Best part was Calavera's reaction... he was like, wtf, Dredge!? o.O He totally wasn't expecting you to be playing it. LOL