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By: runeliger, Sebastian Park
Feb 18 2007 1:00am
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 (4 months ago…)

(Author: Combo is the win! Everyone must play combo in multiplayer formats!)


    Well times are definitely changing… With so much combo hate in the world, what is a player supposed to do? Play control of course! And that has definitely been the beating drum for the past 4 months.

            The last time I wrote an article, I talked about the viability of a combo deck to go off early and beat face, however since then, various combo, control, and support decks have taken control of the 2HG format. So what is one supposed to do? Play Aggro decks of course!

 What’s aggro? Well, let us all look towards the urban dictionary for a defintion…

“In an MMORPG when you "piss off" an NPC(non-player character) and it enters a combat state with your character. Most often used when multiple NPC's are attacking you because you got too close or you attacked them.”

Well that’s not right… This is probably a better definition


ah… Much better. Basically, “Aggro” decks are decks that run creature and burn curves to deal 20 damage as fast as possible (usually in the range of 3-6 turns, 4-5 consistently). Famous aggro decks are Boros Deck Wins, and Red Deck Wins (and as the names suggest, these decks won!).

So why exactly is aggro so viable, and why has it been ignored for so long? Well it begins with the construction of aggro. Aggro is inherently designed to deal 20 consistently turns 4-6 (And occasionally earlier). Now this is all good in terms of a 1 v 1 game, but when it comes to 2HG, where your opponents has 40 life, and worse in a 3HG when your opponents have 60 life, people tend to disregard aggro has a viable option.


So if it’s designed to deal 20, how is it possibly viable? The answer lies in the format itself. Since we’re talking about 2HG, one must realize that two heads are there for a reason. The current build of 2HG is simply placing a blue control support deck next to a win condition combo type deck. However, aggro in 2HG can work the same way, by putting 2 aggro decks next to each other. Like I said before, Aggro is inherently designed to deal 20 consistently in 4-6 turns. So let’s consider that 2 aggro players are in a 2HG, the first guy deals 20 in 4 turns, and the 2nd guy is going to deal 20 in about 6 turns (bad draw).


So let’s map out this board position



Opponents – 20 Life


1st Aggro player: