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By: Nitti, Frank Colvin
Apr 27 2007 10:51am
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     Welcome to my first installment of the pre community. I hope to begin discussing this on a regular basis with all of you as many of you are unaware of how these things operate etc etc. Dangerlinto recently wrote an article which did a very good job of breaking down the anatomy of pre's very well which you can find here for reference. However, his article mainly touched on the pdc style events out there running and alot of these other events are not ran in the same manner. This is where I cue in.

     There are many player run events out there for the MTGO community to participate in. Alot of people are simply unaware of them because they don't utilize the Wizards message boards and other various websites to find these things out! Hopefully this will enlighten some people to the happenings in the pre scene and bring more players to the table.

     Ok, with that out of the way, let's first discuss why most of these pre's are ran. There are many players out there like myself who just aren't able to afford playing the Sanctioned events offered on MTGO. Another reason would be because MTGO does not offer multiplayer format events in their PE's (Premier events). So, we kill two birds with one stone...we allow players of all calibers to play for free chances to build their collections and obviously fill a void that MTGO and Wizards does not fill. There  are a few pre's out there that are faithfully sponsored weekly by major traders like my good buddies here at MTGO Traders (w00t). These dealers have gone the mile and done some continuous weekly sponsorship of some events for our community. Unfortunately, I can not discuss all of them here by name, but you all know who you are! Thanks ROCK! They choose to do this to 1) give something back to the community because we have helped make them who they are today. 2) The best promotion of good dealers and traders is word of mouth hands down. We, being the community, know prices, demand for certain cards, as well as reliable places to deal and trade our digital product. They get their names out there to more of those who play MTGO and pre hosts like myself help to promote these dealers and we get to know who these reputable dealers are. 3) This is just awesome stuff ya'll! Come play some pre's and you will find a new love for modo!

     Who makes  these pre's one may ask? Well, there are a variety of factors involved.  These pre's are made by players like myself and the dealers who sponsor them. But even more so, they are made by you the community! If we didn't have the demand for this kind of thing. They simply would not run... at least not to the extent and love some of these events have! There are several players whom are actively involved in helping to make these pre's happen. People like Metalfan, Tweaker, jenny69, NeoNetgen, Meuslix, michaelrossingnol, and myself have all had very deep involvement in running some of these major player run events ( please do not be offended if I did not mention you, but I cannot take the time to give notice to everyone). We are in quite constant contact with these dealers bouncing ideas back and forth about events and how we can better things for the MTGO community. Alot of work goes on behind the scenes of these people! Many of us who run major pre's are in constant contact discussing ideas, turnouts, etc. We also try to keep from stepping on eachother's toes as to when and what time these events run.

     Which brings me on to the next question... WHEN! There are so many out there to choose from. I am still finding out about one's that I have never known about and I've been here a year now on modo (Today's my modo anniversary w00t). There are pre's happening most every day of the week in some shape or form, whether it be to small clan affiliated events, to some of the weekly biggies like I run!

     Where can I find these thing Frank? WHERE! He he, I'm gettin there folks, keep your pants on sheesh  There are a few sites that are notable to find out the exsistence of pre's in the community.... the two most notable in my opinion, Wizards message boards and The latter of these two is constantly being worked on and improved by our main man MountainProud and the people who run these events. I encourage those who are organizers like myself to get with this man to promote your pre's on that calendar! The more who are involved, the better we can keep everything straight!  Another site I have recently been turned on to is MTGO Clan Wars. This is a newer site managed by fgoolander and is up and coming somewhat quickly. Keep an eye out for that site as well!  Mainly these events when held on MTGO, are either held in the Anything Goes room or in Multiplayer depending on the format of the given event in question.

     How are these events ran? Well, there are many different people involved and not all of us run our events in the same manner. Dangerlinto's pre article touched base very well on the pdc side of things to which I was quite unaware of considering I don't play pdc style. But I must touch base with you on some of the other pre's in existence as they are not ran in the same manner. For this, I will be using one of my events as the example.

Here is the room Dark Wars is held in weekly and what the spam looks like:

     Now, notice two things in this spam compared to the things Dangerlinto pointed out in his article about pdc style pre's? Read closely. For one, it says that you need to pm the host the word register in order to be entered  into the event, not type reg in the room event is being thrown in. The other being just a simple matter of a given example of a host's spam for an event. Nothing personal at all Dangerlinto...just tryin to cover all the bases :)

     Another matter I feel we should discuss is the way we randomize our tables. Well, that all depends on the person who is hosting.  Speaking for myself....I use this website here. It is a simple website to use put out by the University of Iowa. You just put one name per line and when finished, hit enter for the randomization. Presto..Randomization! All of us that host have different styles of hosting events. This is no mistake on the host's part. It is merely the way things are as there isn't a set way of doing things and not all pre hosts are in contact with each other. Also, as an addition to the spam introduced by these various hosts, there are also various rules that are set by them individually. A few of us have the same general rules in place. Here is what those are: 

1.First person listed makes the table.
2.You have 5mins to get to your tableafter it is set up.
3. If you let the game hang for 5 minutes or more, you will be ejected from the game.
4.You must remain silent during rules anounce and table listings.
5. Repeated badgering/spamming in tourny window is not permitted.
6. NO whining or crying about decks or players.
7. If you break any of these's rules you will be DQ.
     NOTE: In the event of a mass kill where all players are defeated at the same time...some also use the following to determine a winner for the match:

Q: What happens if multiple players die at once? A: If all players die at once, or multiple players are killed at once in a game in which more than one player advances, a point system will be used to determine who advances. Anyone who survived, of course, advances. If you kill everyone else, you go through, period. Each other player gets: 1 point for each life point they had before the everyone-killing effect 2 points for each card they had in hand before the everyone-killing effect 2 points for each permanent they had in play before the everyone-killing effect If two or more players are tied, a new game is started, and the winner of the die roll in that game wins. So, for example, if Bob had 200 life, no permanents, and one cards in hand, and Bill had 1 life, 100 permanents, and one card in hand, and Bill activated Crypt Rats for one million damage, then Bill would move on. However, if Bob were to cast a Beacon of Immortality in response, Bob would move on.


     Final thoughts: Dangerlinto did an excellent job touching base on the pre's. I really wish that we could have collaborated on the article and wrote it together. Nevertheless, Big props goes to him for helping to put this scene on the map! Anyone with any questions for me regarding pre's can either post them in the comments section of this article or by contacting me on MTGO. My screen handle is franknitty12002. And I'm always down for a game too providing I'm not too busy. C-ya all on Magic w00t!



Thank you Frank! by thescale99 at Mon, 04/30/2007 - 10:52
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This was just th sort of info I needed to keep up with PRE's. Without these sorts of contributions, it all becomes word of mouth. Nothing wrong with word of mouth, of course, but being able to refrence this article is VERY helpful. Keep 'em coming!

by Lord Erman at Mon, 04/30/2007 - 11:14
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I'm not someone who participates in PRE's but I really do appreciate what you and people like you are doing for the community. Just wanted to say that.