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By: CZML, Cassie Mulholland-London
Dec 08 2014 1:00pm
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Welcome back to the Pure vs Legit Versus Series! I have a deck tech this time, and everything else should be self-explanatory, so I'll cut straight to the videos. Keep watching after round 5 though, because there's a bonus round!



Thanks for watching! Overall, I think that went well. Villainous Wealth is certainly a card, and casting it for a reasonable number on an empty board almost always ends well. You should definitely consider any deck that's good at casting it reliably. As for the Mardu deck, I definitely don't hate it, although this is most assuredly not a good matchup for it. If you want to play a red aggressive deck in Standard, however, I would stick to Jeskai Tokens or UR Burning Boat.

As much as I've been procrastinating, my final Relevance Theory article is definitely going up this week, and after that I'm planning on doing a mailbag type article. If you have any questions about Magic, me, or my approach to the game--or a suggestion for future articles or videos--you can comment on here or email me at

I'll see you later in the week with that article!


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