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By: Mitchy, Mitchell Matula
Mar 23 2007 2:44pm
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Alpha to Beta 1 - Work to be Done.

What is beta 1?Beta 1, will be mainly consistant of,

  • Debugging
  • Finishing the Article Library based on user feedback
  • Integration with
  • Updating the cardlinker list for the new timespiral set.

1) Debugging.

Please, write a feedback on this post, if you find a bug. It'll be very much appreciated, or you can email me at

2) Finishing the Article Library based on user feedback.

Based on the bugs, and the feedback we get from users and how they use the site, i'll shape the article library to fit their needs.

3) Integration with

What we need to do in order to integrate articles with Articles, is:

  1. Register all the Article Writers/Editors with accounts, and get their pictures uploaded.
  2. Get them to copy/edit/move their articles to the article editor, and let them get familiarized.
  3. Create the inline frame on to link to a templated version of that site's layout for up-to-date articles.
  4. Then articles on will link to for the articles.

4) Updating the cardlinker list for the new timespiral set.

Heath will have to send me a CSV of his new card table, so i can update it... This will have to be routine once each set is released.

Any other suggestions/ideas/bug reports are much appreciated.

Done! Proof!





- Mitchell Matula
Website Programmer/Designer

ps. Here's the best card ever.


Elvish Warrior


Elvish Warrior

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Second Wind
Skyknight Legionnaire

 fffffffff Abundance


LEAVE ME FEEDBACK!! by Mitchy at Mon, 01/15/2007 - 15:58
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Put all your bugs in here, and ideas/suggestions !

do what?! by Dreager_Ex at Thu, 01/18/2007 - 09:27
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Flayed Nim?!!? lol

Good Job.

Write Article Page by dragonmage65 at Wed, 01/24/2007 - 16:17
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Hey - I'm having a tad bit difficultly getting the article editor to work (namely nothing in the text box responds at all, and only the drop-down font style menus work. The buttons don't do anything). Is there something I need to be doing or is it just a bug?