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May 29 2014 12:00pm
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Submission Process: Answers must include your MTGO username to be valid. Any answers within requirements and within the winning parameters received within 48 hours of this posting on PureMTGO will be entered into a random drawing and 3 winners will be selected. "Winning parameters" means a correct answer for puzzles and within the stated range for challenges. Submissions without a MTGO username are not valid for prizes. Only the first received submission will count! Prizes and winners will be announced in the next article; prizes are from me so unfortunately they are nothing fancy - but still free to you! Submit answers through email to xgerpuzzlemaster@gmail.com

Answers to Puzzles 3:

To begin, I did not proof the obstacles in Puzzles 3 nearly as well as I should have, sorry about that. Here are the solutions I had in mind:

Puzzle 1:

This puzzle revolved around Scourge of Valkas and Amoeboid Changeling. There was actually a way to deal more than  the damage necessary. Essentially there was a typo - the opponent's life should have been 15, not 9. Here was the image I provided:

The method to deal the most (as far as I'm aware is):

Action: Mana Spent Damage Dealt
1. Play Mountain 0 0
2. Cast Lightning Elemental
3 0 r 0
3. Cast Recollect targeting Sensory Deprivation
5 0 r g
4. Cast deprivation targeting the lightning
5 u r g
5. Activate Crafty Pathmage targeting the lightning
5 u r g
6. Activate Amoeboid Changeling targeting either pathmage or lightning
5 u r g
7. Cast Voidwalk targeting one of the Scourge of Valkas', cipher the lightning
8 uu r g
8. Attack with lightning, use cipher trigger on changeling
8 uu r g
9. End of turn, both voidwalk triggers occur, stack so Scourge comes in first, triggering both Scourges, dealing 3+3=6 damage (lightning or pathmage is a dragon). Changeling comes in, dealing 4+4=8 damage for total of 14.
8 uu r g

Nearly every submission got this.

Puzzle 2:

Here is where the I failed the proofing. I meant to use Ray of Revelation instead of Ray of Distortion. Another option would have been to have had a higher starting life total for the opponent. Here is the starting image and then the method I intended to be the route to victory (I believe it does the most damage). The table counts Steam Vents as only red mana

Action: Mana Available: Damage Done:
1. Play plains
10xr 4xu 2xw
2. Play Seething Song
14xr 2xu 2xw
3. Play Koth of the Hammer
12xr 0xu 2xw
4. Cast Volt Charge targeting the opponent, increasing Koth to 4 loyalty
9xr 0xu 0xw
5. Cast Karmic Guide targeting Phyrexian Metamorph, copying Sword of Feast and Famine
7xr 0xu 0xw


6. Equip the sword to an Invisible Stalker
5xr 0xu 0xw
7. Activate Contagion Clasp, increasing Koth to 5 loyalty
1xr 0xu 0xw
8. Activate Koth's ultimate, ping opponent with a mountain
1xr 0xu 0xw
9. Attack with both stalkers, dealing 2, and untapping all lands
10xr 4xu 2xw
10. Flashback Firebolt to the opponent
9xr 0xu 2xw
11. Use all mountains to ping opponent
0xr 0xu 2xw

There was another slight problem with this one - the link for Forcefield went to a page that didn't display the correct Oracle text. Currently it does not target, but I won't discredit submissions that used that. All submissions had this correct.


The challenge was to deal as much creature combat damage as possible by turn 4 in the then current standard (INN through M14). I was deliberately vague, there was infinite damage options. There were several solutions involving Fiend Hunter, and involving infinite mana. Here is my favorite solution I received:

Turn: Action:
1 Play untapped Breeding Pool and cast (Avacyn's Pilgram)
2 Play Island, Dream Twist, flashback Dream Twist. Graveyard is now Unburial Rites, Angel of Glory's Rise, Fiend Hunter, Cartel Aristocrat, Champion of Lambholt, Lightning Mauler.
3 Play plains, flashback Unburial Rites targeting Angel of Glory's Rise, returning the 4 humans to play, soulbond Lightning Mauler and Champion of Lambholt
3-a Target Angel of Glory's Rise with the Fiend Hunter trigger
3-b Sacrifice Fiend Hunter to Cartel Aristocrat
3-c Angel of Glory's Rise returns, bringing Fiend Hunter back and triggering Champion of Lambholt
3 Repeat steps 3-a through 3-c infinitely to grow Champion of Lambholt infinitely and attack since Lightning Mauler gave it haste

About half the submissions got infinite damage.

Winners of Puzzles 3:

Jenesis, mohio, aether_rider

This time around the winners get 1 ticket each. To claim your prize, send me a message online, my username is xger21

Worship Week Puzzles and Challenges!

It's worship week and so the puzzles and challenge revolve around this week's namesake card:


Puzzle 1: 

The relevant information:

  • Your opponent controls Worship, Sigarda, Host of Herons and a pile of land, 2 cards in hand
  • You control just lands - 3 (Uzra's Power Plant), 3 (Uzra's Mine), 1 Swamp, 1 Island, 2 Plains
  • Your opponent is at 1 life, you are at 20
  • Your draw was Phyrexian Colossus which was the last card in your library. Your other cards in hand are Donate and Golden Wish
  • Your sideboard is one of every black-bordered black enchantment in the game

How do you win?

Puzzle 2:

The board is:

Your opponent is at 12 and just ended their turn. You know Syndic of Tithes is the last card in your library so you have to win, but how?


Present an unbeatable defense which must include Worship. To be unbeatable, you have to not die to anything and none of your permanents can be killed or targeted. Mana is not a concern, nor color - but your lands must not be able to be targeted or destroyed! If you cannot preset such a board state, present as close as feasible.

Goals: Within 1 weakness of the best submission.


Previous winners:

Article Number: Winner: Prize:
1 ChadW, FuriouslySleepingIdea, rock2011 Ob Nixilus, Cloudgoat, Ebon Drake
2 None! None!
3 Jenesis, mohio, aether_rider 1 Ticket each

Winners need to contact me in game for prizes at xger21

Good luck!


xger21 on MTGO


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Just a reminder, if the comments remain open, do not post answers for at least 72 hours or there will be no prizes!