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By: BlippyTheSlug, Volker Kirstein
Oct 22 2012 9:25am
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Pwn The Poobah!

Earn A Seat At The CCC!


Once more into the breach! In conjunction with Wotc, and with support from Alphabot and clan CerealKillaz, I am pleased to announce a very unique event:

Pwn The Poobah!

This is a Player Run Event where not only can you win fabulous prizes, but you can also win a chance to represent us, the Online Player Community, at the Community Cup Challenge directly!

My instructions were simple: "Hold a Magic Online tournament and place four users as the winners."

The "Pwn The Poobah" comes into play Thursday during the Multiball portion of the Community Cup Challenge. As a reward for making it to the T4 of this event, the T4 players may serve as "proxy members" of the Community Team, and will play a match against WotC employees. If the T4 player wins, they’ll score on behalf of the Community Team for the Multiball round of the Community Cup Challenge. If they lose, WotC gets the points.


Here's how the PRE portion works: We will start with X rounds of Swiss pairing, the number of rounds depending on the number of players. This will be followed by a T8 cutoff. The T8 will play to T4, and stop. This T4 will be my minions ("Team Blippy") at the Community Cup Challenge.

If time permits, the T4 will continue to play for position.

Tuesday, October 23rd
530PM Pacific/ 830PM Eastern
Format: Constructed Modern
Registration is now open at Gatherling
X rounds Swiss pairing followed by T8 playoff.

Each T4 player will receive:
20 Tickets bot credit at Alphabot
10 Tickets from clan CerealKillaz
A chance to play for Community Team points in the Community Cup Challenge

Door Prizes courtesy of clan CerealKillaz
1 Premium Deck Series: Slivers
1 Alara Foil Booster


Here's how the Community Cup Challenge portion works: At the appointed time, the T4 player will make a table labeled "CCC Pwn The Poobah" in the Anything Goes/Getting Serious room. This table must be Constructed Modern, best two of three, watchable, and timed at thirty minutes. The appointed Poobah will join, and the mayhem will commence!

Scoring for this portion of the event is done by WotC, not me. But please do keep me informed of results!

Thursday, October 25th
Multiball portion of the Community Cup Challenge begins at 4PM Pacific
Pwn The Poobah Format: Constructed Modern
Matches will be played in the Anything Goes/Getting Serious room.
Player must use decks as registered in PRE.
Poobahs must use pre-registered decks.

Scheduled Matches:
1st Place vs Poobah1
2nd Place vs Poobah2
3rd Place vs Poobah3
4th Place vs Poobah4

Placement based on event standings at end of preliminary rounds of PRE portion.
Placement based on T4 playoff.

*Poobahs to be announced.


I'd love to do this but I by Paul Leicht at Mon, 10/22/2012 - 11:07
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I'd love to do this but I suspect I will be unavailable. :/ Grats on getting this going though. Blippy the Grand Poobah.

MULTIBALL!!!! by bubba0077 at Tue, 10/23/2012 - 02:55
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thanks for hosting Blips it by Ranth at Wed, 10/24/2012 - 02:53
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thanks for hosting Blips it was alot of fun :)

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