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By: gamemaster32, Keya Saleh
Aug 09 2012 8:43am
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Some of the biggest proponents of the Magic Online Classic Community have decided to take on a most ambitious project, the all new Classic Quarter League and Invitational. This massive tournament series will feature a number of qualifier tournaments over the course of the next year that will culminate with the Classic Invitational in July 2013.

Being the occasional enjoyer of classic, I have decided to try my luck in this first ever qualifier event. As an added bonus, because I enjoy putting my misplays up for the world to see I have decided to chronicle my experience for all the world (or Puremtgo readers) to see.


Before we can begin to explore the fun of this Classic battle royale, we have to arm ourselves with a deck. Since I will be telling this story for you the readers, I figured I leave my choice of deck up to you. So without further ado, let’s look at the contenders:


Door # 1 – Dredge:



Dredge might be one of my favorite decks of all time. I played this deck over multiple extended seasons back in the day and loved every minute of it. Dredge likely the most unique deck in the history of Magic, in that it does not play a normal game like your opponent does. Dredge is a powerful option that has incredible explosiveness, but it is an extremely linear strategy that can be slowed down or thwarted very simply.


Door #2 – Affinity



Affinity, before the multiple bannings, was the most oppressive standard deck of all time (Caw Blade being the only other deck to possibly compete for the title). Even in a format full of powerful cards, having the chance to play with Skullclamps and Tolarian Academy together with all the best artifact mana available on MTGO and you have a pretty potent agro deck.


Door #3 – Blue Control



Restricted List.dec has a wide array of options. A combination of draw spells and counters allows you to stall your opponents long enough to tinker your way into a colossus or the rest of your time Vault combo. While it may not have the blatant overpowered-ness of other decks in the format, it can certainly get the job done.


Door #4 – Artifact Prison



With 13 sphere effects, this deck can lock an opponent out of the game before they even have a chance to get started. Another fun bonus for this type of event is having maindeck Chalice of the Void is exceptionally powerful when a tournament has publicly available decklists.



And there you have it folks, so now all you need to do is let me know a couple of things:

1. Which deck should I play? Which deck are you interested in seeing make a run on this classic challenge?

2. What kind of coverage would you like to see for this event? Typed up reports, video recordings, or both? 

I will check the comments on Friday night and whichever deck is ahead will be the winner!

Keya Saleh (gamemaster32 on MTGO)



I think the Sphere deck suits by Paul Leicht at Thu, 08/09/2012 - 09:18
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I think the Sphere deck suits you best from what little I know of your style. I thought about joining this myself but as my decks are still wips I think I will sit it out till next year. Maybe by then I'll have decks capable of toeing against the big guns.

I am of the reading sort so I prefer write ups to video coverage but if you can do both that is probably better.

I think a mix is best for by Micasmit25 at Thu, 08/09/2012 - 23:59
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I think a mix is best for coverage. I often miss nuance of play from either a straight write up or a straight video. As someone who is really new to the competitive scene, write ups capture what you as a player are hoping to accomplish, but videos give a better feel for the opponent most of the time.

I'm torn your deck choice. If I play, which I'm leaning towards, it'll be some version of affinity. As such, I'd like to see what a better pilot does with the deck. The ambivalence comes from the shame of being shown up.

i'd say door number 3, lot of by JustSin at Fri, 08/10/2012 - 11:13
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i'd say door number 3, lot of choices there

also agree with a mix of video/writing if possible, but if time limits you (and I know it oft does for most people) I'd say writing over videos... little tired of articles that are just videos