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By: R Koster, Rob Koster
Feb 03 2020 1:00pm

In my quest to find a deck to play as my main deck, I started playing some Mono-Green Ramp this week. I was pretty tired, and the sound of just mindlessly ramping into Ugin, the Spirit Dragon and Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger sounded pretty good.

I decided to enter a league with this list:

This list seems like a perfectly fine place to start. I mean, it's not like I know anything about the deck, so I'm not just randomly going to start switching cards around. The deck seemed very reasonable to me, so I just loaded it up and got straight into a league.


The league started out with UR Phoenix. And the first thing I learned about this deck is that it dies a horrible, horrible death against 2x Young Pyromancer if you don't draw an Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. At the end of turn 4, my opponent had so many 1/1's that anything else other than Ugin, the Spirit Dragon mattered. I didn't draw it, so I promptly died. The second game my opponent brought back 3 Arclight Phoenix and then bounced my Reach guys with Brazen Borrower. A very easy 0-2 to start the league off with.

After that, I moved along to the second match, which was against the sweetest looking Grixis deck I have seen in a long time. It included the Blue and Black parts of the Energy package in Glint-Sleeve Siphoner, Glimmer of Genius and (Harnessed Lightning). Instead of them being paired with the rest of the typical energy package, my opponent had paired them with very real cards in the form of Thoughtseize, Nicol Bolas, the Ravager, Goblin Rabblemaster and Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet.

I cast World Breaker a lot and my opponent died. Because that's what happens when sweet decks play against things like this. I can hear my Play points and Event Tix shuddering in fear for their safety.

The third match was against Phoenix again. This time my opponent didn't have 2 Young Pyromancer, but only one, which I easily raced with a Walking Ballista that I skillfully ripped from the top, then World Breaker things happened. The second game I skillgamed my opponent completely by topdecking a Scavenging Ooze when they had 3 Arclight Phoenix in the bin. Even after that, the game managed to get to a stall between Young Pyromancer and Crackling Drake against my 3x World Breaker. My opponent kept chaining Treasure Cruise into each other. In the end, I managed to get through when I ripped removal for the Young Pyromancer and put my opponent into infinite chump block mode. Which doesn't last very long against 15 power. But not gonna lie. I was very impressed with my opponent's deck in this game. Even after all that, it was one hell of a game.

The fourth match was against Mono-Red Burn. And I'm going, to be honest, it felt like a massacre. I drew a Radiant Fountain, and an Arboreal Grazer in both games, and my opponent just didn't stand a chance before I started doing all sorts of nonsense. I barely expected this matchup to be winnable, let alone by this much. I didn't dip below 8 in either game. Very unexpected and a very happy surprise. I figured this deck would be getting destroyed by Mono-Red. But the matchup felt pretty easy. Now, information like that is why we play the games.

At this point, it was time for round 5. I got paired against Mono-Black Aggro and got devoured. This was way more in line with what I expected would happen. I messed up in the third game and miscounted my opponent's outs and died horribly in a game where I could have stayed alive. However, I was very unfavored to win anyway, and I wanted to get to bed.

So, what did I think about the deck?

There isn't much to say about the deck, to be honest. It's a Green Ramp Deck. You play a bunch of things that give you Lands, and then you play big dumb stuff. I figure that once you play a league or two with this that you could be absolutely fine for a GP or something if you know how to sideboard. The only thing that I really needed some getting used to was the manabase with Castle Garenbrig.
But it really wasn't hard at all. 

One thing I did think about the list was that the Ulvenwald Hydra felt very poor. It very consistently kept getting bounced or ignored. But that was the only card that I wasn't delighted with. The rest of the deck was very impressive. Especially Arboreal Grazer is fantastic. I figured it would be useful, but it exceeded expectations by a lot.

So yeah, I definitely recommend this deck if you want to play and win. Even tired on my first try, I managed to cash a league while fumbling half-asleep through the matches. The deck looks like a watered-down version of Modern Tron and plays the same. You mulligan aggressively and then ramp into big cards and win, or you mulligan yourself to oblivion and die a horrible death without even taking any relevant game actions. It both happens, and it feels like you don't really have any influence on it. That's the Ramp life, I guess.

The one problem with the deck I do have is a personal one. At the end of the fifth match, I just didn't care about playing it anymore. I honestly think I would need to get paid to play this deck again because I'm staying miles away from it for fun. I even enjoy playing Modern Tron a lot more than this. This just does the same thing every single thing, and it's a powerful thing. But I already feel like I've seen every game this deck could ever play in a single league. So yeah, compelling but boring. But I would never fault anyone for playing this, and I could definitely see myself forcing myself through a few leagues with this when I don't have anything else that I feel I should play in a big tournament that matters to me.

Oh, and I would try and get a Sideboard guide somewhere. I was just guessing now, what I wanted to bring in, in every matchup was pretty easy. But what to take out could be pretty hard to figure out because the payoffs are basically all the same. It's something that should be pretty easy to figure out if you do some thinking or Googling, though. Either will probably work.

Next week I'll be trying another deck, it'll probably be UR Phoenix because man that looked sweet those two matches.