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By: Plainswalker83, Marcus Brunstetter
Oct 09 2014 12:00pm
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       Ok you all know my affinity for attacking with white creatures and I made that little Mono White Heroic deck list last week. I actually took it for a spin last night in a small standard tourney. I went 2-2 losing to an Esper Walkers deck that seemed to have twenty copies of End Hostilities and a pretty standard Abzan Midrange deck with Siege Rhino and company. The main players in the deck were cards that were all but forgotten in last standard. Favored Hoplite and Phalanx Leader. It also included Brimaz, King of Oreskos, Seeker of the Way, Herald of Anafenza, and Abzan Falconer as the main ways to win. The strategy was to get counters on your guys and make them big enough to kill blockers and swing through. If the ground was cluttered up and attacking was hard the Falconer was there for a final alpha strike through the air. I also include High Sentinels of Arashin and a ton of heroic enablers but the deck was just lacking. I do feel that Favored Hoplite, Seeker of the Way and Abzan Falconer are good I just think they need a different frame. Brimaz is also insanely good and much better than he was last season. He just needs the proper home and I don't think it was in this deck. I really wanted to make Heroic work and when I saw Prowess I knew they would be a natural match. So as of last night I started throwing together a Jeskai Heroic/Prowess deck. This is what I settled on:

Real American Heroes


4 Favored Hoplite
4 Battlewise Hoplite
8 cards

Other Spells
4 Seeker of the Way
4 Mantis Rider
4 Jeskai Charm
4 Lightning Strike
4 Gods Willing
4 Ajani's Presence
2 Defiant Strike
2 Dragon Mantle
2 Titan's Strength
2 Ordeal of Thassa
2 Mystic Monastery
18 cards

4 Battlefield Forge
4 Shivan Reef
2 Mana Confluence
2 Temple of Triumph
3 Plains
2 Island
2 Mountain
19 cards

Battlewise Hoplite

        Ok I know what you are gonna say, "Marcus you forgot something in this list. Haven't you heard of this guy?"

                                                                Goblin Rabblemaster

        Yes I know he is amazing and any deck that plays red is splashing him in just like the days when (Tarmagoyf) first came out. Though there is one main reason he is not in this deck. He is just too expensive. In paper he is currently 20$ and he is climbing on MTGO as well. When I do finally get my play set he will make the deck though it will probably go more toward the deck lists that I posted last week. Now onto the brew.

        I feel like now is the time that this deck can shine. The cards that kept the Hoplites down in the past are now gone and you should be able to protect them from the other removal like Bile Blight, Hero's Downfall, Murderous Cut, Drown in Sorrow, and Anger of the Gods. I will admit End Hostilities will still be tough but you can keep one guy alive with Ajani's Presence So get around most of the removal check. What about bashing through this decks archenemies Sylvan Caryatid and (Courser of Krupix). Well let me introduce you to two of the greatest heroes in the multiverse:

                                                Favored Hoplite Battlewise Hoplite

     These guys quickly get big enough to make the tree and centaur not even want to block and if they do it takes one trick of yours to make them regret it. Their abilities are also very relevant. Any one of your tricks can save your Favored Hoplite from damage because of his fog like ability and Battlewise Hoplite gives you the ability to smooth out your draws which is great in this deck when you want to get your colors of mana and draw to powerful spells. Those two heroes were not enough to overcome the forces of midrange, control, and other aggro so they put out the call for other heroes to help them. Just like in a Marvel and D.C crossover comic the hoplites crossed planes and found help from Tarkir in the form of two monks from the Jeskai Way. Seeker of the Way and Mantis Rider. Seeker is well amazing.. and can grow pretty large and gain you back life lost from your lands or early beats from other decks. I do realize that the monk riding a bug does not have heroic or prowess but let me ask you this does it matter? Three mana for a 3/3 flying hasty vigilant threat is exactly what this deck needs. He survives Drown in Sorrow and you also have ways to keep him alive. Let's look at these spells that we threw together.

                                                   Gods Willing Ajani's Presence

     These cards act like counter spells for the spot removal that your opponents will have. They trigger prowess and make your hoplites bigger. Overall very sweet cards and having a presence also keeps your best creature alive through a wrath effect. Willing also let's your scry which is very useful in this deck.

                                   Ordeal of Thassa Dragon Mantle Titan's Strength

     Also have the Defiant Strikes. More spells that trigger both heroic and prowess but also draw cards, have more scrying action, and pump up our heroes. I am a big fan of all of them and think that the fact that they help you draw more gas while inflicting extra damage is pretty sweet. Knowing that these spells are even in your deck can make opposing players cautious when blocking as well. A strength or strike out of nowhere can really make combat very favorable on your end.

                                                                         Lightning Strike

      Together with Jeskai Charm this will serve as the removal and extra points of burn when you need to close a game out. Charm also has 2 other valid modes in a deck like this. Sending a blocker or threatening attacker back on top of its owner's library is a great tempo play and giving your team +1+1 and lifelink is also pretty sweet. Those life points can stabilize and help you win a game that your opponent may have thought was over.

      I have nothing for the sideboard yet because I am going to wait until after the Pro Tour to see what villains  will oppose my heroes. I am certain I will include things like (Nyx Fleece Ram), Negate, Erase, Magma Spray and Banishing Light though. I know the mana base is probably a bit off but I have not had the time to totally test the deck yet. But do not worry I plan on building this on MTGO as fast as possible and testing it a lot. I want to stick with Jeskai in the foreseeable future. I have a few big tournaments coming up in paper and of course events on MTGO.

     For the last part of the article I am going to talk about the Pro Tour. First off I am curious to see what Craig Wescoe will be playing. If there is a viable white aggro strategy he will most likely come up with it. There are others that I will be interested in seeing what they play. Conley Woods usually plays some sort of rogue brew involving the graveyard in some way. It doesn't always pan out so well but I think he is a great deck builder. Team Pantheon and Team Channel Fireball Prime have some of the greatest minds and players in Magic and I can't wait to see what deck they decide to play. Team Revolution also has so great players including Jeremy Dezani who piloted Rabble Red to 9th place finish at the last Pro Tour. Will they stick to their aggressive ways or try something else? Some other players to watch would be Brian Kibler and LSV. I am thinking that their bad variance and dry spells have run out and they will able to place a lot better this time around. They are two players that I look up to and would love to see them succeed.

    What do I think will have a big showing in Hawaii? I have a feeling Abzan Midrange will a big showing. It has the Courser/Caryatid combo and some really powerful spells. I am not sure if it will be graveyard focused or just the Fleecemane Lion midrangy type. Though either way it has the tools to succeed. Next I think Jeskai will be prominent there and in the hands of some of the most talented pros there are. I highly doubt it will be anything close to my version but it will resemble the lists from the opens. It is just too strong to be ignored and can easily mow down the competition. I am sure there will be a mono green Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx variant. Splashing a color like red or black. Sultai or BUG control should also be a big player. It has some powerful cards and I expect it to be the best control deck. Mono Red might show up as well but I am unsure in what capacity. What I want to happen for this Pro Tour is for an aggressive deck to bring home the victory. Will it happen? I honestly doubt it but it could be possible. What decks do you want to see in Hawaii? Who are you pulling for to bring home the trophy? Let me know and also tell me what you are playing in standard and what to play in the future.  Until next time.


oops by Plainswalker83 at Thu, 10/09/2014 - 12:24
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I do want to apologize, due to Khans not showing up properly I miscounted the deck. There should be 1 more land which will be the UW gain life land. Also there should not be any Defiant Strikes.