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By: ricklongo, Rick Longo
Oct 24 2013 4:39am
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Hello and welcome to Rick's Picks!

As you may or may not know, Block Constructed (especially when it's single-set) is my favorite constructed format by a fair margin. I love the fact that it doesn't get a lot of pro attention, which gives us online grinders more possibilities to build decks from scratch.

As far as Theros Block Constructed goes, my preparation began as soon as the full spoiler was up. I drafted a few lists, but the one I liked the most ended up being a Blue-Red Control build featuring bounce, counterspells, burn, card draw - you know, the usual suspects - fueling up the beauty that is Spellheart Chimera. It even had my favorite god weapon in the set, Hammer of Purphoros, not only giving haste to 10/3 fliers (and 3/5 fliers as well), but also helping me turn lands into beaters, which is ridiculously good against other control builds.

I had a lot of success in the 2-man queues, managing a 10-2 run during testing. The problem was that those two losses came against green-based fatty decks featuring the dreaded Mistcutter Hydra, and it turned out those decks started becoming more and more popular as the Daily Event season kicked in.

So I had to find an answer. I initially tried Akroan Horse as an endless source of nonblue chump blockers, but it soon became apparent that my deck would benefit a LOT from a certain other token maker: Elspeth.

The more I thought about adding white, the more I liked the idea. Elspeth would not only make chump blockers, but decimate opposing green teams altogether with her second ability. And I would even get to use Chained to the Rocks as another answer against the Hydra (especially since that creature would die as a 0/0 even if they got rid of the enchantment afterwards).

So it was settled. I started drafting a decklist and fine-tuning it, and when the time to make a recording came, here's what it looked like:

UWR Control
a Theros Block Constructed deck by Rick Longo
4 Spellheart Chimera
3 Prognostic Sphinx
7 cards

Other Spells
3 Elspeth, Sun's Champion
4 Lightning Strike
2 Magma Jet
4 Voyage's End
1 Griptide
4 Dissolve
4 Steam Augury
2 Chained to the Rocks
3 Traveler's Amulet
1 Hammer of Purphoros
28 cards
10 Island
7 Mountain
4 Plains
4 Temple of Triumph
25 cards

2 Gainsay
1 Magma Jet
2 Anger of the Gods
2 Curse of the Swine
1 Hammer of Purphoros
2 Hopeful EIdolon
3 Peak Eruption
2 Ray of Dissolution
15 cards


Let's see those matches, then!




So I guess I could say the deck did work well. That last opposing topdeck in the finals was immensely unfortunate, but them's the breaks. I still feel it can perform well against green, and it doesn't seem to have a problem with the other decks in the format.

I'll keep working on my list, and hopefully will bring you a Daily Event in the near future. Until then, I'm curious to read what you all think about the deck (and the format as a whole).

Thanks for watching, and see you soon!


Deck looks sweet. The mana's by Psychobabble at Thu, 10/24/2013 - 19:41
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Deck looks sweet. The mana's pretty bad with only the one scry land, but if it works then you've got a lot of spells which are really well positioned in the meta. Gl brewing :)

The Traveler's Amulets are by ricklongo at Thu, 10/24/2013 - 20:19
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The Traveler's Amulets are deceptively good here - I knew it already, since I used them to brew back in Innistrad block as well! :)