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By: ricklongo, Rick Longo
Nov 03 2016 12:00pm
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I have to say it: as the weeks have come and gone, I've become less and less interested in Kaladesh draft.

I know, this is in stark contrast to my feelings after my first article on the format, but I got good reason. You see, Kaladesh is a world of invention - as such, the flavor is that you, the player, should feel like an inventor while you play. There are certainly a bunch of cool ways to do this, from energy-heavy decks to white-based enters-the-battlefield shenanigans. The problem for me is that, for a format that should be combo-friendly, aggro decks seem to have gotten super pushed.

Seriously, this is probably the most aggro-heavy draft format since triple original Zendikar. This is mainly due to how easy it is to get a three power creature on turn two. I've won and lost many games that came down to 1) play something like a Thriving Grubs or an Embraal Bruiser on turn two, 2) have removal for whatever they play to block next. By the time the game finally stabilizes, the defending player will probably have lost nearly half their life total, and will remain on the back foot for the remainder of the match - so no, no time to waste playing Panharmonicons or cards that otherwise have a low immediate impact on the board.

There's not necessarily anything wrong with that, but I feel this set just wasn't the place for it, especially since this means I'll get rolled whenever I try to build a more durdly, inventor-y deck.

Of course, every rule has its exception. Today I bring you an event in which yes, I play against some pretty aggressive builds, but also a highly successful four-color good stuff monstrosity. I hope you enjoy it.


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