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By: ricklongo, Rick Longo
Nov 17 2016 1:00pm
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As overly aggressive as Kaladesh limited has been for me, at least I gotta admit that there are several ways to harness that aggression. If you're red, it will probably involve energy and/or vehicles. If you're green, it's all about +1/+1 counters and/or energy. If you're blue... well, you just die, because there's no aggro blue archetype in this extremely aggro format. (Heads up, though: a lot of pros have actually found success with blue control decks, so they obviously exist. I just haven't come across any mildly playable ones in my personal experience.)

But yeah, then there are white and black, which are two colors that have been pretty great for me in Kaladesh limited. When paired, they make one of my favorite aggro archetypes in the format: "go-wide". This basically means you get a bunch of token makes, and top them off with Inspired Charges. This deck can have some pretty busted starts, and sometimes you even manage to open one or more ridiculous rares that play right into the theme.

As you're probably aware by now, this is exactly what I bring you today. It was one of the most fun events I remember recording recently, and even involves a pretty awesome match on round 2 in which I try to beat my opponent before the most ridiculous archetype-destroying mythic rare comes down. I hope you enjoy it.


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As a great fan of yours, I by Kumagoro42 at Fri, 11/18/2016 - 09:44
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As a great fan of yours, I have two requests:

1) When you bring up the enlarged card pictures, can you keep them on a couple more seconds? I don't always remember what each card does (which I suppose is the reason you enlarge the pictures to begin with), but I often have to go back and freeze frame to be able to read enough text to get them.

2) Please please please record some more flashback drafts!

Can do, and can do. :) Should by ricklongo at Fri, 11/18/2016 - 13:29
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Can do, and can do. :)

Should try my hand at some flashback drafts this weekend. Hopefully they're entertaining enough that I can actually post them.

Do you record a lot of stuff by Kumagoro42 at Sat, 11/19/2016 - 11:58
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Do you record a lot of stuff that doesn't end up being published? Doesn't feel weird to talk and then nobody will ever listen what you said? :)