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By: ricklongo, Rick Longo
Feb 09 2017 1:00pm
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I pretty much had only one wish for the Aether Revolt draft format: a dialing-back of the ridiculous speed of the Kaladesh aggro decks, so that the "you're an inventor" feel Wizards was going for could actually shine for once. The good news is that, at least as far as first impressions go, it seems to have delivered. 

With a few drafts under my belt at this point, I've managed to draft better durdly decks than in the entire three-or-so months of triple Kaladesh. I've gone deep into white-black Hidden Stockpile revolt, for example, and tried a bunch of the great new green counters-matter cards. I've also had a lot of fun (and drawn a LOT of cards) with blue-black Improvise shenanigans, and I think that might just end up being my favorite archetype after all is said and done - which is great news given that, in my experience, blue was close to unplayable in triple Kaladesh.

Today, however, I bring you a draft focusing on another potentially combo-tastic theme: energy. Let's get to it!

That's all I have for today. I hope you enjoyed this, and see you soon.

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